HOBBY: The Bigboss’ Week of Blogging #105


Small offerlng this week but at least I got the ninth member and leader of my tzeentch cult finished!

Hi! Tommy from the blog bigbossredskullz. I’m also on Facebook and on Instagram.

For those following my work you know that Hurvald is a character you’ve seen several versions of. This is the Thousand Sons version.


The WiPs and fluff are here and larger pics of the finished version here.

That’s it for this week! Make sure to check out my blog as I update several times a week.

I’m having an actual INQ28 game next week so stay tuned for that!

  • ZeeLobby

    Kind of like the grimdark tzeentch vibe. Guess it doesn’t all have to be rainbows. I would actually love to see a Magnus painted in more muted tones.

  • euansmith

    That is a great warband. The Centaur and the Terminator are especial standouts. The terrain is great too.