Infinity Beginner Guides: Vanilla vs Sectorial Armies


New to Infinity and wondering whether to play Vanilla or Sectorial? Or even “Whats the difference? Read on.

New to Infinity and wondering whether to play Vanilla or Sectorial? Or even “Whats the difference? I have no idea what you are talking about crazy person!

There are many valid answers to this question, so below is just my opinion, if you have a different take on it please let me know in the comments below.

But lets first look at the difference between the army styles.



  • Access to all of a faction’s units
  • Unique combinations of units

Vanilla armies are all about variety, giving you access to all the units available for the faction. The advantage this brings is the combination of units that sectorials can’t achieve with their limited selection. This means you often have a variety of ways to deal with any given scenario when list building, or in game. In a sectorial you may only have a single counter and there is no plan B or C available.


  • Access to Fireteams
  • Increased availability of certain troops
  • Some access to cross faction choices

Sectorials are a subsection of a faction, focusing on a theme or significant player in the Infinity universe. The main benefit is access to Fireteams, giving the army improved order efficiency and buffs to the members of the team.

A Sectorial also gains higher availability to certain units to reflect that armies reliance on, or preference for a particular unit.

The price you pay for playing a Sectorial is a significantly reduced variety of units you have access to. This can dramatically affect how a faction plays when you lose access to some of their best units.


Differences In Practice

Let’s look at the difference between Vanilla PanOceania and the incredibly well funded NCA Sectorial.

  • Both armies have access to the Swiss Guard, an elite heavy infantry unit. In Vanilla they have an availability of 1, but to reflect NCA influence in the Infinity universe they have an availability of 2.
  • NCA’s influence is also reflected with their access to 2 Aleph units
  • In Vanilla PanOceania you have access to 54 unit choices while in NCA you have just 26
  • Vanilla PanOceania has access to 4 mercenary units while NCA has access to just 1
  • NCA can make Fireteams using Fusiliers and Bolts, Vanilla has no access to Fireteams (note Vanilla factions can often access a Duo Fireteam through the use of an EVO Hacker, but they are inferior to a traditional Fireteam)

So Which One Should I Choose?

To a new player I recommend starting with a Sectorial. You do need to learn the additional Fireteam rules, but the limited unit selection makes it easier to focus your list building and understand the unique rules for a smaller number of units.

It can also help when you expand into using Vanilla as most models you buy can be used in both. If you start with Vanilla and later want to change to a Sectorial you may find many of your models are no longer usable.

~How did you start Infinity, what would you recommend for a new player? 

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  • Honestly, for new players I’ve had the opposite advice. Playing a vanilla faction exposes you to more ways to play and different rules to try out. If you learn the game with a sectorial, you can quickly become reliant on the Fire Team rules.

  • Heinz Fiction

    Sadly fireteam rules are another complicated layer of rules on top of an already complicated game. But if you chose to learn Infinity you’re probaly a bit masochistic anyways…

  • For learning I’d actually say stick to a sectorial you like but forego the fireteams for the start.

    Yes, you don’t play the sectorial to its full strength but when you’re learning the game that doesn’t matter anyways and it just makes soooo much it easier to pick your units when you choose from a focused set of options.