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Behold, friends, my decades of fealty have come to fruition.  This December, Chaos (especially of the Tzeentch-loving variety), sees its star ascend at last.

So as everyone who knows me knows, and as many of you who may have begun to become familiar with my writings have no doubt begun to realize, I spend an unhealthy amount of time plumbing the depths of the Endless Internet to keep abreast of the latest wargaming rumors – particularly those related to Warhammer 40,000 (40k).  I was therefore quite aware of the numerous rumors regarding the possible Chaos books/miniatures/kits coming from Games Workshop (GW) at the end of the year.  The whispers spoke of some sort of Thousand Sons codex, the second Fenris campaign book, and even a possible additional Traitors book.  Of course, there was also some blather about Sisters and/or Imperial blah blah blah … but honestly who could hear any of that once they mentioned Thousand Sons.  Aa-and then … Friday night … the images ….. my mind exploded.

My first taste of the Thousand Sons.

To really make you understand, I need to stop here and check myself.  I need to take you back in time to the heady days of yore … to a legendary time I like to call Last Thursday.  Fortunately, as a true devotee to the Ruinous Powers, a quick trip back to the Eye of Terror and time manipulation is easy-peasy.   So, on that dreary and forlorn afternoon, I was speaking to my brother regarding these rumor matters, as I often do.  We chatted a little regarding his up and coming Genestealer Cult army, as he is still basking in the glow of that amazing book and its accompanying models, but then I turned the conversation to the impending 40k Chaos Space Marines (CSMs).  As I recall, the conversation went something like this:

Me:  “So I think that the Thousand Sons will be either getting their own book, or they will be a big part of the Fenris 2 Campaign book and then broken out as their own book in the LE, sorta like the daemons were in the first book.”

Dirty, Xenos-loving brother:  “Maybe.  I doubt it though.  They’ll get their own book.  Not even sure Fenris 2 is coming yet.”

Me:  “Pretty sure it is.  Oh, and I heard today that there will be another Traitor Legions book after the Thousand Sons book, later that month.  Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were just some sorta art book, but it could be an actual CSM supplement about the original Traitor Legions.  At this point, GW has proved that almost anything is possible.  How cool would that be?”

Xenos-embracing brother:  “They are never making a Legions book.  The rumormongers most likely just got their facts a bit screwy.  It’ll be something like “Thousand Sons, A Traitor Legions Codex” or something similar.  And MAYBE, you’ll get the second Fenris book too.  We’ve seen Magnus, so we know you’re getting something Thousand Sons, but beyond that … yeah.  No.”

Then then there was something about a longing for Ork love or some such equally un-Chaosy thing that didn’t really matter.

ahriman2a-461x500I’m baaaacck.  And I’m cooler than EVAR!

That brings us back to now, looking back on a glorious weekend of confirmed White Dwarf leaks that not only verify a plethora of Thousand Sons kits (Ahriman on a Disc???), but also confirm a Traitor Legions CSM supplement that actually provides everything I’ve been pleading for in my various Tentacle articles regarding the original nine legions that betrayed the Emperor (special rules, formations, relics, warlord traits, etc).  My head is still spinning.  Seriously, we are about to embark upon the single greatest month (December 2016) of 40k history in this hobby that has ever been (or likely will ever be).  At long last, after trying virtually every other method of conducting business, GW has finally decided to listen to their own customers.  We’ve entered a new Age of Wonder.

I can’t remember having a weekend where I was so excited about 40k – and I love this hobby.  The Warp has gaped open and the laws of reality are breaking down…  There will really be a Thousand Sons codex??  Well, no.  Nothing so pathetic as that.  The Thousand Sons get a monstrous two-book Warzone campaign set that details the return of their Daemon Primarch Magnus, their revenge upon the Spaces Wolves and the probable destruction of the Wolves’ homeworld, AND the equivalent of their own codex as well.  A can feel the tears welling up…  Also, we get a full, reimaged plastic model line of Thousand Sons including Thousand Sons rubrics and terminators with new special and heavy weapon options, exalted sorcerers, Tzaangors (really!?!?), a new Ahriman riding a Disc, and a towering, fully realized model of Magnus himself?  I think I can actually hear my wallet crying … but it better shut up or so help me…

Tzeentch-horzTbach tbach!

