Signals #484: LVO 40k Judges are With Us!


We have guests in the studio! The Head T.O’s for the 40k Champs at the LVO.We’ve got two of the three head TOs for the LVO, here! Fire us some questions.

Check out the show notes for the show here!


  • Farseerer

    I think the ITC rules are silly and inconsistent.

    Superfriend deathstars are no fun to play or play against.

    Multiple source, Come the Apocalypse allies lists are extremely detrimental to nuanced listbuilding. Aspect host + Riptide Wing + Something else powerful from a different faction = Everything wrong with this edition of 40k.

    I’m an Eldar player and I have to say that any system that allows a player to bring a Skathach Wraithknight with Deathshroud cannons for 300 or so points but doesn’t allow an IG player to bring a Malcador Infernus is just confusing.

    Like, if you’re going to house rule it, at least make it better than the original