40K: Next Made To Order Wave Inbound

whk12_preview2 Black Templar

Games Workshop’s new retro release has been spotted. Check out the next wave of classic miniatures!

via Games Workshop Coventry


“The next range of made to order models- Space Marines !!!! Available to order instore from Boxing Day!”

Games Workshop certainly went back in the archives for this one with a pair of Inquisitor models from way-back! We also see a returning of a couple of classic characters in the form of Chaplain Xavier and Veteran Sergeant Naaman. We also have a classic Space Wolf Iron Priest, the venerable old school Bike Chaplain, a Black Templars Captain with combi-melta, and a Grey Knight Justicar.

In case you’re wondering, yes those two Inquisitors are on 25mm bases – and are probably “slotta bases” as well. That brings back some memories!

Don’t forget Games Workshop is still taking suggestions for models from the “Order” factions for Age of Sigmar (aka the mostly Good Guys from Warhammer Fantasy).


So what do you think of this new batch from Made to Order? Which model is your favorite?

  • Emperor’s Champion

    I know some might buy these for nostalgia but by god some of these minis are ugly.

    • Sam Nolton

      Yeahhhh….not…really digging any of these old “classics.”

    • bobrunnicles

      I guess I must be nostalgic or something cos they generally still look pretty good to me lol.

      • Emperor’s Champion

        it’s mainly just the termies that I don’t like, the rest of this batch do look nice enough to field still.

      • Hedwerx

        I need to get Naaman to complete my metal scouts. Y’know because the new plastic ones all look like they have a horrible genetic abnormality.

        • euansmith

          They do, it’s called “Speeeece Maaarhines”.

          • Hedwerx

            Doug and Dinsdale Piranha joined the Astartes…

      • vlad78

        The inquisitor on the left is quite an awesome model;the other one a bit less so but still interesting. The techmarine higher right also is quite great. They come form the RT era. The other minis are 2nd and 3nrd edition casts and frankly I don’t regret them at all (the grey knight is also quite good though).

      • Valeli

        Yeah. I don’t think they /all/ look good. But I’d say that several have stood the test of time relatively well.

    • SilentPony

      To be fair, those minis are back from before Citadel knew how to sculpt, cast, or what people looked like. So those hideously disfigured Silent Hill in space rejects are somewhat forgivable coming from a company that didn’t know hands weren’t 4 times the size of heads.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      The only ones who are ugly are the Terminators and that’s because Terminator armor used to be ugly af.

      • Emperor’s Champion

        yeah, the armour itself isn’t what lets them down but the head proportions bloody hell man haha

    • Spacefrisian

      Almost all are ugly, except for that Greyknight, but who am i to say that. I also think that a certain ancient dreadnought most go wild about is just a ugly piece of metal.

  • Iconoc1ast

    My Daemon hunter inquistor with psycannon!!!

    • Keith Wilson

      ive had 2 of them for years ….. as sculpted he has a real bad forward lean if you keep his feet flat …. kinda like michael jackson’s forward lean

      • Joe

        I rebased mine and put some wedge shaped rocks under his feet to fix the lean. For some reason Rouge Trader terminators all seem to look at the ground.

      • Iconoc1ast

        Yeah i remember that. The bases were really too small back then too

  • I still have that terminator inquisitor on my desk waiting to be painted. Love that mini!

    • kingcobra668

      Maybe it’ll get done by 2036 😉

    • Manzoku

      I was just thinking the same thing about the Grey Knight Justicar.

  • david

    I have both inquisitor and daemon hunter versions.
    What’s next?, Titan crew?,or the other metal daemon hunters that came out the same time as these.

  • Slotta based brings back memories? O.o Am I am the only dude still assembling and basing metal minis with slotta bases?

    • Keith Wilson

      no sir 🙂

  • Joe

    The Inquisitors are slotta base. I have both of them and rebased one of them last night onto a terminator base.

  • Seienchin

    Nice but I am honestly much more exited for the warhammer fantasy made to order stuff. GWs Facebook literally blew up with 1000s of posts in a day.

  • D. B.

    Some of my favourite minis are in there… which means I have most of them, but I am glad for all those who now have a chance at getting their hands on them, too!

  • Damistar

    The Inquisitors in Terminator armor aren’t too bad for their age. The blue one on the left has his rosette as a ring on his powerfist. Also they’re more or less true scale for ordinary humans in Terminator armor now (at least compared to the new sculpts.

  • palaeomerus
  • Jeramy Bailey

    I use the left Termi Inq, but I replaced the arms with plastic greyknight termi arms (thunder hammer and psicannon). The arms sit too high, so you have to make new holes/slots so they look right. I love that model and call him Inquisitor Millius.

  • Kevin Maloney

    I don’t care what the naysayers say, I still dig Chaplain Xavier, the biker Chappie, and ESPECIALLY that Black Templars Marshal (which I remember as being a rare mini to begin with).

    • amaximus167

      I really wanted that BT model when it was first released and was very displeased at it’s limited availability.

  • Hedwerx

    Because there is a big market for old figures. A lot of people who used to collect, and have lost their collections for whatever reason, are buying up classic minis off ebay. This is a perfect opportunity to get hold of some rarer figures for less than the scalpers are asking for them. Fresh casts too.

    • amaximus167


  • Lion El’ Jonson


    I’m getting 3…..

  • Grand_Master_Raziel

    The funny thing is, I’ve got the bike Librarian mini. I just used the helmet to make a bike Interrogator Chaplain. I’ve also got a couple conversions based off that Black Templar High Marshall. Sweet mini.