40K Rumors: The Next Plastic Primarch is…


We’ve got rumors from several sources chiming in on what’s coming post Wrath of Magnus.

Where did we leave off?


I’m coming for you Grand-Dad!

Oh right – Magnus has escaped from the Eye with his entire legion and returned to Prospero, the  Space Wolves have been summoned to the Cadian Gate, The legions of Chaos are on the march in the opening moves of a new Black Crusade. Last but not least, the High Lords of Terra know the Daemon Primarchs are coming.

Heading into 2017 we know the Sisters (both kinds) are making a return, and there has been talk for months of a master plan to bring Abaddon’s latest Black Crusade right to the Emperor’s door.

The Rumors:

Two sets from different folks.


The first set of industry sources tells BoLS:

  • The next 40K campaign is focussed on the Dark Angels
  • It will be in the same style/format as Warzone Fenris, but focussing on the Fallen’s fight against chaos.
  • The Dark Angels will recieve the next plastic Primarch: Lion El Johnson

This morning a source aver at Faeit chimed in with corroborating intel: (regarding Dark Angels)

“…received a summons from the High Lords if Terra to get to Cadia (as did the Wolves and almost everybody else!) However, something else has caught their attention and they must intercept it fast.. although the dilemma is.. if they don’t get to Cadia, it will look very suspect and could cost the Imperial dearly in their defence.. but I’d they don’t intercept this ‘thing/person/army’ (can’t say!!) then it could also, equally spell doom for the Angels and the Imperium.. or so they think.. who knows? 😉

The first book is called The Hunt and is focused on the Angels and their Successors and the second book is called The Fall and is focused The Fallen and Chaos.. 

It’s leading into a race to Terra for the 13th Crusade. 

It also features a loyalist Primarch returning, you guessed it, The Lion.. and everybody’s favourite Hide and Seek champion Zahariel.. I mean Cypher!! “


~Both of these line up, leading us to believe there is something behind them.


  • Statham

    Huh. Given they seem to be giving Chaos the run-through at the moment, I’d have thought Angry Ron or Morty would be next, with new cult units in tow.

    • Walter Vining

      Chaos is getting the next primarch. The lion is coming back

  • SilentPony

    So does that mean there will be no 30k model? Lion has been having a beauty sleep for 10,000 so he should be refreshed and vibrant,

    • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

      Well, it’s rumored his sword was shattered, Azrael’s helmet is apparently the Lion’s (size be damned), and his armour’s probably wrecked after Luther’s mortal blow, so there’s a solid excuse for him to look pretty different from his 30k-self.

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        The helmet has bugged me since they mentioned how big Primarchs were.

        • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

          I like to think it’s only the wings that came from the original helmet/provide the shielding, that were then fitted to a generic MkVII helmet. Put the text explicitly referring to it as El’Jonson’s helmet down to bad record-keeping.

          • Rush Darling

            Might it explain why he never wears the damn thing?

          • Darth Bumbles

            Azrael wears it in the audio “Trials of Azreal”, it’s actually a major plot point.

        • Andrew

          I really dont like that they made the primarchs giants. They were much cooler when they were just like normal marines with exceptional powers.

          • nurglitch

            Seconded. Only Magnus was noted as a giant back in the day. The trend of bigger = better is one of those 40k tropes I’m less than wholly enthusiastic about.

          • Andrew

            The primarch models just look like 54mm space marines to me. I guess its hard to justify charging over $100 for a single space marine sized figure though.

          • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

            Yeah, I do think it was a bit of a mistake to translate their plot armour into rules. The heroes always roll sixes – their achievements are statistically unlikely, but when the Primarchs were designed, in terms of models, rules, and later fluff, they were built up in such a way that their achievements became “normal” for beings such as themselves.

          • Moik

            Where have you guys been all this time? It seems like everyone else is super into this crap; even when it invalidates and trivialises existing fluff.

            I really miss the days before 30k, if only for the primarchs.

        • Master Avoghai

          Well Azrael’s size itself has bugged for years when comparing to marines since the beginning of v3….

