Wrath of Kings: Latest Hadross Minis Unboxed


Let’s take a break from Wrath of Kings painting articles for another unboxing.

Wrath of Kings Hadross Shell Crackers

I actually took these shots awhile ago, but I got so wrapped up in painting my Goritsi army that I never got around to posting them It’s a shame because these are some of my favorite Wrath of Kings minis. If you’re already a fan of this game, you probably like weird. These Shell Crackers – let’s just say, they’re my kind of weird. Taking something as innocuous as a hermit crab, and turning it into a big brooding behemoth that wants to split your head open with a sword made of shell… It’s exactly the kind of stuff Wrath of Kings is made of.


As always, the model components come in a series of plastic bags.


If you didn’t notice in the picture, there are two distinct sculpts in this box. This fellow is the first. As you can see he has a lot of nice pointy bumps and other details. The detail is a bit softer in places than I would prefer, but it’s definitely good enough that I know I’ll be able to paint him up nice when the time comes.


Here is the other side.


I thought you all deserved a close-up of the face.


Here is our other Shell Cracker. If it matters, I guess I prefer this fellow, since he has noticeable barnacles. I don’t know why barnacles grant extra points in my mind.


And of course the other side. I just couldn’t get a good close-up of his face…

Wrath of Kings Hadross Pit Fighters

As much as I love the Shell Crackers, I might love these guys even more. There are so many great things going on here. There are those faces, sourced from more than half a dozen different marine animals. Then there are the weapons – sourced from all sorts of other marine animals. They kinda remind me of another article I wrote a long time ago. The poses carry a lot of action, and then there are all the great little touches like the shell, starfish, and shark tooth necklaces.


Here’s that sack of bits you’ll find after opening the box.


There are a total of seven models in the box. That means only one leader, although I don’t think this will matter that much. Even in the largest game size you’ll likely only bring 4 total leaders since you will want to exchange two rank 1s for a rank 2. So if you bring these guys to the table along with six Carcharian Frenzies, that box, plus Gar the Gladiator, will give you all the leaders you could need. It is still a bit odd that this boxed set breaks the rules of one leader model for every six ranks of infantry. But enough about rules, let’s talk models.


These sculpts are great. The casting is some of the best I have seen in PVC plastic, with nice crisp lines on all the armor plates, as well as that “cough triforce” shield. Make sure to click the image for a close-up.


The back is just as quality.


Let’s do the leader next. Look at all those individual scales around his neck.


And the reverse of course.


Here’s a saw-fish buddy. He doesn’t have the ornate armor of our first shark man, instead having to rely on pecs and abs.


There are some nice cool details on the belt on the reverse.


Here we have a different saw-fish without the ostentatious hammer-head eyes. While his armor is a bit similar to our first shark man, it isn’t exactly the same. This box has no less than seven distinct sculpts.


The reverse.


Here is our first cool regular shark dude. No hammer head or saw nose, just a shark face is all he needs. Oh that and some creepy skull shoulderpads. Who did he have to kill to get these skulls?


Make sure to get a closer look at the face on the left. One of the bonuses of PVC that people often overlook is that it can be used to cast pieces like this open mouth. Polysterene would have needed at least two separate pieces: head and jaw, to make that work. Then you’d need to take the time to fill those gaps with green stuff or something.


Another shark… but this time with an extra weird hammerhead thing going on.


Here is the back, but perhaps more importantly take a look at that shark face.


Our last Pit Fighter and our other standard shark looking fellow.


Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the gaming table…

~Hope you enjoyed this unboxing. I’ll be doing more painting articles for Wrath of Kings next, starting with the first one for my new Nasier army.

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    • ZeeLobby

      Hahaha. Oh man, I completely forgot about them, that’s awesome.

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  • Certs

    Boo!!! I want more Jellyfish units to buy. 😀

    • DeadlyYellow

      I’m in the opposite camp. Love the fishmen and crabmen,

      but were never too keen on the Jellies.

      Still need to start Hadross proper at any rate.

      • Certs

        I like the crabbies too. and they’re definitely great taxi service, I could go for more of their types too. The normal fish people like Bannerman, just don’t appeal to me as much. Shrug, maybe if I painted them green like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.