But, there’s more!?!  There will be that Traitor Legions book as well, and Great Father of All that is Tentacley … there are Thousand Sons on the cover of this book as well!  What?  There are Thousand Sons dice too??  If I weren’t so gushing with this article, I wouldn’t know what to say.  I’m gonna go broke this December.  I lost a game of 40k I played against my nephew’s tyranids on Saturday and my wife’s fantasy football team put the Beatdown on me on Sunday.  I barely noticed.  I told my children that they’re all getting empty Thousand Sons model boxes for Christmas this year.  And a kickstarter that I’ve pledged almost $200 to closes in a little more than a week as well.

None of it matters.  I can’t stop grinning or texting my buddies to share my exaltation.  I’m getting both Thousand Sons and Traitor Legions books.  All in December.  So, though this week I give my thanks to He who really matters for the blessings of my real life and the things that truly matter, here and now, I’d like to offer thanks to the mighty Tzeentch for delivering my hobby dreams this year.

tzeentch-tower-horzTzeentch’s workshop.  Your should see the reindeer…

Santa Tzeentch has come early this year, bestowing his mutations to all the boys and girls (pretty sure he doesn’t care if you’re naughty or nice), and we should all give our thanks.

Praise Tzeentch!


Wrath of Magnus

Since we will all see the truth soon enough, it seems hardly worth the effort to try to predict the future regarding what this book will actually be.  Having said that, I’d hardly be a proper servant of the Architect of Fate if I didn’t do so anyway, so here goes.

Before the sooth-saying can begin, we must consider GW’s newest release.  This gives us a glimpse at what to expect, and with a bit of effort, I can tease out my prognostication.  Obviously, since the campaign appears to be broken into two volumes and one contains the narrative background, I can predict that that will detail the coming of Magnus the Red at the head of a host of Thousand Sons to Fenris and the ensuing battles in that star system.  However, I predict that Fenris itself will be destroyed and that the Imperium, particularly what’s left of the Space Wolves will be forced to withdraw from the system in humiliation.  I also think that the Space Wolves themselves will be declared heretics, though they will still see themselves as true to the Emperor and his Imperium.  Wankers.

As for the rulebook portion of the campaign, I predict this will prove to be mostly a Thousands Sons codex in all but name.  They get new relics, a detachment and I believe the majority of the dataslates, formations and warlord traits mentioned will pertain to the new Thousands Sons units/detachment, though not all.  The Space Wolves will probably be thrown a bone (Ha!), and get a formation or two as well.  I also suspect that some of this material will pertain to Tzeentch daemons, and that these will be blended into the Thousand Sons army to a similar degree that Khorne daemons were in the Khorne Daemonkin codex.  Lastly, I note that the blurb mentions several psychic disciplines – but not NEW disciplines.  I suspect that the Tzeentch discipline will be wholesale replaced with the updated discipline of Change that the Tzeentch daemons received in the first Fenris campaign book.  And all sorcerers in the Thousands Sons army will still use the current psychic discipline system and there will be none of this pre-8th edition wishlisting, assignment of specific powers going on.

Addemdum:  So after writing the first draft of this article, today we’ve begun to hear some sketchy rumors about a new Lore of Tzeentch psychic discipline for the Thousand Sons and some other interesting details — some of which line up with what I’ve predicted above.  Not sure about these rumors.  I’m sure they will prove true in some fashion, but they just seem to vague for me to really discuss at this point.  Again, we’ll soon see.


‘Nine is the magic number this month, as within this 136-page softback supplement to Codex Chaos Space Marines are army special rules, exclusive Detachments, Warlord Traits, Tactical Objectives and Chaos Artefacts for each of the Traitor Legions – the nine legions who followed their Primarchs into treachery and heresy as they turned from the Emperor’s light. (avail 10 Dec)

–GW Facebook


Traitor Legions

As for this book, it’s hard to make coherent predictions about what it will be, without finding myself projecting what I want it to be.  Still, taking what the Facebook blurb into account, I’d say we should take it at face value.  It’s a beefy book at 136 pages, so I’d say probably a third to half of it will be dedicated to art and background material (hopefully new) regarding the original nine Traitor Legions.  The remainder of the book will be dedicated to the rules for these Legions as it lists in the blurb – new formations, warlord traits, and relics for each of these specific Legions.  I’ll go ahead and predict that there will be a couple different detachments that these Legions can layer their specific formations into, though I suppose it’s possible that they’ll each get their own complex detachment (though I doubt it).  Finally, unlike many of the naysayers out there in the Endless Internet, I predict this will not be a compilation of older material from the various Chaos sources this year and that the “special rules” for each Legion will, indeed, be Chaos chapter tactics.  I predict it’s pretty much gonna be all new material.

eye-of-terror-codexTime to the wusses to stand aside.  The Big Boys are coming out to play.