      • Moonsaves

        If I had to guess, the scale on the model is just off. He doesn’t actually wear the helmet from anything I’ve seen (maybe the novels say otherwise), and just has a Watcher in the Dark carry it around to take advantage of the force field.

        • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

          That could work, although there’s a second quirk – why does an item that likely predates the Horus Heresy look like a standard mkVII helm (well beyond the passing similarity the mid-Heresy mkV has).

          It would be cool if we find out the mkVII helm was based on the Lion Helm, although I’d have mixed feelings on the it being used for the Lion’s model, since the complete absence of mkVII armour’s pretty key to the Horus Heresy’s visuals. Curious to see how it’s handled.

        • DJ860

          Except on the most recent Azrael book that was released where he’s wearing it on the cover. Although I guess that hardly makes it cannon.

    • Randy Randalman

      The 30k models will be entirely separate from whatever is released in 40k. One is Crusade/pre-Heresy era, a d the other is 10,000 years later. Their rules will even be radically different.

      • SilentPony

        Wonder who would win, 30k Lion or 40k Lion…

        • georgelabour

          No matter what the rules are theoryhammer players will still tell us it’s unusable because it’s not a wraithknight.

          • Moik

            Actually Lionel is a knight, and in 40k he’s a Wraith.

          • georgelabour

            Okay now the theory hammer players will point out that he can die to D weapons and is thus unusable.

          • euansmith

            Doesn’t he have the “Double Super Secret Eternal Warrior” USR to make him immune to pesky D weapons?

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            That he gets from the “watchers in the dark”. However it is “Double Super Secret Eternal Warrior” so hush up about it!

    • Arthfael

      Maybe a dual kit. That could work easily.

    • Evil Otto

      Well, he hasn’t had any coffee yet, so he’s not really awake.

  • Ross Allan

    Given the events of Wrath of Magnus….I don’t think it’s Cypher they’re chasing.

    Won’t say more because Spoilers, but those who’ve read it already, have a think about the opening chapter.

    • Tshiva keln

      **spoilers spoilers** if you’ve not read wrath of Magnus avoid this **spoilers spoilers**

      Ross Allan, do you know who the changeling released? It’s none of the “big named” ones I know of but not read everything and could be missing a important clue. Or could just be new generic Fred able to cause mischief. Any idea?

  • alariccantonain

    Oh, I expected a Wulfen Leman Russ, coming back from a Chaos World. 😉

  • “Zahariel” as Cypher is even more dubious now than it was after Descent of Angels/Fallen Angels. Wait and see for the Dark Angels storyline to develop further before jumping to conclusions.

    • BrassWitch

      I don’t think it’s him either tbh. Seems….I don’t know…to simple maybe? Time will tell.

      • Paul Mattingley

        Read angels of caliban to get the answer.

        • BrassWitch

          That why I say it seems to simple. It seems there’s at least a couple of novels before the DA storyline concludes, so a lot could happen apart from “OH CYPHER ACTUALLY IS THE GUY YOU THOUGHT HE WAS ALL ALONG”

          • That, and it was also implied that Epimetheus may be Zahariel, after getting recruited by the Grey Knights.
            Angels of Caliban also doesn’t give a definitive answer as to the current Cypher’s fate and identity. In fact, it seems to throw an even bigger mystery into the ring. Sure, we also get the implication of who it might become, but the swordbearer and Cypher are different people right now, and neither has been spirited away off Caliban yet.

          • nurglitch

            It’s like he’s some sort of cypher.

          • euansmith

            An enigma, wrapped in a conundrum.

  • Ryan C

    Please dear GW, include a Deathwing formation that lets me field them WITHOUT needing Ravenwing. I’d be also quite happy if that formation also made DW somewhat competitive.

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      DW are sooo OP. Hahahahaha! Sorry as a DA player myself I have been annoyed since the new book made the DW tougher to play and happy the my Ravenwing is tournie playable.

  • BlooDeck

    Imagine when GW reveals the mad twist that Cypher was the Primarch all along. Somehow.

  • ieyke

    “Loyalist” Primarch.

