Unboxing: Hammerfall Siege Crawler


The Hammerfall Siege Crawler is here and it’s ready to pulverize your enemies!

The Rhulic Mercenary are here with a brutal engine of war – it’s the Hammerfall Siege Crawler in a new plastic kit!

Privateer Press is at it again with these new plastic kits. The Hammerfall Siege Crawler is really well done in terms of quality and presentation. It’s lightweight and very sturdy and it’s not terribly difficult to assemble either.

The design of this battle engine screams “steam-punk” but in a very Rhulic way. If you’re a fan of the Rhulic Mercs you know they have a “dwarven trencher in World War One” look to them. That’s not to say they look dated but rather they have their own theme which combines elements of the Privateer Press Steam-punk fantasy and real-world examples. It also helps that the Rhulic Mercs are pretty good troops to have on your side!

This is also a Battle Engine in game terms – so it has all those associated Strengths and Weaknesses. I do show of the cards in the video so I won’t go over all that here. But I will echo one thing – this Crawler will bring the BOOM.

Even if you’re not a fan of the Mercs in Warmachine, you’ll still be able to appreciate this kit from a modeling perspective. Overall, it’s laid out wonderfully and the materials are top notch. I didn’t really see any seam-lines or other issues in manufacturing. If you’re a fan of the Mercs and are looking for something new to work on then go check out this kit!

Hammerfall Siege Crawler


A testament to the engineering brilliance of the Rhulfolk, the Hammerfall Siege Crawler paves the way for assaults on hard targets. Firing its thunderous siegebreaker cannons to crack open fortress walls and pulverize enemy armor, the Siege Crawler is a mobile artillery battery worthy of the reputation of Hammerfall’s renowned mercenaries.


Rhulic Mercs are famous for their reliability and fire power – the Hammerfall Siege Crawler brings both to the battle!

Note: It is actually the Hammerfall Siege Crawler, not the Hamerfall Siege Crawler.
  • SonoftheMountain

    picked one of these babies up at Warmachine Weekend. Had it built that night and on the board the next day. Went together great and it has great rules to boot. Love my Rhulfolk!

  • ZeeLobby

    One of my favorite dwarf machines of all time. Truly embodies dwarf engineering.

  • Coltcabunny

    VIDEO! Is this so difficult to put in the bloody title? Some of us cannot or do not like watching videos of unboxings. The other one for the 40k stuff further down is not a video. There is no fething consistency here.

  • petrow84

    Yay, plastic!

  • zeno666

    Aww my christmas present 😉

  • Steve Smith

    I have to wonder if he actually built it. All of the pictures I have seen show LOTS of seams with the way they did the barrels/legs cut in half. I expect to be doing a lot of sanding and filling with green stuff.

    I don’t mind on organics but on something with that many rivets, I am not looking forward to it if it is a “must have” unit.