KD: Monster KS at $4 Million in Under 48 Hours

kingdom monster 1.5

Monster is back – and it’s breaking its own crowd funding records.

Monster 1.5 includes the core box we all know and some updates based on player feedback about the first edition.

The Philosophy of Death is an optional set of rules that are part of the new gamebook. Survivors choose a philosophy at birth based on the settlement’s campaign choices; this will guide development, learning abilities, and how they level up during the game. The Fighting Arts system is replaced with new cards that level up based on a survivor’s chosen philosophy. ThePhilosophy of Death ruleset also streamlines the game so it isn’t as focused on individual survivors by using a new points system.

The KS also has a new First Hero Expansion, which allows veteran survivors without their own settlement to invade a settlement and take it over after a battle with the First Hero. This lets experienced players to start games at year 12 or 20 without resorting to a complicated set of rules – battle it out and take the spoils! The expansion also includes story events based around the invaders’ slaughter of the settlement’s hero.


The ‘Gambler’s Chest’ of rewards is bound to grow in the coming days…

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If you weren’t able to secure a copy of the core game the first time around, now is your chance. The game is fantastic and endlessly re-playable. The components are super high quality, the art is gorgeous, and it features the insane sculpt quality we’ve come to expect from Kingdom Death. There are limited number of games made – make sure you get one!

AdamHarry unboxed of the first printing of the core set of Monster

  • Talos2

    It’s really really nice. But it’s really really expensive. It no doubt deserves to be but it could do with some way of getting into it more cheaply. I’ve ummed and ahhed many times on this one

    • Corey Kershaw

      Super worth it, also the core game box is $200 on the kickstarter 50% off normal price. Also if you just want the basic miniatures to run the game you can sell the armor kits like i did with mine, there are 6 in the core box and i sold mine for $25 each. So you can technicaly get the core game for $50 ish

  • Shinnentai

    Yeah I appreciate the quality, but I’ve just pledged quite a bit on the Antenocitis Workshop terrain Kickstarter so I think I’ll resist the temptation here.

  • wibbling

    Delivery date of 2020. 3 years from now. 3. Years.

    • Falchieyan

      For the stretch goals that they haven’t announced yet. If you read the FAQ it specifically says that the new Core game and already-named updates are shipping Summer 2017.

      • Worth mentioning: they’ve already started production of the core sets to meet the 2017 shipping date.

  • Alpharius

    I still have my box from the first starter. I hope this will give us the opportunity to buy the expansions again, I couldn’t pick them up originally.

  • Benoit Tremblay

    Game costs a fortune.

    Then when you talk to boardgamers who back this about 40k they think it’s too expensive.