    Luthor’s Angels were the real Dark Angels loyal to The Emperor.

    • Interrogator_Chaplain

      Nothing screams: “I never read the books!” like this statement.

      • Thomas Gardiner

        Right? It’s not even remotely ambiguous any more. The Dark Angels are loyal, though misguided and paranoid. The Horus Heresy novels reinforce the Lion’s absolute dedication to the Emperor over and over, to the extent that his blind loyalty is almost a character flaw.

        • nurglitch

          So loyal he would murder a chaplain when reminded of the Edict of Nikea.

      • Runefyre

        “Loyalty is it’s own reward”

      • kobalt60

        Nothing screams “i have not read Wolf King” like this statement

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Pfft who needs pesky retcon to hide the old truths.

    • BrassWitch

      Pls read the books, k thx.

      • kobalt60

        Pls read Wolf King

    • Darth Bumbles

      I’m still not convinced that the Lion is loyal to anyone other then the Lion.
      He spends most of the Heresy fighting Night Haunter. Now, whoever wins the Heresy would be glad to see the back of Kurze and his psychopaths. The Lion can in all honesty say to either the Emperor or Horus “I didn’t join you, because I was busy with the Night Lords”.
      He could be hedging his bets.

      It also fits the theme of balance – Magnus is a reluctant Traitor, in fact is a betrayed loyalist, the Lion being a faithless loyalist, or a traitor who didn’t have the guts to sign up with Horus, seems to work.

      • Deathstrike

        I think the books make it pretty clear they finish with Night Lords earlier than you think. It may be the DeathGuard that tie things up

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        That was Gavs take and part of why I hate his writing anything DA related. They have had the Lion as loyal in the latest version of the fluff, just loyal to the Emp and no one else. Not a traitor.

        • miteyheroes

          Not that loyal, considering he ignores the Emperor’s Edict of Nicea at the first opportunity.

          • Sarp Cebeci

            Yeah, that looks like your only “defence”. Funny enough if they didn’t ignore that stupid order. They all would be dead at that ship.

          • miteyheroes

            True, he doesn’t “ignore” the order. He willfully breaks it, and kills the person the Emperor charged with making sure no-one breaks it.

          • jeffjedi

            So does Robute at almost the same time, literally at Calth.

          • miteyheroes

            I agree, and then he founds a seperate Imperium. Roboute is hardly a shining beacon of loyalness…

      • ieyke

        The Lion is, and always has been, scum.

  • Talos2

    Johnson? So gw are taking the reigns off of forgeworld? Daemon primarchs coming from the main studio I’m happy with, but the still uncorrupted ones should be left to fw. they’ve done a great job giving gw a good platform to build a new narrative with what they and the BL have created, so to step on fw toes would be very unfair imho. Having said all that it’s probably not true anyway

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    Alpharius/Omegon wait patiently.

    • Kefka

      again, read the books please.

      • SilentPony

        Its actually unclear, given how Alphy and what’s his face mind switched if it was Alphy’s body or not that died.
        And even if Omegon thinks Alphy is dead, it could just as easily be a ruse. Misdirection is the Alpha Legion bread/butter.

        • Kefka

          hmm, I read it that Omegon FELT the death, hard to fake a supernatural connection like that being severed…right?
          Oh well.

          • SilentPony

            That was my takeaway too, but if Fulgrim could un-possess his own body from a painting in a room, I think its possible that during the mind-swap Alphy implanted a seed of himself in the other dudes mind, in the event that if he died, the psychic seed would implant Alphy over the other dude, bringing him back.

            But who knows?! Its Alpha Legion. For all we know, that wasn’t the original Alphy to begin with!

          • georgelabour

            What if it was just yet another Alpha guy who’d been programmed to think he wa s Omegon, and given a psychic umbilical cord to someone who’d been programmed to think he was Alpharius?

            After all anyone who’s read Pariah really knows where Alpharius ends up. -.-

          • Kefka

            Maybe the real Alpharius was the friends we made along the way…

        • Alpharius is dead. Deal with it. Confirmed over and over again by authors, the Heresy supervisors and IP lords.

