Infinity: Starting with Neoterra Capitaline Army (NCA)


Looking for all the shiny toys? NCA may be the PanOceania Sectorial you have been looking for!

NCA are my original and favourite Sectorial for PanOceania because they can do many styles, really well. Want an order spam list? Stock up on Fusiliers and Auxilia. Want super elite heavy infantry? Swiss and Aquila Guard are some of the best in the game. Want all out firepower? You have the choice from 2 great TAGs.

This starter list is designed to catch the enemy off guard through using the hard hitting Swiss Guard out of hidden deployment. Deploying will be important to give the perception of a weak flank, only for the enemy to find there is a terrifying heavy infantry beast waiting for them!

So let’s get started with a starter 200 point list designed for ITS missions.

Fusilier Core Fire Team

  • Fusilier w/Combi Rifle
  • Fusilier Lieutenant
  • Fusilier Hacker
  • Fusilier Paramedic
  • Fusilier w/Missile Launcher

Cheap as chips link team that can do it all. Their BS of 12, boosted to 15 in a link is terrifying. In the first phase of the game use them as an ARO threat that can’t be ignored, because no one wants to run headlong into a linked missile launcher!

In a 5 man fire team the missile launcher can be surprisingly hard to remove. The link provides a counter to sneaky tactics like shooting him through smoke, or from behind due to sixth sense L2, and the extra burst and high BS makes any opponent think twice about going head to head.

Once the missile launcher inevitably dies, the rest of the team goes to work. With 2 specialists they can run out to claim midfield objectives, achieve classified objectives or lock down fire lanes. A standard combi rifle can really shine in the midfield with its optimal range bands and high burst boosted by the fire team bonus.

The major drawback is that everyone knows your Lieutenant is hiding in this link and will become a priority target. So leaving your Rambo objective run to the last turn is probably the best way to go.



Synonymous with NCA, Auxilia can be found in every list. They are cheap, can be specialists, and bring the dreaded heavy flamer touting Auxbot.

For a single point per model they can be upgraded to forward observers, it’s the best point you will ever spend. In most games it will do nothing, but in the odd game they will run forward, flame a link team and grab an objective. Those are good days!

I find their ideal role is to cover flanks. Enemy airborne deployment troops will have trouble finding a good place to land when you have two 10 inch templates covering their entry points. They can also defend against infantry flanking you in the first turn.

In the odd game they can also help gain the Test Run classified objective. The Auxbots have the G:Sychonised skill, meaning they can take additional damage before being removed from the table. This gives your engineer time to run out, fix him, and claim the objective.

Swiss Guard


Yes I know this is an Orc, but its just so much nicer than the old Swiss Guard sculpt! 

  • 1 x Swiss Guard w/HMG

Now we are talking! The Swiss Guard is my favourite heavy infantry in the game. TO Camouflage, ridiculous BS, high armour and BTS and a huge gun, he is a beast. But like all good things you pay for the privilege. While the Swiss Guard’s advantages are obvious, there are some subtle tactics that get the most out of him.

TO Camouflage allows him to deploy in hidden deployment. This can throw off your opponent by showing them what looks like a weak flank then strengthening it with a heavy infantry model. But what I have had more luck with if bolstering an already strong flank.

This works by luring your opponent into thinking they can out-range you with their ARO pieces, because all of your models, while numerous, have mid ranged weapons. This is when your reveal the Swiss Guard, remove the ARO pieces and flood their flank.

TO camouflage also provides surprise shot, stacking massive modifiers in your favour. If you need something dead, leave your Swiss Guard in cover and surprise shot a target. – 3 for surprise shot, -6 for TO camouflage, – 3 for cover, for a total of -12!  Perfect for taking out total reaction remotes and snipers.

The trap with the Swiss Guard is revealing him too early and reacting in ARO. While this does provide shock factor, burst 1 and not having access to surprise shot often doesn’t get the job done. Resist the temptation and go crazy in your active turn!



  • Haxa (Killer Hacking Device)

I love this profile. 0 SWC, TO camouflage specialist is amazing. I recently had a tournament where he killed a hacker in 3 of 4 games. But the real reason he is in the list is to grab objectives and protect the Swiss Guard.

Using this list, at the start of the game you can deploy 2 TO Cammoflage tokens. Everyone facing NCA is expecting a Swiss Guard. Using the Hexa makes them think twice about which one it is, and anything that makes an opponent second guess themselves is brilliant.

He is also boosted by the inclusion of…


  • Faugazi Dronbot

Yes it’s a cheap order, but it provides so much synergy to this list. Its 6-4 movement means it can fly up the board to get within repeater range of enemy hackers. Once there your Hexa killer hacker can destroy some minds.

It can also provide protection against hacking attacks for your Swiss Guard. If an enemy hacker targets your Swiss Guard, the Fugazi’s repeater allows your Hexa to fight back.

The final use I have is using its flash pulse to provide another ARO for the Fusilier link team. Deploying the Fugazi close to the missile launcher forces the opponent to take 2 AROs if they want to target your missile launcher.

At 198 points 4 SWC, I hope it helps you get started with this brilliant Sectorial. To see the full army list paste visit Infinity Army.

~Have another take on a starter army for NCA? Let me know!

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  • Damistar

    Which TAGs are available to the NCA?

  • euansmith

    That Haxa minis is fantastic.

  • IndigoJack

    Fugazi is 6-6 movement, not 6-4 🙂

  • Curtis Delaney

    You’ve got two extra points. Why not bump the combi fusilier to a FO? Is it to play “hide the LT?”