HOBBY: Adeptus Custodes Conversion Tutorial

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The other day I was cutting up some bits, and a sweet Custodes conversion idea came to mind.

I was working with the Dark Angel Veterans, and Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard kits, and had them arranged in piles in front of me.

As I sorted them, the Sanguinary Guard torsos happen to be in a pile on top of the Robed Dark Angels Tosos, and the light bulb went off in my head, Custodes!  Weird musing sure, but it just kinda just goes to show that you never know when you can be inspired to do some modeling.

Anyways I messed around a little with all the bits I could scrap up, and made what I think is a pretty sweet Adeptus Custodes conversion. I really like it, and it seems easy to make too- which is a bonus!

It’s kinda funny because it seems like you really can make almost anything out of bits these days. I mean with the variety of kits available now, compared to even a few years ago, it just seems like there is sooooo much potential out there for awesome conversions! Plus with the glut of secondary market kits and bits, the possibilities seem almost endless now.


So here he is.  Obviously this guy is still a little rough, but I think from the artwork above it’s pretty spot on “theme” wise.  I’m going to still be working on him more in the future, he’s still a long way from being “done”.


Bits List

  • Dark Angels Robed Torso
  • Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard front plate
  • Grey Knights Force Halberd (Power Armor)
  • Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard Angelus Bolter
  • High Elf White Lion Helm
  • Dark Angels Mechanicus Shoulder Plates
  • Assault Terminator Icons
  • Grey Knights Backpack
  • Blood Angels Accessory Pack

Here is what I used for parts, and really it doesn’t seem like it ended up being too ridiculous either (another plus).

The links are above go directly to the bits store, just so I don’t have to post pics of every bit on here.  If you know what the bits are already, even better.  You’re ahead of the curve on this one (which is understandable as some of these kits have been out for awhile).

How I Made the Model. 

First I added the Sanguinary Guard Torso to the Dark Angel Legs, in the relative pose I was looking for. I dry-fitted the Halberd arms first to see how it would all look- I didn’t want this venerable warrior to be all wonky.


Next I cut the Halberd blade off, flush to its mount. Then I added the cut down Angelus bolter so it sat flush to the halberd shaft. After gluing the blade back on so it didn’t obscure the firing path of the bolter itself, I cut off the Stormbolter from the left halberd arm.  Then I attached the weapon and arms to the body.

Be warned this step sucks, a lot. I used plastic glue and got it to work with some elbow grease, but it was not fun. These arms are not meant for the body I was mounting them to.

After the halberd I just added the head (looking in the direction he would be swinging the blade), and attached the shoulders.  I cut down the extra bits you see on the pads and glued them on as well. Last was the backpack, and viola Conversion a’la Custode!

Check out the three-sixty below for all the details, and post your comments!

adeptus-custodes2 adeptusc-custodes4 adeptus-custodes3 adeptus-custodes
~What do you think? Does it capture the Custodes look well enough to work with the new ones? 
Update: dead links removed
  • unearth

    A little late.

  • PrimoFederalist

    Such a tiny Custodes…

  • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

    All of the bit-store links are dead – is this a republished older article?

    Would’ve been neat to see a side-by-side of the conversion with the new models (or any mention of the “historical” interest of the conversion, beyond the parting note at the article’s end).

    • Roughneck

      It is a rehashed article so it’s next to useless now

      • Eric Buchanan

        Lazy Baer posts lazy article. Surprise 😉
        Couldnt even bother to show us a few step by steps either, that 360 view of the model really shows me how to convert it.

      • Bad Meat

        It is a Rob Baer article, so it was always useless.

        Hi Rob! Hi Larry!

        • Roughneck

          I would have said that but didn’t want the comment to get blocked by over sensitive people haha.

    • Brian Griffith

      The fact that the links are from when Rob still sold bits shows you how old it is.

  • Bryan Ruhe

    Lol Custodes don’t wear backpacks.

    • SWISSchris

      They do have generators built into their suits on the Prospero models though, a bit like Terminator suits, so I guess it’s just a way to show that?

  • Old zogwort

    Ow yes this I like a lot

  • Lewismauler

    No it’s not good enough to stand next to the custodes models. No where near close enough. It would have been a great conversion before we ever knew custodes were coming. But it’s wrong on so many levels to stand with them now. He’s too small, he’s wearing a backpack, you picked some of the most ornate armpit pieces and yet they are still no match to the ornateness of the new models, also I may be wrong on this one but I’ve never seen any artwork of them with robed legs. Instead of the robed legs it should haven been one of those leather roman loin cloth pieces.

  • TDog

    Good for a custom chapter, but not suitable for the Custodes. As noted, he’s too small and a lot of the details are wrong with the release of the actual miniatures.

    I’m not going to say there’s anything wrong with the conversion work – it all sits together nicely and will look awesome once it’s painted. It’s just not good for a Custodian is all.

  • miteyheroes

    This was fine for 5 years ago when you first published it, but is rather outclassed now we have actual Custodes (and Stormcast Eternals, if you’re looking for something that’s much better to convert).


    • benn grimm

      Lol; ‘The other day’… 5 years ago…

  • Diagoras

    Or, (and bear with me, I know this is a stretch) instead of kit-bashing pieces from a whole slew of sources from different factions (and even game systems, in the case of the helmet) to make a rather sub-par model, you could just buy the plastic Custodes. Which look far better than this rather bland and weirdly-proportioned model.

    I mean, not it to be rude, but yeah. There it is.

  • Iconoc1ast

    Stormcast eternals as a base?

  • Emprah

    As said before, Plastic Custodes are a thing. And they are better.

  • Ed Butlar

    This site is really beginning to struggle now GW has raised its game. Haven’t seen a good article in a while.

    • Roughneck

      The only decent ones now are the painting tutorials by Pete from TWG that pop up.

      • ZeeLobby

        The other game system articles are pretty good too. Most of the GW ones are pretty lacking though. Besides rumors, which are mostly posted first on other sites. Most GW based articles are just “here’s what you can buy now” or “here’s what you can buy next week” or “spam some of these”. If GW do open a forum on their community site, or allowed commenting on their posts. I’d probably stop coming here altogether.

        • Roughneck

          I agree with those sentiments but isn’t that what forums are for? Discussions etc, GW really don’t pay a lot of attention to what people say here anyway, they act on what they get told at events and actually in their stores as decent managers will feed it back.
          Plus you can’t be honest on here anyway as moderators block anything that criticises the reporting etc….

          • ZeeLobby

            Eh. If anything they’re pretty half-@ssed with their moderating. Some crazy stuff gets through. They at least seem quick to act about the outright personal attacks.

            And it’s sad if that’s the only way GW gets feedback. Most GW stores I’ve entered tend to be an echo chamber of praise, all while they lose sales and close shop (at least in the US). At least they seem open to asking for things on Facebook (how much of it is looked at or implemented being under question).

            My hope would just be that the GW community site will have more interesting articles/information than BoLS has. Most BoLS articles concerning GW read like sales pitches rather than tactics/painting/etc.

  • amaximus167

    Why is this ancient article being re-published?