          • SilentPony

            Yeah but the Heresy canon changes with every book. And Chaos magic brings people back from the dead all the time. And Fabius cloned the Primarchs.

            Just saying, it’d be piss easy from them to bring him back with a paragraph and that’s it.

          • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

            Yeah – also, after both the Emperor and Vulkan were established as Perpetuals, it cast every other Primarch death into doubt.

          • georgelabour

            Then why did he show up in Pariah?

          • You… don’t understand how this whole “I am Alpharius” business works, do you?

          • georgelabour

            If you understood how any of this whole business works you’d understand that claiming to understand is a sign of not understanding.

            Or is it? Only one who is Alpharius truly knows.

            Or does he?

          • kobalt60

            read it
            you’re wrong
            deal with it

          • You… don’t understand how this whole “I am Alpharius” business works, do you? Its their catchphrase, and more ironic now than it used to be.

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        What does that have to do with wanting a model for them? I have rules for Alpharius not Omegon as of yet in my 30k rules. I was not being subtle and saying either of them are alive in 40k time.

        • Kefka

          Ah, that is fair, I apologize.

        • euansmith

          Isn’t the point that Alpharius and Omegon shouldn’t look any different to the rest of the Alpha Legion?

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            While I agree that they an be anyone… FW then goes out of their way to have One of the brothers run around with with a spear and shiny armour so as to be killed by dorn the boring.

          • euansmith

            “Hey, new guy, we’ve got a super special honour for you. You get to wear with special, shiny armour, carry this spear, and run around shouting that you are Alpharius.”

            “Wow! Neato! Hail Hydra!”

            “Yeah, whatever.”

  • Thomas Gardiner

    Can’t wait! Hope we get plenty of Deathwing formations. I also hope the fluff builds on the Legacy of Caliban trilogy, the way Cypher has this world-weary vibe of “I’m trying to *help* you, you idiots.”

  • Vorsun

    I would absolutely love this if this were true. Dark Angels need a LoW choice that actually fits the section. Azrael is nice, but he’s little more than a dolled-up HQ choice at the moment. Lion has the potential to be a true monster.

  • Daniel

    Yeah, we need more Space Marines’ boxed games! I believe there are still dozens of chapters that need more spotlight. Who would like to see Dark Eldars or SoB…

    • Ryan C

      With all this sisters stuff happening right now I wouldn’t expect a true plastic redo of sisters for a very long time now.

      It comes down to sales though, A new loyalist space marine set will outsell a new SoB or new DE ruleset by leaps and bounds.

  • Aaron

    its because the changeling messed up the rock, it must have woken the Lion

  • benn grimm

    Hooded, an angel of death…yep, sounds Mortarion to me…

  • MechBattler

    So the Dark Angels will finally figure out their dad was napping in the basement the whole time and no one knew about it? Well THAT’S going to be quite a moment. http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/989cf7d02e38c7d7f37ea6a34d6951c0cdc5a4fbde15cc72e7d487c0acac05d7.jpg

    • Vorsun

      You’d be surprised how many people forget where they left their ancestors. You gotta check ALL of the broom closets. Not MOST of them.

      • MechBattler

        Or finding Cypher and figuring out what he’s REALLY up to.
        Does he want to kill the skeleton king?
        Is he just babysitting Lion’s sword?
        Or perhaps he wants to start a rock band and can’t find the right members.

  • Orblivion

    Sanguinius is seriously going to be the last primarch made before the Emperor isn’t he? 🙁

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      Right after the scrimshawed hand of Dorn 🙂 hopefully they keep to the fluff that he is dead.

      • georgelabour

        The scrimshawed hand of Dorn sounds like a good chapter name.

        Or a neo-prog viking metal band.

  • DJ860

    Ugh, I’d like a legion that gets less attention, to get the attention.

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      White Scars it is!

  • TheWanderingJewels

    I dunno…maybe Lion’El could come back and pimp slap the angels into no being so Emo all the time and get to crushing the Imperium’s enemies

  • Brian Griffith

    The first truly loyal primarch to be released will be Alpharius.