Geekery: Full Ghost in the Shell Trailer

ghost shell poster

The clips come together in a 2 minute long trailer.

It’s got some really pretty scenes, but it feels like a generic sci-fi action film. I wish they would have gathered a more experienced team of writers to give this more of a shot, make it a but less cliche. I totally stand by what I wrote on Friday. Maybe this will sell well to folks that aren’t familiar with the franchise, but it’s not doing a good job at selling itself current fans.



  • Cergorach

    Oh, that’s a lot better then the short, tiny clips!

    I’m curious how much they’ve Americanized GitS… With anime like GitS it’s the lack of ‘heroes’, a lack of a happy end, interesting concepts and the complex plot that makes it interesting. US movies aren’t exactly known for that…

    • georgelabour

      Well they’ve had Mamoru Oshii on set to help with some things. So that, and the visual resemblance to the original motion picture, give me some hope it won’t be to dumbed down for the kind of audience hollywood expects to sell this to.

      That is to say people who don’t know their Motoko’s’s from their Protagonist’s. Or their Neo’s from their Mnemonic’s.

    • Manwiththedogs

      They’ve thrown out almost everything that makes GitS, GitS. Instead of the philosophical and political intrigue GitS is built on, we have what looks like a story handed down by producer hacks who think the US audience is too dumb to get anything more complex than ‘you’re special and do you trust the evil corporation?’

      • Maybe. Considering the new trailer is almost a shot-for-shot match to the 1995 film and appears to cover the same story arc, there’s some hope.

        • Rhaen

          Apart from the exposition given, all of which deviates more or less completely from GitS…

        • af

          Well, in the 1995 film, Motoko is not the first of her kind and she’s never lied to, certainly not about “everything”.

  • Awful. Johansson doesn’t come close to radiating authority. Her lines feel emo, not inspiring. She’s also never been the “first” of her kind, far from it. This sounds more like a teenage drama than the existential, highly philosophical political intrigue that GitS is best known for.

    On top of that, the camo suit looks hilariously bad. What was wrong with the original design? And speaking of, Batou looks awful as well. Not only do the casting choices scratch your head, but even the wardrobe seems poor.

    Besides that, it looks like they’re trying to imitate a lot of the more iconic scenes from SAC and the original movie. Of course, all action scenes, because anything else would be too much for the regular hollywood audience, I guess.

    • georgelabour

      The original camo suit was basically full frontal nudity, and a veil.

      Which anime could get away with in the 80s but wouldn’t make it into a major hollywood production this millenia.

      It’s always why they went with skin tight body suits and cute talking robots in the more recent GITS series.

      However they kept certain aspects from the original movie, and the anime intact along with certain visual aeshetics. Case in point is the display of Motoko’s lesbian tendencies which never really got put on display in anything outside the original manga.

      • This suit looks basically nude as well, being close to skin colored and all. It just looks ridiculous.

        But yes, they imitate the anime a lot. Doesn’t surprise me that they’d try putting Motoko’s sexuality in focus, though. Pandering is something Hollywood has been doing lots of lately. Her sexuality was never a defining factor for the character, it just happened to be that way and needed no big commenting.

  • I don’t know. I saw the movie in theaters in..90..96? I think. I have the graphic novel from back then still and the trailer looks like a direct remake. I haven’t seen the Ghost in the Shell in a few years so I can’t say for sure. Have to wait and see.

  • Thomas Gardiner

    I must be the only one who loved the original and think this looks great.

    • Jo Go

      There is at least 2 of us 🙂 Looks great to me too.

    • It looks good but I’m still cautious. Hollywoods track record with Cyberpunk stories is decidedly less than stellar.

    • af

      You’re not alone. I love the original movie.

      I’m unsure about this trailer. It looks like they aped iconic scenes from Mamoru Oshii’s movie, but then added tremendously cheesy lines (“everything they told you is a lie”) which are completely out of place :/

    • Manwiththedogs

      I wish you were the only one. Then we could stop being shovelled this shallow tripe.

      • Thomas Gardiner

        You know that nobody’s forcing you to see it or even watch the trailers, right?

        • Manwiththedogs

          Continued support for bad movies means we keep getting bad movies. Thanks for that.

  • euansmith

    I hope that this is going to be available in 2D, like a grown up film.

  • Kinda wish they had started with Black Magic M66.
    It’s thee isn’t too far off and is a fun one shot. And wouldn’t hurt GitS if it didn’t do well at the box office.

    • …or a well-done, fully realized Appleseed.

      • I thought about that. But then I thought more people know about Appleseed and Tank Police for that matter than Black Magic M66. (Which is kinda a silly name and one I haven’t seen in…for ever.)
        Honestly the older the Anime the more interested I’d be to see it live action. I haven’t even seen the newest revamp of Appleseed yet and that’s a few years old now.

  • Kolobius

    From the trailer it does appear that a lot of scenes from the original anime motion picture were put in. But I do agree that they will probably ruin this. Besides the very limited target audience, the fact that a lot of people are butt hurt about “whitewashing”, and the fact that they obviously and drastically changed major parts I think I will enjoy this movie, but won’t buy it and tell all my friends.

    • af

      I hope there’s no conspiracy subplot where they kidnapped the Major and forced her into her cybernetic body or some similarly cheesy cliché 🙁

  • Manwiththedogs

    Oh America. The main character always has to be special some how, unique. “You’re the first of your kind.” Gimme a break. The Major was special because of her actions not because of something she had no control over.

  • Looks cool. I’ve never seen the original and probably won’t till after I’ve seen this version.

    I do like their choice of music for the trailer, quite a haunting version of that song.

    • af

      Listen to the original soundtrack of the ’95 anime (which you can find in YouTube). If you like haunting music, you will be blown away, I promise you. The opening theme, “Making of a Cyborg” is iconic, but there are also great (if short) tracks like “Floating Museum” and “Nightstalker”. Then there are more background, synth tracks, almost all of them meditative.

      I wonder why they didn’t reuse at least some of this music 🙁

  • I’m… lukewarm on this. Dubious casting decisions and the very present risk of whitewashing a quintessentially Japanese story temper my appreciation that they’ve hewn so close to the original’s visual style. The CG–particularly for the Major and Batou, who are KIND OF important–seems oddly weak for a movie that’s relying so heavily on it. That the trailer is a shot-for-shot copy of the 1995 film and appears to be covering the Puppet Master arc hopefully means it won’t butcher the story too badly.

    At best, we get a decent-if-unspectacular movie that introduces a new generation to GitS and hopefully induces them to go out and find the 1995 original (and Innocence, SAC, Arise, etc.), and that’s no bad thing.

    At worst, we get a forgettable flop and another nail in the “big-budget Hollywood remake of a cult classic” coffin, and nothing of value is lost.

    I’ll probably go see it, but I might wait until it’s in cheap second-stringer theaters.

  • My buddy absconded with my DVD about 6 months ago…
    I enjoyed the movie but after the Manga I felt it wasn’t quite what I was expecting due the the further length of the story. Which I think was in the show a few years later.
    I wont quibble over the cheesy lines but I think the second one, Everything they told you is a lie, is a line from the puppet master. We know she grows to question it’s motives through out the story.
    I’m with you on the first line, but so far have no context for it. we already know she uses disposable bodies.
    I guess we’ll just have to see how it turns out.