Garro, Asurmen & More Approach


The latest slew of Black Library grimdark goodies have been unveiled:


Book 42: Garro

From out of the shadows of the Silent War, a hero emerges. Clad all in grey, an errant warrior of the Legiones Astartes kneels before the Regent of Terra, and accepts a solemn new duty – Battle-Captain Garro, once commander of the Eisenstein, now Agentia Primus of Malcador the Sigillite. From the desolation of Isstvan to the halls of the Imperial Palace itself, he stands as a paragon of loyalty and protector of the innocent, ever ready to strike back at the traitorous allies of the Warmaster. But Garro is walking a path of his own, one that may lead him to question his own place in the Imperium… and what if he, too, should falter?

This book contains James Swallow’s complete saga of Nathaniel Garro in the Horus Heresy – the audio drama series is embellished and expanded in prose, with additional scenes to represent the author’s original vision. This all serves as prelude to the events of the novella Vow of Faith, bringing Garro closer to his inescapable destiny as the first true martyr of the Lectitio Divinitatus.

Written by James Swallow



Asurmen: The Darker Road

It is said the Phoenix Lords arrive on the eve of great moments… Guided by fate, Asurmen the Hand of Asuryan comes to the craftworld of Ulthwé. At the behest of the head of the seer council, he joins the warriors of Ulthwé and the young seer Eldrad on a quest to the Crone Worlds in search of the oracle Hiron-athela. It is believed that this being holds an artefact that could safeguard Ulthwé’s future, but in order to obtain it the eldar must travel a dark road…

Written by Gav Thorpe Running time 71 minutes (approx).
Performed by Gareth Armstrong, John Banks, Steve Conlin, Toby Longworth, Penelope Rawlins and Genevieve Swallow.




The Knight Houses of Adrastapol are both noble and righteous, and when the Imperial world of Donatos falls to the heresy of the Word Bearers, they are foremost in the vanguard to retake it. Led by High King Tolwyn Draconis, the Knights are peerless in battle and strike deep into the enemy’s ranks. But the war soon turns when a terrible tragedy strikes, casting the Imperial campaign into anarchy. As desperation grows, unblooded Knights Errant Danial and Luk must quickly learn the ways of war to prevent an unholy ritual or Donatos will be lost and all the noble Houses of Adrastapol with it.

Written by Andy Clark


Slaughter at Giant’s Coffin

Mere days after the loss of their home world Sotha, the Scythes of the Emperor stagger to the Chapter outpost at Miral Prime to lick their wounds and formulate a campaign of vengeance against the tyranids of Hive Fleet Kraken. Devastated and leaderless, these Space Marines now look to their only surviving officer, the reluctant Captain Thracian, for guidance. But the psychic shadow of the xenos is growing in the warp once more, and the bastion atop the Giant’s Coffin mesa may yet become the site of a most ignoble last stand…

Written by L J Goulding

~ A full novel about Garro – count me in!

  • The full novel about Garro is a merged & somewhat revised collection of Oath of Moment, Legion of One, Sword of Truth, Shield of Lies, Ashes of Fealty, Vow of Faith and a meta narrative.

    • Alpharius

      That gives me hope it won’t be as awful as Swallow’s solo efforts.

      • I actually think that Swallow does better in short form than novel form.

  • Averam

    Any progress moving the whole Heresy story forward or are they still retreading old ground and stringing it out as long as is possible?

    The series as a whole has complete lost momentum and turned into nothing but a cash grab in my opinion.

    • Kaylum Dicks

      I’ve felt this way for some time. They could have easily kept the actual hersey in one series with a steady release while doing side novels. But this jumbled mess is just frustrating.

      • The Heresy has always been a “jumbled mess”. The actual Heresy is a galactic civil war involving EIGHTEEN Legions, who all cross paths at one point or another. There is no way to just have a straight narrative without cutting out or ignoring most of the content.

        • Kaylum Dicks

          Not really, it could easily be done through an established timeline. Just because the legions bounce around from one fight to another, doestrogen not mean the books could fall in line. There is a primary story and numerous side stories. The HH series should have just focused on the war itself and added other books to cover side stories.

      • kobalt60

        It’s even more frustrating that BL actually makes you read each and every book. People who have been wanting a thorough telling of this story since the days of RT are probably just jerks anyway. Attention spans, who needs ’em? Am i right?

    • The Raven Guard story is wrapped up until post-Heresy, the White Scars are at Terra, Imperium Secundus is over, the Webway War is being tackled in a few weeks and Horus is getting close to the Siege, where Dorn has things in readiness.

      I honestly don’t see the loss of momentum in terms of books: Momentum was lost because of GW trying to re-focus their product lines and books were on ice for a year or more, resulting in a big gap in publishing. This year alone, we went from book 33 to 41, with all the “cash-grabbing” short stories and audio dramas being collected in mainline books, alternating between anthologies and big progression in the novels. They’ve done *less* annoying limited edition stuff as well.

      At this point all that is left is for the Salamanders to get their third novel which likely puts Vulkan into the Webway, Sanguinius has to leave and arrive at Terra, Russ is out to get Horus but gets beaten up for it (which led into Corax: Weregeld) and Magnus to cast his lot in The Crimson King (which should finally arrive next year, later than it should have). There’s room for Mortarion and Typhon to reunite and fall to Nurgle entirely, too. The past few books have wrapped up so much, it is almost silly. It meandered a bit due to Imperium Secundus, but even that was more down to scheduling (a year between installments on that matter), than the last two books dealing with it (and wrapping it up)

    • kobalt60

      I too am annoyed that a company formed for the sole purpose of selling product is attempting to make money. I felt the same way years ago when i heard Peter Jackson was making 3 whole LotR movies, instead of a 15 min youtube video.

  • Kritarion

    Does Garro have a mono-brow in the cover art?

    • He certainly looks more babyfaced than on other artworks..

    • euansmith

      I don’t know. I was too distracted by the plastic chicken nailed to his breast plate.

      • am1t

        It is a well known fact that Space Marines are big Nandos fans …

        • euansmith

          That was the 12 Black Crusade wasn’t it.

          “Oi, Abaddon, fancy a cheeky Nandos?”

          “Not ‘alf, mate!”

          • am1t

            Cheeky Nandos FTW
            … would make an awesome tactical supremacy objective

  • Defenestratus

    I’m glad but not thrilled about the Asurmen novel. The first one was decent but not great but I’ll take Eldar fiction where I can get it.

    However, I feel that there are other, more interesting, phoenix lords to write about – such as Maugan Ra’s resurrection of Altansar.

    • Raven Jax

      If it’s worth anything it’s an audio drama. And maybe *maybe* it means we’ll get something like plastic aspect warriors.

    • Jain Zar is next, this audio drama might just bridge into that.

  • am1t

    If you look closely at the artwork for Garro … the book he is holding is 40K 8th edition …