The emperor’s beard #200: Geek conversion therapy

200-therapy$200 per session.

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The emperor’s beard

  • petrow84

    Oh, 200! Happy anniWAAAGHsary!

  • euansmith

    The joy and curse of Terrain Making is that pretty much everything you see is a potential bit of scatter or a building. The full curse of Terrain Making is storage.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      Yeah, there are only so many giant IKEA boxes my wife will allow me to store 🙁

      • lorieth

        … and then one day you realise that with a little conversion, those IKEA boxes would make great Manufactora, and then what do you keep *those* in?

        If you’re not careful, you end up converting your house into a Titan Manufactorum. Although now that I think of it, my son’s about the right size for a Reaver costume now so maybe it isn’t so wide of the mark…

        It all reminds me of Steven Wright’s (I think) line: “You can’t have everything; I mean, where would you put it?”

        • petrow84

          Then you realize, your house-of-a-titan-manufactorium would serve perfectly for an apocalypse battle, as the main objective of a forge world planetary assault… for which you have to scour all the grass around, including the neighbours’ garden, and cover it with 2 inches of steel plates, paint the pavement and the curb with landing signs for strike cruisers, and convert the lamp poles on the street for defence lasers and landing pads.