Geekery: New Rogue One International Trailer

rogue one logo

We get the first look at the Death Star in action, more X-Wing fights, and some plot hints…

We are 6 weeks away…

There’s a bit of speculation going on about locations in the movie, and a particular piece of jewelry they keep highlighting in the trailers. If you’ve read Ahsoka you’ll get it off the bat. A hint to chase if you want to: Kyber Crystals

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story arrives in theaters December 16, 2016

  • D. B.

    A Death Star test at half power, which kills the planet slowly. Also terrifying.
    This ought to be good.

    • Statham

      They had a prototype DS in the old EU, as I recall, which basically destroyed the core of a planet and basically left the world a dying husk.

      It’s also canon, as per their old manuals and the like, that a single Star Destroyer can leave a world barren and dead. That’s.. Somehow more terrifying than just ‘blows things up’.

      • LordRao


        • Statham

          Those too. The double whammy of ‘Stealer Cults and Tyranids is genuinely horrific.