2017 is Going to Be a Big Year for Mantic


2016 has been a great year for Mantic, and it looks like 2017 is shaping up to be even better!

Ronnie and the crew at Mantic have had a busy year –

  • Kings of War expanded with new armies, a historical book, and organized tournaments
  • Dungeon Saga was so popular they struggled to keep it in stock
  • The Walking Dead: All Out War was released and got great reviews
  • The highly successful Warpath KS shipped on time
  • They also ran some great Kickstarter campaigns to prep for 2017

Which brings us to what we have to look forward to in the coming months…  Take it away Mantic:

Kings of War

But, let’s do the ugly stuff first. Over the last 18 months we have been hit with a heap of price rises, and on top of that the dollar prices have risen too. We have soaked this up for as long as we can, and held the armies sets at £50 this year, even though the regiment sets all went up in price.

However, the current Kings of War army sets, and Dungeon Saga will be going up to £59.99 from Feb 1st. We will look at reconfiguring the sets to see if we can bring them back to £50, and offer a better starter force at the same time. However, that does still give you 30 days to pick them up at the existing price, so if you’ve been thinking of starting KoW or picking up a new army for the summer campaign, there’s no better time than now!


The year is starting with a ’new year, new army’ theme – because it always takes a while to get that army ready for the tabletop. Plus, if you want to be involved in the massive summer campaign you’d best get building and painting! If you want to give KoW a try, then you can find the new rules here and we have a special offer on the softback gamer’s edition of the rulebook right now too.

In the summer we have the global campaign, which we will be run alongside Beasts of War, and the outcome will move the storyline along. Then towards the end of the year we will have the Kings of War sourcebook (just like that beautiful edition that some of you will have in your Warpath pledges).


Talking of Warpath, it will hit retail in April. First up will be Enforcers vs. ForgeFathers and the armies come thick and fast thereafter. Warpath is all about big battles – while the mechanics are all new, and themed strongly about taking key strategic points, and using the terrain well, we have tried to apply a lot of what we have learned from KoW about game length and clean, slick rules – so you can set up and play through in a couple of hours. If a mass battle is too much, there is the more skirmish-sized battles in Firefight.

If that’s too big you can play Deadzone for squad sized tactical actions (with some new releases planned, including a GCPS faction). And if even that is too much, then wait for Star Saga coming later in the year, where the Warpath universe gets its very own dungeon crawler-style board game.



And of course we have Dreadball 2nd edition hitting next year. This edition of Dreadball will rebalance the teams, make Jacks rock and make sure there is a very cool league system to tie your games together. If you want to jump in on the beta testing for DB2 then click here.


The Walking Dead: All Out War

And then we have The Walking Dead: All Out War rolling out throughout the year. January and February sees the individual release of the Atlanta Camp Survivors, with Rick on a Horse, The Governor and Morgan all available – and if you got the Kickstarter and want to add these, go here. May sees Hershel’s farm, and a host of new faces joining the game. Oh, and we have added a few BIG names as retail exclusives then too. We’ll have organised play packs coming out, paint sets and some game aids too.


And finally…

Ok, nearly finished. The plan for the future is to focus more and more on making our product available through your local hobby stores, rather than running lots of Kickstarter campaigns. This means we are making new organized play packs, as well as improving the existing ones.

We will also be attending more shows than ever next year – both in the UK and Europe. Plus, we’ll be back at PAX shows for the first time in five years!

We will still use Kickstarter to help us with the bigger projects, so we can go large and hard at launch, just as we did this year. But on some we might limit the pledges to exactly the funding needed.

And what’s coming up you ask…well far be it from me to say ;), but I have always been known for my love of a bit of 3D scenery, especially all the useful stuff that brings your wargames table, or dungeon to life, and I might have been testing a skirmish style game recently…

So, thank you for your fantastic support for Mantic over the last 12 months. Special thanks to everyone who introduced a friend or club to one of our games. It’s fantastic to see the community for each system growing and the fun and enjoyment the games bring. I hope and feel The Walking Dead will take us to a bigger and wider audience than ever, and many of those will then migrate on to other Mantic games.

