40K: Praise for a Missionary Mini


One of the nicest models EVER made by GW is come back to Made Order and it’s ABOUT TIME. Let me explain.


One of my favourite miniatures of all time just got reprinted, the “Missionary with Plasma Gun”. This beauty was sculpted by Brian Nelson in around 1997/98 to accompany the 2nd Edition Sisters of Battle Codex. Although you wouldn’t have guessed it unless you were around back then (or unless you guessed from the colour scheme).


I thought I’d put the miniature in perspective with other miniatures available at that time

frateris-militia 13280_sm-white-dwarf

I’m being overly harsh of course, with any release there were highs and lows, this brought us some fantastic other miniatures like:

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The plastic moulding at GW hadn’t shown its full potential so you still had models like this in the second edition boxed set.


I think the Missionary might be the very first example of a standard bearer type model with a sculpted standard rather than the stick that GW expected you to wrap in paper like these two greenskins:


I also like the way that the model isn’t crowded with excessive detail.  So things like the eyepatch, the chainsword slung on the back and the general gait of the figure showing how heavy a plasma gun is for a normal human to carry. The whole “downtrodden look while holding extremely powerful weapons” reminds me of this much more recent guy.


As an old-time hobbyist I’m jumping for joy!  Welcome back to the Ecclesiarchy!


~ What do you think is a GW mini that was really ahead of it’s time?

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  • euansmith

    The Missionary with the Chainsword is just about my favourite GW mini ever. He is just so grim dark; with his huge tome and his iconic weapon. The fact that he looks like he has just walked out the desert with the words of an angry god-emperor ringing in his brain, is the icing on the cake.

    • Andrew

      I love that one the most. I think he even got turned into an illustration for one of those 40k RPG sourcebooks a couple years ago…

    • Neal Laxman

      I agree on the chainsword fella, he always caught my eye!

      I wonder if they are planning a release of missionary / preacher combo box mppk, hopefully with a similar scarred head, and Mohawk!

      • Considering that Uriah Jacobus got a listing in the new codex, and there isn’t a model in print, perhaps we will see something soon in the form of a new kit.

        • Neal Laxman

          On the U.K. Webstore UJ has always been available… I think maybe a massive over production of the model.

  • Lion El’ Jonson

    You’re not the only one who loves those sculpts. They just symbolise the Imperium so well, it’s sad to see that they arn’t permenantly here. I’m also really happy they bought Kyrinov back (One of my favourite sculpts ever).

    If I wasn’t dead broke I’d get a few but I’ll settle for Kyrinov!

    • mafiacheese

      Me too! I was so bummed out to be broke this week, but I *guess* buying presents for family members was probably the better move.

  • Ross Allan

    Brother Corbulo.

    There’s just something about that for me makes it really stand out, even to this day.

    And I don’t even play Blood Angels.

  • Troy G

    Really good article.

  • Patriarch

    That lovely mini is the only reason Ministorum Priests are still allowed a plasma gun upgrade, which otherwise makes no sense in the current ruleset. He buffs his unit in close combat, but shooting the plasma gun stops his unit from charging…

    • euansmith

      I idea of the units spiritual leader carrying a weapon that will kill him 16.666% of the time is nicely grim dark.

  • DJ860

    It’s awesome, but I do struggle to overlook the gigantism on the hands and head.

    • nurglitch

      It’s a cartoon. It’s not mean to be photo-realistic.

      • DJ

        Photo-realism is very different to being out of proportion, obviously.

      • Muninwing

        moreover, every GW heroic-scale model has a giant head and giant hands… it’s just a little more obvious here.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      Looks much like the style of art in 2000AD at the time which I’m sure was the stylistic inspiration for what we now call “heroic” miniature sculpting.

  • Timotheus

    Awesome article!

  • Paul Sinanan

    That entire generation of Sisters/Ecclesiarchy/Inquisition models are outstanding. I picked most of mine up just before their final bow off the website. http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d6e28ff5241485ccd3f9f8f514e04569440cefba6a8b9bccb25adb1ada20f9bc.jpg

    I know people want new sisters, but the old sister models are amazing… the only thing they lacked was one or two ‘more easily’ convertable posed minis.

    • Lion El’ Jonson

      A lovely colour scheme on those, and a lovely Celestine. And the Sabbat helms on the old models still rock to this day.

      You also have the whole ensemble of lols. Dialogus and Hobo Priest Jacobus.

      • lol ‘Hobo’ – don’t mess with a missionary man.

  • Deacon Ix

    It must just be my mind but the title of the article was at first glance a bit risque for BoLs

  • Seb

    Truly was an era of superb sculpting going on and the variety across various products was great 😀