So What Does It All Mean?

So having had my brain blasted by the mere reality that this stuff is actually happening, and that it’s only weeks away, what do I think it all means?  How will this shape the lives of CSM players in the here and now, and indeed, into the years to come?  Well, after a deep breath, and I’m talking a really deep breath, and a moment of contemplation, I can tell you this.  All of this will not replace the base CSM codex.  Instead, as we should now completely expect, these rules will layer over the top of that relic of 6th edition.  These two books will not push us into the competitive spheres of Eldar or Space Marines.  Instead, I fully expect this to land us squarely in the Khorne Daemonkin codex power-level spectrum (though call me crazy, but I suspect that the Thousand Sons stuff will be slightly more powerful than that).  But you know what?  It’s all alright.

I’m totally serious.  To me, and many hardy Veterans of the Long War, it was never about the power level of the CSM codex.  It was about the blandness.  It was about stripping away all the flavor of the original nine Traitor Legions and then forcing us to accept cardboard-flavored Renegades like Crimson Slaughter.  And you know what?  This is it, baby.  The Big Nine are back, and the renegade Chaos posers can stand aside.  GW is listening — they are!  Sure, it would have been nice if this were a whole new codex that just replaced the 6th edition one, but it is what it is.  I know we’re jaded.  I know we’re bitter.  And I hear the cries of despair that we’ll still be weak because it’s all predicated on an old and pathetic codex filled with overpriced units.  Maybe.  But don’t listen True Devotees!  Lies!  It’s all lies!  This is our time.  The Traitor Legions are returned and we’re doing so with style.  If nothing else, if we ARE defeated, at least we can do so with our chins held high and that briny, tingley flavor of our chosen Traitor Legion on our forked tongues.  Besides, I suspect there will be some cool and powerful combos to be had out of all this glorious Chaos taint, cursed be the Naysayers!

Oh, and the Galaxy is gonna really burn this time…  Wait and see.

So, after 25 years of praising Tzeentch, spreading his word, mutating his enemies, building his armies, smack-talkin’ all Space Wolf players, and offering up my devotion to his causes … I’m not saying this manifestation of the Thousand Sons as their own true faction is due to my faith alone.  I’m not, not saying that either.

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  • Maitre Lord Ironfist

    Just noticed, the Sisters of Battle Condemnor Boltgun give autoperils on hit. As wirtten (not exact quote for obvious reasons). “Psi Shock – A unit (Psyker, Brotherhood of Psykers or Psychic Pilot special rules) hit by a weapon with Psi Shock gets an autoperil in addition too any other dmg” So you do not have too do dmg, you just need to hit. Every Sister squad can take 1 on they Prioris. Well, i guess you can just go an peril the 1K Sonst til lthey are not more then dust (wich is quite funny, imagine if you just peril a deamon primarch till he dies with you little Nunguns)

    • Simon Chatterley

      I believe Magnus is immune to perils. If true your psi shock is useless on him.

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        you could still peril these terminators thill they die x)

    • Patriarch

      Do TSon units count as Brotherhood of Psykers? If not, you’d have to actually hit the unit champion to do any good. I don’t think the Condemnor actually seeks out the psyker in the squad, and even if it did, wouldn’t he get a look out sir roll?

      • Jared McWilliams

        The SoB FAQ draft clarifies if the unit is hit a psyker in the unit has to take the perils effect regardless of who is hit.

        • Maitre Lord Ironfist

          ^this and as far as i know in a brotherhood the perils are randomly choosen. If there is only 1 spyker, he perils. And you can not LoS perils (? as far as i know)

        • Patriarch

          Thank you. In which case I assume any Perils wound can’t be LOSed.

  • benn grimm

    This a great release; so long as you happen to be an extremely wealthy daemon player…

    • Jukka Vuorisalo

      Ah, someone noted the pink horror spam tactics that will become meta soon?