Wishing you all a very happy hobby 2017 and hope to see you online, or even better at an Open Dayevent or show sometime next year for a chat or a game.


Which of these are you looking forward to in 2017?


  • Shawn Hall

    The Warpath kickstarter did not ship on time. It was two months late and the vehicles have to be re tooled. No ETA on delivery to the backers other than sometime this year. They were re writing the rulebook at the very last second because when they actually took the time to sit down and play a game they found out it was stupidly unbalanced and boring. This whole article is Mantic fanboy BS.

    • Simon Chatterley

      The article is just the Mantic email and therefore written by them.

      So if it seems a little pro Mantic well it is.

      As for Warpath I’ve got my full pledge (Enforcers) and the sets are nice. Read the rules a lot and it comes across very tactical with obvious nods to earlier 40k rulesets but with the more simple playstyle Mantic likes.

      There are a couple of things I would love to see in 40k in it TBH so from a gamer prospective it looks good.

      Off course I’ll be accused of pro-Mantic propaganda here but I play 40k, Malifaux, Dropzone, Bloodbowl, Kings of war and Dreadball so I think I can be considered a little neutral in this.

      • Shawn Hall

        The Enforcers were the only faction to receive vehicles as part of Wave one which actually shipped two months after Mantic announced on the KS that they were beginning shipping in October. All of the other faction vehicles were moved to Wave 2 which had a ship date of Q1 2017 but now has been postponed with no ship date given. It is a bit of a slap in the face to see Mantic claiming they have completed shipping the Warpath Kickstarter when the majority of backers are still waiting for items. So what am I most looking forwardto getting in 2017? All of the stuff I was supposed to have received in 2016 but didn’t because Mantic choked.

        • Simon Chatterley

          Choked is a bit harsh but I’ve seen the same said of Hawk and there Dropfleet Kickstarter.

          These are both good companies who are struggling a little with the step up to bigger games. Have they over reached? Yes. Do they acknowledge this? Yes.

          So a little slack is required to allow these guys to move upwards. Getting irate cos a few bits are left to get shipped won’t help them in the future.

          I genuinely believe competition in the gaming world will drive all games forwards it only GW really have the resource to do something massive and land it. Even then they run out of stock really quickly as well. I’m still awaiting my Traitor Legion book and god help anyone who is 10 minutes late for dice.

          • wibbling

            Having worked for a small company that is now a big one there’s always the customer you can’t meet with what you have. This forces you to change and doing so while keeping other customers happy is impossible: you cannot do everything for everyone well.

            Drop fleet has shipped and Dave Lewis has set out what’s going on. He’s tried to be honest and up front and that’s to his credit.

          • Simon Chatterley

            I really liked Hawks approach. They never shied away from being upfront and honest. The demand was huge and overwhelmed them I think. Sure I saw a picture of the warehouse in an update and it was just rammed with boxes.

            I’ve worked for small firms, big firms and a giant one and anytime you want to make that “next step” you have to really invest in the infrastructure to deliver but for small firms getting the working capital to do this is tough.

            People who are harsh on Mantic, Hawk etc have no clue how hard it is to deliver on projects of this scale. Mantic suffer more than most because I think they are a bit more budget than GW and this opens them up to a different sort of pressure. For someone who’s saved long and hard for that pledge not getting it when promised is probably a really big deal. I’m incredibly lucky that it wasn’t that big a deal to me so I wasn’t even following the updates on either game. When they land, they land.

            But such is the world we live in it’s the standard practice now to take to the internets and complain about absolutely everything.

          • ZeeLobby

            We’ll put.

    • wibbling

      Why was the game ‘boring’? What made it so?

    • ZeeLobby

      You’ve clearly never kick-started before… I’ve backed around 20+ projects at this point and mantic has been by far one of the best. From some not even being completed and returning only partial refunds to many being 6+ months late, the fact that this was only a couple months late, and that my. Vehicle will be arriving only a little later, is pretty well done. Especially for something that requires physical production shipping and logistics. Many big company releases are delayed because of these issues as well, we just never hear or see about it, because no promises are made a year in advance, and they have no need to be transparent, whereas Kickstarter is very transparent.

