Geekery: Westworld – The Outlaw Robert Ford


hopkins wetsworld ep 4

Episode 4 presented a turning point for Anthony Hopkins’ character – see the breakdown.

Hopkins turn as Dr. Robert Ford has been interesting to watch and really adds complexity to the main mystery of the plot – it’s a lot like watching a more subtle Hannibal Lecter. Ford looks like a harmless, slightly senile grandpa, but the workings underneath are much more sinister. It’s really apparent in this scene from “Dissonance Theory” (episode 4), which Nerdwriter breaks down for us…

The video has spoilers for episode 4!


Ford: human or secret robot? Eh?

  • Simon Chatterley

    I love that each episode is changing opinions made in the previous. Episode 5 flips again and starts to bring even more intrigue into the world. Best series I have seen….well ever

  • mafiacheese

    This show is my reason to get to Sunday every week. Well, Last Week Tonight as well; my fiction/nonfiction best shows on TV.