      • Simon Chatterley

        There must be separate releases of blue and brimstone Horrors on route…

        Or they have several thousand copies of Silver Tower they need to ship still…….

        • Kazzigum

          I’m guessing there will be a blue/brimstone horror combo box in January.

      • Jared McWilliams

        The thousand sons horrors so not have access to malefic so trading summoning various things for nesting horrors not sure which is better.

    • Bonemaw

      happy I got my 100 pink horrors, dreading having to get all those blue and brimstone horrors :O

  • MarcoT

    I wonder if Thousand Sons will have the same rules in both releases. Sounds weird, but the alternative is weirder: why would it be different between the two books?

    • Kazzigum

      Based upon what I’ve now seen elsewhere, I think the “chapter tactics” will be the same, and perhaps the updated Tzeentch powers will be included, but I think New relics and formations (as in additional from Fenris 2) will be included.

  • SilentPony

    I’m just worried this all goes out the window in 6 months with 8th Edition. For the life of me I don’t know why they’re still releasing Codexes when next year, all the armies are gonna’ get an Errata or FAQ or a full new Codex.

    • vlad78

      Because they have always done that and some people have always bought those books.

    • Jukka Vuorisalo

      I don´t understand why the FAQ are actually “adding” things in codexes… Should they been playtested and aproved already in public use? And with 8th edition we get yet another SM codex and maybe even 6 supplements?

      • Simon Chatterley

        Playtesting? This wasn’t a thing in previous editions.

        Maybe in the future but GW’s position in the past is to hide all it’s secrets and let the in house guys test them in totally fluffy ways and not in any way try to win.

        This way when the competitive people get them they are quickly proven to be poorly worded and not tested remotely enough.

        Going forward they should take a leaf from Mantic and Wyrds book and invite gamers to join closed testing and listen to all the feedback. This way the blatantly obvious OP stuff is found and fixed and the under powered stuff balanced upwards.

        • ZeeLobby

          And yet you’ll find 20 people on here who believe they playtest everything. It’s kind of crazy to think at this point.

          • euansmith

            I’ve long felt the what Simon Chatterley said is sooth; that GW play the game in a fluffy manner. They probably look aghast at what happens to their product once it ends up in the hands of the customers; like Colt, Glock and Smith & Wesson must feel.

          • Simon Chatterley

            I saw it at a Throne of Skulls after the white dwarf Flamer and Screamer update. A yellow shirt had to play a game as someone dropped out mid event and had to play my mate with said Flamer and Screamer list.

            Was so aghast at what he saw he asked to borrow his codex then accused him of cheating only for my mate to pull out the white dwarf and show him the new rules.

            Yellow shirt apologised which at the time I felt was from GW for what they had created with no playtesting whatsoever….who knew 2 wound models with eternal warrior and a Flamer that was 50/50 nothing or ignores armour death would be busted….idiots

          • ZeeLobby

            Oh I agree. But then that’s no longer play”testing”. That’s just playing. I’m sure they play their game. I just don’t think it effects rules all that much.

          • Moik

            I’ve been playing for 10 years; if they were playtesting in any real way, it wasn’t ever during that period.

  • Alpharius

    Wrath of Magnus is solid for daemons. You get lots of potent psyker formations who can all summon daemons, and a huge buff to Horrors. The terminators and rubrics are pretty bad. Oh well, good conversion fodder for 30K Thousand Sons. 😀

  • Agent OfBolas

    I was not waiting for such codex … Ahriman should have label, below the picture “I’m back, and I’m totally the same as I was”.

    1k sons are also totally the same, their worst thing – their point price – is still so prohibitive they won’t see use at all.

    The only good things in book are Magnus and daemons, those things are insane, but playing daemons is forcing you to buy 2045872304 boxes of them.

    Stupid book, poorly written and shows how GW still have no idea how to write a codex.

    • Well, lets hope they have gotten someone to proof read the book before it was printed. I have seen some pretty awful mistakes get into print that shouldn’t have in the past.

      • Moik

        Yeah that’s the one saving grace. Maybe JUST MAYBE, that error is so ridiculous because it’s actually an error, not the product of British unprofessionalism.

        Whoa what thatched me in the Margarets?