      • Johaad

        I agree. People fail to remember, kickstarters arnt preorders. Things happen, and the bottom line is youll get your stuff when its ready.

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah. It can be a rough pill to swallow at first, but once you accept the fact that there will be delays, and you won’t get it on the EXACT day it was promised, your life is a whole lot better, haha. There’s been times when I’ve received a thing I kickstarted that I didn’t even expect. It’s like buying yourself future presents.

          • And the Kickstarter comments sections are full of the most entitled #firstworldproblem whiners I have ever seen. It’s like being in a vegan restaurant.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. I’m not sure what it is about kickstarter and the entitledness it brings out in people.

      • Aezeal

        For someone commenting on all GW releases I find your very easy on mantic. Most of their models are utter crap, only their zombies and zombie games look decent.

        • ZeeLobby

          I find their fantasy stuff pretty ugly, but I like their SciFi stuff. Plust, nothing of what I said above has anything to do with their models. I do like playing Deadzone, and recently played some Warpath which I enjoyed (and kickstarted). So their rules are pretty good.

          Personally, rules are the most important thing to me. If I’m going to sit down and spend hours playing a game, I want a soild ruleset. Rules is where GW struggles, so yes, on most articles I comment about issues with GW rules. Mantic’s rules are pretty solid, and constantly being updated, so I have little issue with them. Not to mention they don’t usually care where the models come from.

        • The Deadzone and Walking Dead models are pretty good, there’s just not enough painted examples of them online to look at.

          Mantic need an ‘Eavy Metal team. Probably be called Easy Listening though. Or Cover Version, to be more exact.

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha, those names sound great.

          • euansmith

            Tribute Brand?

          • This is not the greatest miniatures company in the world, this is just a tribute

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha, nice!

      • euansmith

        I’m a “super backer” too (read, “kickstarter addict”) and have long come to terms with the delays and hiccups that the format creates. I’m shocked when a campaign delivers on time.

        I find Mantic ones to be generally a good laugh, and produce a huge box or two of cool stuff, generally a bit late and featuring a few head-scratching, “why ever did they do that?” features. My Wave 1 box of Warpath arrived today, and I’ve got Wave 2 and Star Saga to look forward too.

        • ZeeLobby

          It’s way too fun (is that bad?). Dude… DUDE. The star saga one was WAY too good to pass up. The sheer amount of stuff you got for the price was staggering. Heck, I would have done it just for the terrain pieces.

  • Aezeal

    How about better models?

    • Morten Strårup

      Yeah, new dwarves would be nice.

  • frankelee

    I’d like to see them revamp their plastics, maybe have more tempting models to buy. Or will no one step into the void left by GW fantasy?

    • ZeeLobby

      The problem is that GW still sells many of those models, and they can easily be used in other games. Not sure how large that void actually is, if it’s even large enough to place a foot in. That said, I’m looking forward to FFG’s Runewars miniature game which should be released this upcoming year. The minis aren’t amazing but they’re pretty good for a brand new game and will hopefully only get better.

  • surfpenguin

    2017 will be a make or break year for Mantic. They had the luckiest of all lucky breaks when Warhammer went to skirmish mode, but In ’17 Mantic’s stuff will be forced to stand on it’s own merits. Can it? Part of me doesn’t think so…

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah. It’ll be interesting to see. Honestly it just depends how much overhead they actually have. Let’s be honest, it’s had to have been low, as they haven’t been taking in massive profits, so as long as they haven’t epxanded too far in the past couple years they should be alright.

    • Lucky break? The biggest wargaming company in the world basically gives up on a dead market even it can’t make money in, leaving just the fussiest and lowest-spending veterans as the only possible customers.

      According to that logic, Sony got a lucky break when they were left as the only manufacturers of Betamax kit when everyone else switched to VHS. 🙂

      I am a bit of a Mantic fan – I love Deadzone 2 and Walking Dead, they both play really well. But with GW returning to the specialist game market and cleaning up their act, the Mantic “shoddiness” will count against them. No proper packaging on cheaper items, no proper assembly guides, it’s not something a newcomer to the hobby can relate to.

