Retribution-Lys Healer: Tell Me Where It Hurts

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The elves of Warmachine have a new solo out. Check out this new Retribution addition to keep you healthy.

a guest column by by Jon V.

Initial Impressions

The Lys Healer has a pretty average DEF 13.  The ARM 11 is not going to do you any favors with blast damage and electro leaps either.  Try to keep this model in relatively safe zones but, not so far away that her aura is ineffective.  The healer really benefits from Retribution’s access to defensive buffs like Discordia’s armor aura.



On The Field:

With MK3 coming out the ability to keep your caster standing or not being stationary is becoming a major concern. For this alone the Lys healer will probably see some action.

Her d3+1 heal is largely ignored because the only time that is better than the no knock down is when you are in a strategically strong position with absolutely zero chance of assassination from your opponent which in MK3 feels like is never.

Purifying Prayer is cute and I have only used it on a few occasions offensively against hordes to trivially remove some of the pesky animi that can be found. This is aided greatly by move to assist which allows her to fly up the battle field.

Denying souls to the enemy is cute but considering you are not taking the amount of infantry anymore and sentinels don’t die it feels very trivial.


Why Put the Llys In a List:

If you are worried about the Sorscha and Kreoss 1s of the world then the Lys can be good addition to give you some more peace of mind.  While the no Knockdown  and no Stationary aura is short range you can probably keep your caster and a specific warjack , like Imperatus, affected.  Careful though a savvy opponent might try to snipe the healer out before they go for the knockdown.


JonV’s Opinion:

Overall a decent model but with as hard as it is to find points in a list will be a model that will see more bench time than game time.

~Do you agree? Tell us your opinion.

  • kensaix

    the standard pale green cloth with some added blue accents would have been a better choice of colors imho.