Star Wars Imperial Assault: Captain Terro Preview


Fantasy Flight Games shows off the new Villain Pack “Captain Terro” for Imperial Assault – Bring on the dewback!

The Empire is getting some calvary this time around with the introduction of the Captain Terro Villain pack. You’ll get a bunch of new cards for Deployment, Command, Skirmish and Agendas plus some new missions for Campaign and Skirmish play!


On top of being a “named” baddie for your Imperial Forces, you’ll also get access to a generic Dewback rider for your games. The each have different options depending on if you want to get “up-close and personal” or “rain the pain” using a flamethrower!


Speaking of cards, the Captain Terro Villain Pack also comes with some new agendas that I mentioned. Really like that Flamethrower (and who doesn’t) then perhaps you want to run that one. Or if you are looking for a surprise for those rebels then you could run the Dewback Patrol option!


If you’d like to learn more about all the dirty tricks this Villain Pack is bringing to the table then check out the full article from FFG right HERE. Skirmish players are going to love what he can do for other types of creatures in your playing pool…


Captain Terro Villain Pack $14.95


Imperial forces on Tatooine may not have the same sway as Jabba’s gangsters, but they can still be dangerous and violent—especially if their authority is not respected. Several Stormtroopers have adopted the native dewback as a mount and organized a cavalry division under the command of the vicious Captain Terro. A Stormtrooper mounted on a powerful creature like the dewback is not to be underestimated, and the Galactic Empire gains a new tool in its arsenal with the Captain Terro Villain Pack.

The heroes may come into contact with Captain Terro himself or just a Dewback Rider from his command, but either one would be a dangerous opponent. The dewback mount gives these warriors a prodigious amount of movement, and by striking from the creature’s back with shock lances or flamethrowers, a single Stormtrooper can cause a massive amount of carnage or split a hero party in two. With a new three-card Agenda set that challenges the heroes to stop a Stormtrooper reprisal against Anchorhead, a new skirmish upgrade, and new Command cards for your skirmish games, this Villain Pack offers a powerful new weapon to every Imperial commander.

“Fear will keep the local systems in line.”

-Grand Moff Tarkin

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