40K RETRO: Apocalypse Reload

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Jump in time machine and set the clock to 2008. We’re revisiting Apocalypse Reload, and the BIG models from Warhammer 40k!

This book came out about a year after the first Apocalypse book was unleashed upon the hobby community and the amazing super bundle deals that came along with it. The first book really set the game on fire.

A year later Games Workshop repeated that success by offering nearly the same bundle deals when it unleashed Reload.

One thing I really loved was that they had Datasheets for custom things. Nowadays, we get custom sheets for everything but back then we had sheets for things that weren’t on offered from GW.


You can see the variants for the Baneblade which was released in the year prior. We saw the precursor to formations in here as well.

One of the magical things about this time period was the ability to download data sheets for stuff you had to make yourself like like titans, Capital Imperialis, and the scratch built Plague Tower.


You’ll notice that for the Daemons the had the Tetragon of Darkness formation which was a lot like what we saw in the Curse of the Wulfen. I think that’s really cool and you can see how far we’ve blurred the lines between 40k and Apocalypse.


Apocalypse has over time, kind of turned into unbound 7th edition, you don’t really need an extra book like this. Now everything just works together… which either good or bad depending on how you look at it.


If you have access to this book I’d recommend you check it out. I’m sure you can find this on eBay. Of course if you’re going that far I’d recommend you pick up the previous version as well.

For the full scoop hit the link and check out the video below!

~What’s your favorite piece of the original Apocalypse?

  • Karru

    My favourite piece in the Old Apocalypse was the Doomsday Device that was up on the GW website long ago. Whenever our club would do one of our Apocalypse games, the Doomsday Device was given to the “underdog” army. We usually split the players so that we would have more same faction forces on one side, while the other was more or less a collection of remaining armies and points, which would then be considered “the underdog”. We had one rule about the Doomsday Device that you had to follow. Before you activated it, you had to do your best movie-villain threat and ransom request from the opposing team. If they ignored your threat or refused your ransom, you could roll the dice to see if it was activated. Most of the time it wasn’t. One time it did and destroyed majority of their own forces in one turn when it decided to reach Critical Mass and explode 6D6″.

    • ZeeLobby

      Some of the conversions done for doomsday devices were pretty awesome.

  • Heinz Fiction

    I liked Apocalypse. It kept stupid super heavies out of my infantry squad based 40k…