HeroClix: The Clown Prince of Crime


Check out this new version of the star of The Joker’s Wild.

There are several versions of Mr. J in this set – this sculpt is taken from the cover of 1988’s The Killing Joke. Let’s see what he can do on the tabletop….


Just like in the story, The Joker is a relentless terror bent on driving your opponent to madness, though it does take a certain amount of madness on your part to field him effectively.  At 140 points, he has a few things you might expect from any Joker; the Batman Enemy team ability and Arkham AsylumGotham City Underworld, and Injustice League keywords, but he also has some sly tricks up his short sleeves to make him worth his points.  Starting with his two traits, we see evidence of his malicious intent to prey on those weaker than himself and to maintain his firm grip on insanity.  It’s The Laughing That Will Kill You lets The Joker usePoison that also deals penetrating damage to characters of lesser points than him, and his other trait, Mad As A Hatter, prevents other characters from using Precision Strike when attacking him; which makes hisMastermind and Super Senses clicks especially vexing for your opponents.

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