Overview: Wrath of Magnus


Join us as we take a look inside War Zone: Fenris Part II: Wrath of Magnus!

Hello again BoLS Readers – we got a copy of the Wrath of Magnus and we wanted to show off some of the cool new stuff you’ll find in these new books. Buckle-up 40K fans, Tzeentch has arrived in force with this one…

Spoilers from this point out – You have been warned!

Where to start! Let’s talk about whats in these books first off. There are indeed two books in this set. The first book is a 136 page hardback that basically catches you up on what’s been going down in the Fenris sector. It also explains all the repercussions and Magnus’ end game. I won’t go into all the details here but lore fans are going to go nuts over this one – the Planet Fenris still stands but the system is pretty much wrecked. One planet (and it’s population) is gone and because of their exposure to daemons, 1/2 the population of Fenris has to be culled. The Inquisition has to tie-up all those daemonic loose ends somehow…

That’s not all either. Between Magnus’ Raw warp power, Ahriman’s skill at Sorcery and the Silver Towers full of “soul-juice” (from the population that got bombed – thanks Inquisition/Dark Angels) they were able to complete a ritual that transported their planet from the Eye of Terror back to the Prospero System. This also causes a MASSIVE “Warp Scar” across the galaxy. I’m really hoping that Games Workshop runs with this idea because it opens up so much more from a story telling perspective. The Imperium has been dealt a massive blow and all Magnus has to say is: “We’re Home.”


The lore book also has some awesome art and different paint schemes for the Thousands Sons. It really has some fantastic spreads to check out and hopefully inspire all you hobbyists out there with cool army/painting ideas.  I really like the palette GW used for the Thousand Sons – there is more to them than just the Blue/Yellow scheme they’ve had for years now.

The second book is “The Rules” book – this is the one everyone has been waiting to get there hands on. We show off a few samples in the video but it’s going to be a major boon to Chaos Players out there. Everyone has been pretty focused on the Thousand Sons portion (and for good reason – they have some really powerful stuff) but I think the Tzeentch Daemons are getting some major love with this book.

Pink/Blue/Brimstone Horrors are going to cause lots of problems for folks in the Tournament Scene – not because they are particularly deadly, but because they are ridiculously resilient. Have fun trying to clear them off an objective…


Tzeentch Daemons are also getting their own Warp Storm table which is kind of neat. I won’t even get into all the formations that both the Thousand Sons and Tzeentch Daemons are getting. Let’s just say the ones we showed off were just the tip of the Iceberg.

Overall, this book is a must buy for Chaos Tzeentch players. And who doesn’t have a Lord of Change laying around at this point. (And if you happen to have more than one lying around there’s formation for that…) This book really does have some great new options for Chaos Marines and Daemons. We haven’t even talked about some of the offensive options these guys bring to the table (aside from the AP3 bolters, that is). The Wrath of Magnus is here to stay!

War Zone Fenris: Wrath of Magnus (Hardback) $75


The skies of Fenris are aflame, the awful truth revealed. The Thousand Sons, hidden architects of the Space Wolves’ darkest hour, have launched an arcane invasion across those realms sacred to the Sons of Russ. The Wulfen’s Curse has taken hold, the daemonic invasions that followed it a precursor to deadly Imperial bombardments that saw Chapter set against Chapter. The bringer of this system-spanning doom is Magnus the Red, an ancient demigod overthrown by the Fenrisians of yore. With the daemon primarch’s reappearance in realspace, a vendetta ten thousand years in the making has flared into world-shattering violence. The Crimson King is back to conquer Fenris, and the legions of the Warp march with him.


The Imperium will never be the same!

  • ZeeLobby

    Man, the GW paid propaganda machine does not sleep, lol. We should tally the number of these articles. Feel like they’ll be way more than for Genestealer Cult (a much more unexpected and exciting release imo). Oh well, guess the holidays are coming.

    • Bahkara

      I think part of it is the excitement of new chaos stuff plus the fact that people want to be the first, and most complete. Remember some are articles from other sites so of course they’re going to talk about it, especially if they get early copies.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah, I guess it just seems repetitive when 75% of the last 20 articles repeat a ton of information. Or why they’re going to give us “more information throughout the week” when they could just give it to us now. I mean I know it’s all about the clicks, but ugh…

    • Nyyppä

      At least there seems to be some new information or at least confirmation for earlier rumors in almost every post. There’s another group of hobbyists who I shall not name, but yo dawg, this is literally the best of days and they will re-post their 6 months old articles without mentioning that they are old.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah. Sadly those of us who care more about integrity are probably too busy to start our own site… Oh well.

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        Yeah, i used to support them, but the level of bad/mis information, the terrible advice, old news, and lack of any willingness to correct themselves when giving blatantly false information finally got to me. Yo dawg, people should like, literally do their homework before spewing diarrhea of the mouth.

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          Sounds familiar.

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      I don’t know. I haven’t kept a running tally of articles, but GSC definitely got a ton as well (that I feel were often equally as repetitive as these). I mean, sure most of the articles do drive at pushing sales, but what do you expect here. Nature of the beast, I suppose.

      I’m just still pretty excited these guys got done up. And relatively nicely, apparently.

      My only real gripe is with GW’s underlying philosophy of, to quote the article referring to lords of change “(And if you happen to have more than one lying around there’s formation for that…)”.

      I’m completely overloaded on formations. I simply don’t know what people can bring anymore, or what rules they come with. I feel like that’s a serious design issue.

    • James Tompsett

      More exciting then a daemon Primarch? Maybe, but not by much.

  • Caoimhe_B

    why do brimstone horrors have two wounds? If their toughness is one, a weapon with strength 2 will have instant death against them.

    • Nyyppä

      Because there are str 1 poison weapons.

      • Caoimhe_B


    • Because there are two to a base? Maybe? Perhaps?

      • petrow84

        Scarabs and Nurglings get triggered by that injustice.

  • Painjunky

    I have read 100s of comments across the forums that go along the lines of…

    “Id love to start an tzeentch army but its just too expensive”

    When will GW learn???

    • ChubToad

      Well un less you are playing with proxies, any miniatures game is expensive nowadays. Specially the ones with their own design models.

      • Painjunky

        That’s just not true.

        Many games require only a handful of minis and rules are free.

        These games are picking up the customers that GW loses… due to their extremely high prices.

      • Mr.Custodes

        *cough* Infiinty *cough*

  • Matthew Elwert

    So, Magnus the greatest psyker there currently is can use 2 disciplines while a Scarab Occult Terminator Sorcerer can use 11. I guess he forgot his magical book at home.