Geekery: Lego Batman – Snake Clowns?


Will Arnett continues to be the second best batman in the latest Lego Batman trailer…

The voice cast also includes Rosario Dawson (Batgirl), Ralph Fiennes (Alfred), Michael Cera (Robin), and Zach Galifianakis (The Joker).

Lego Batman hits theaters February 10th next year.


Now we must pick: John Wick or Lego Batman on opening weekend…. or both?

  • euansmith

    Looks like we’re getting a good Batman film again, at last.

    • benn grimm

      The recent(ish) animated version of the dark knight is pretty dang good (much like all the other versions).

      • euansmith

        Animated movies do seem to be better than live action these days.

        • benn grimm

          I’m not sure that it’s better because it’s animated necessarily or that the superman v batman film was worse because it was live action. I think in this case it comes down to tone, how well the team understood and portrayed the original subject material etc etc. The superman vs batman comic books are interesting for a whole bunch of reasons which seem to have either been pretty much ignored in the film version or exaggerated beyond feasibility. The dark knight animated film stays true to the comic book and uses the new medium to enhance the story, using a light touch and displaying a clear love for the source material, just like all the good Batman adaptations do.

          • euansmith

            I think that part of it might be the requirements of the medium.

            With Animated films, the dialogue is recorded up front, so the story is pretty much front and centre. Then the animation is done to serve the dialogue and action. They only animate enough to fulfill the requirements of the script and it is all timed to fit into the running time.

            With live action, they seem to come up with a script, shoot everything out of order, end up with too much material to fit in to their running time, edit it down, dumping entire scenes and chopping and changing the story at the whim of the producers.

            Of course, it helps if you have someone like Bruce Timm or Paul Dini at the helm, instead of Zach Snyder. 😉

          • Damistar

            The Killing Joke animation was quite good. Mark Hamill is my favorite voice for the Joker.

          • benn grimm

            Yeah, absolutely, you can’t get away without doing your pre production in an animated film, by the time ‘the action’ happens, everything’s nailed down. Also, I think nowadays 2d animation in particular, is so rare, so time intensive/expensive, that any film that actually gets made has to be the most amazing thing ever, or the project just wouldn’t have gotten off the drawing board.

            Producers seem to be better in animation as well, in my albeit very limited exp/knowledge, but you can get some dreadful clients, who just don’t really understand what is feasible/realistic within a set time and change their minds constantly. Lol at Snyder…:)

  • Now we must pick: John Wick or Lego Batman on opening weekend…. or both?

    The obvious solution is Lego John Wick.

    • Yes.

    • petrow84

      A Lego Morpheus and Neo? I’m sold.

  • Bran D

    Saw the preview at the new Trolls movie (easily the worst kids movie I’ve ever seen..) and I can say it looks pretty damn funny.