FW Open Days: New Custodes Grav-Tanks


The Guardians of the Golden Throne are getting some Grav-Tank Love – check out the latest from Warhammer World!

Custodes Fans I’ve got some good news for you – Grav-Tanks are on the way!

via Garro


Here is the Caladius Grav-Tank in all it’s glory!


What is this? A new version has been spotted! Check out the underslung mounted weapons on this one!


This Grav-tank looks pretty amazing fully painted up in Custodes regalia.


Here are both versions painted up next to a Mastadon (which is HUGE btw).


Here’s a nice group shot in their resin versions so you can get a sense of scale.

And Garro has also brought us a pic of the Rules as well:

via Garro



Wow! The Legio Custodes Caladius Grav-Tank is looking pretty sweet! Stay tuned for more stuff from Warhammer World Open Days!

  • Statham

    I wasn’t quite convinced by the unpainted kit, but in gold and that really nice, lacquered-style red? Definitely a nice piece. They could maybe do with more of the Custode-stylings, given they’re a lot more ostentatious than most Marines, but.. Well, that is what the transfers are for.

  • CMAngelos

    While I’m one of probably a tiny few people who are luke warm about Custodes in general. (Not that I think they’re bad or anything just don’t appeal to me is all) I must say the tanks plastic bits from BoP etc look really spot on, especially seeing em painted.

    • Emdee

      I’m with you on that. The models look good, but I don’t care much for their story or inclusion in the game. Since they were at Prospero, they had to be done though. I would rather see more Sisters of Silence.

      • Will Frank

        I’m Ok with Custodes being in the game, if it means we eventually get an Emperor model for the Battle of Terra.

        • daKingSays

          Baby steps, right?

  • Xodis

    I cant be the only one curious as to the similarity between the Tubes of the Haemotrope Reactor being eerily similar to the front section of this vehicle…..Promethium/Blood powered vehicles anyone?