      And have they sorted things out with Jake Thornton yet? Are Deadzone and DS in jeopardy until they do?

      At least they’re moving away from Kickstarters – that should focus them on building a sustainable business.

      But they can’t get away with being a cheap alternative to GW – GW have got their act together, and the difference is very telling.

      • Yes, I think it is telling that in the list of great and wonderful things *cough cough* coming next year the sum total of things for Kings of War is… the prices are going up. Oh, and they will try and avoid running Kickstarters.

        Wow. So investing. Much commitment.

        The problem is that as you say they are competing against their own sales from however long ago, they are competing against other manufacturers and their big selling point in the past of cheap GW alternatives is receding into the past.

        I think that if they want to go forward they need to really decide what they want to do outside of the strictures of GW but cheap and start building their own brand, their own IP their own unique selling points. The question really is whether they are willing and able to invest the money to do this.

        • SundaySilence

          You can’t say anything bad about them! They are the heroes of the downtrodden gamers and hobbyists whom GW have long abused and ignored. They only care about their customers…

          • ZeeLobby

            lol, who says this? I’m pretty sure it’s universally accepted that their miniatures are pretty sub-par.

        • I want to like Mantic more than I do. When WHF died, I switched to KoW. The rules seemed tighter, but after a few games I found they lacked any flavor. All of the armies felt sort of the same. I just couldn’t get excited for it. And their models are mostly crap.

          I backed Warpath and the books arrived today and I have my army minus the vehicles. I’ll try it out and hope it has some flavor to it.

          Oddly at my group the more popular game is Age of Sigmar, but only after the generals handbook came out. Almost no one plays Kings of War anymore. But of course I know other places are different. In any event, I hope Mantic get better. Competition is good for us and I like the possibility of innovation.

      • SundaySilence

        This. I personally have no time for Mantic after they mucked up my orders on two Kickstarters and refused to do anything about it.

  • Rainthezangoose

    Mantics main issue is that 75% of the stuff is ugly and now none of its cheap.

    • ZeeLobby

      How is $80 for a 37 model starter army expensive?

      • I dunno, almost $3 a model for mantic quality minis now is not a good price imho

        • ZeeLobby

          I mean to go to aesthetics is to be subjective. From a gameplay standpoint, it’s still relatively cheap. For example, I find the sci-fi minis to be pretty decent (the fantasy are garbage). But compare this to say $10 per mini (the price of some GW models) and I’d say the 1/3rd of the price matches the 1/3rd of the mini quality. Personally I was shocked they could keep up profitability with their old prices. Higher pricing = more profits = more resources spent on sculpting. Still think the price is very cheap compared to other games though.

          • For the material, detail level, and sculpt quality i personally value mantic minis at about $1-$1.50 a model. Many GW models are only $4-5 a model retail, let alone after discounts, bundles, buying second hand, etc. I have mantic minis in a few of my armies, but only purchased on extreme discount because they’re just…not good

          • ZeeLobby

            “discounts, bundles, buying second hand, etc” All of which can be done with Mantic as well. I can understand the difference in miniature quality, but it’s also cheap. Most of mantic’s bundles are around $1 a model now. For example, the Elf army bundle is $140 at the war store for 140 miniatures. Assuming a 20% price increase you’re still only looking at $1.20 a model. So even with the increase it’s around what you already expect to pay.

            In the end my guess is the OP would have never bought Mantic miniatures in the first place. Regardless, they are a bargain.

          • Parthis

            To be fair they’re only a bargain if you think they’re worth a dollar each. If miniatures are your primary motivation then Mantic’s games are a questionable purchase. I paint way more than I play. Also with KoW’s simplified wounds and multi basing you actually don’t need all of those miniatures… Making Citadel a good choice again.

            Likewise if the game is your primary motivation, well, you don’t even need miniatures.

  • Parthis

    To hell with Mantic. Endless shallow kickstarted clones and rushed, horrible miniatures. There is a reason their starter sets are cheap.

    Their immediate goals should be;
    1. Stop sculpting in earwax.
    2. Stop Kickstarting every nonsense idea.
    3. Take a look at what keeps gamers engaged; it’s not a shallower version of games they already own.