40K: Sisters of Battle Made To Order


Games Workshop teases the next batch of Made to Order models. The Sisters are returning in force!

Good news for everyone looking forward to Imperial Agents – and specifically anyone who’s been looking for some of those rare out of production Sisters of Battle models. Games Workshop has a teaser image of what’s going to be available the weekend of December 10th.

via Games Workshop Salisbury


December 10th sees the next Made to Order batch!
We have
Inquisitor with Power Sword
Inquisitor with Plasma Pistol
Daemon host 2
Seraphim Battlesister
Assassin with Combi-Weapon (last available with old Skulls Promo!)
Confessor Kyrinov
Missionary with Plasma Gun
Preacher with Sword
Preacher with Laspistol

Sensing an Imperial Agents Theme!

Available to Order for 1 Week only!


Maybe this is a hint at what’s coming in the Imperial Agents book. These models totally fit with the description of that book we saw earlier. If you’ve been a loyal Sisters of Battle player this might be a good chance to pick-up a few extra Canoness miniatures or a few more Imperial Priests.

Just remember Made to Order can have some strange shipping dates – mostly because of that 30 day lead time. If you are planning on ordering any of these models just be prepared to be patient.


Which of model of this Made to Order Batch is your favorite?

  • mafiacheese

    Might have to actually take advantage of this, I’ve been wanting to get a female Inquisitor or two for a while now. Extra priest models are always a joy to paint.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Interesting, would have preferred, well the plastic immolator to be available again. Do not understand why the PLASTIC Immolator (see rhino with plastic bits) Was out of production before the ALL METAL and then ALL RESIN excorcist lol.
    I mean sure I have the old ones, but I sorta want the newer ones now that I could afford normal prices, but ebay being the only source is not going to happen as the price is far too high.
    The rest of the sisters are already available so makes sense. I have pretty much everything minus the normal assassin and the generic, missionary. Also which they redid Uriah, as all these years I never got one.

    • ZeeLobby

      I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere, but wasn’t it because the mold actually broke and the cost of getting another retooled was deemed to high (since sisters basically became a second-class faction)?

      • Severius_Tolluck

        That would make sense.. but I mean… its plastic add ons to a normal rhino….! Once they did a plastic one forgeworld got rid of their own. Which FW gave up on repressors and icons themselves sadly… which I give up.. I have no words.

      • Valeli

        I heard this too once. I don’t know if it’s legit or not.

        I mean…. I’m aware of GW’s capacity for ignoring armies as one of my two fantasy armies was Brets. (Apparently I like the fleur de lys a lot in whatever fake world I’m in? I dunno.)

        If true it’s such an annoying case of chicken/egg to me. I mean….. no @$%^, people aren’t going to be buying sisters if you aren’t making their main vehicle available (or giving them new models, or plastic models, or updating their codex outside of WD and the occasional e-pub).

      • aargh00

        Not sure how that could be, though, as the only part of the Immolator kit that is not in the Exorcist kit is the little clear plastic window that goes in the turret. Otherwise, you can still get the entire Immolator kit when you buy the Exorcist. Maybe that little window’s mould is what broke?

    • FlyingSwami

      I may be missing your point, but the exorcist kit includes the full plastic immolator kit. Only the exorcist bits are metal.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Which is why it made no sense for them to discontinue the immolator….

  • Testar

    Only old characters. No wide choice of Seraphims, no tanks. That gives us hope for a new releases.

  • WindSplash

    srsly? no inquisitor with inferno pistol? this is outrage!

  • Valeli

    “If you’ve been a loyal Sisters of Battle player this might be a good chance to pick-up a few extra Canoness miniatures”

    Oh great. Just what I always needed, more cannonesses for my army! That’ll fit in great with the new formation where 24 cannonesses gives us all a 2++ faith save, right?


    (I still am clinging to my belief that this is just to further hype prior to a soon-to-be release of stuff that’s actually new and relevant though. As far as this actual made to order goes, most of these are genuinely not exciting to me the way the chance to pick up new Kasrkin was. Most of these models – imo – are a bit lackluster.

    The seraphim sist. superior in paricular is literally the /perfect/ example of a model that should be replaced with new plastics to showcase the progress in flying models that’s been made since she came out. )

    • Jade Black.

      Is that formation real?….

  • aargh00

    Any word yet on whether this new Imperial Agents books replaces the Sororitas codex or supplements it? I was hoping for a multi-formation detachment, but I’m worried they’re just dumping the stand-alone Sisters army and we will be restricted to a few choice units in this Agents book, since it seems to be implied this book will replace the digital codexes for Inquisition and Assassins.

    • Valeli

      My understanding is it contains the sororitas e-pub codex. But I’m not 100% sure.

      • Nick Vaughn

        That would be nice since I would imagine it also adds some formations to it as well. Although if it’s just a rehash of the epub with some new formations, it might mean won’t be getting a new codex or units anytime soon for the sororitas.

        I’m sure SoB are going to have they’re day in the sun relatively soon, and it’s more encouraging than ever since they actually are releasing a new mini, I just hope we dont have to wait much longer.

    • Nick Vaughn

      I doubt it replaces the previous codex and likely builds on it. Just like I doubt it replaces the GK codex or the recently released deathwatch codex.

      • aargh00

        See, now, they specifically mention that it does not replace the GK or DW codexes, but did not mention any of the other factions. I’m worried lots of things will get the axe if the entire Sororitas codex ends up in Imperial Agents, but also a bit hopeful they’ll keep everthing and tweak it to bring it up to date (like by cutting the price of a Canoness from equivalent to a Chaos Lord to something more in line with her stats). Mostly I’m just hoping for a multi-formation detachment to work with.

        • Alpharius

          They should axe all the Grey Knights except Terminators. 😛

    • Shawn

      I read that the official blurb for Imperial Agents specficially says that it doesn’t replace a Death Watch or Grey Knight codex, but, rather, is a way to field elites choices from other books into an Imperial Army. In other words, if you want to run a couple of assassins with your Salamanders you can without having to take an allied force from the brb.

  • Nick Vaughn

    The lack of variety actually has me excited that there really are new SoB models on the way. Heck they’re really only releasing a single battle sister in this made to order release, and some of the more requested things like Immolators are MIA. Definitely gives me a more of sunny disposition for the future that there are plastics waiting.

    Hopefully we won’t be waiting much longer.

    • AMatthew1

      I think you’re on to something…. hopefully

    • Alpharius

      There is also the resin Cannoness on her way.

  • Shawn Pero

    I reeeeeally have a feeling the Cannoness is going to be the only new SoB mini

    • Nick Vaughn

      I kind of doubt it, but maybe for the time being. Why bother if they really don’t care about the range?

      With the release of admech, harlequins, and genestealer cultists, GW has clearly been focusing on nostalgia armies and it looks like they’re going to turn a nice profit this half year. Im sure they know at this point a SoB release would be immensely popularly, which is probably why they did a nostalgia canoness sculpt in the first place.

      • Shawn Pero

        Let’s hope so! It’d certainly get them an enormous shot of good will.

  • Laurence J Sinclair

    Hah, what are the chances that the missionary can actually be equipped with that plasma gun he’s packing? Poor model was invalidated the day 3rd edition hit – here’s hoping Imperial Agents brings back the right of priests to bear non-combi special weapons!

    • Haighus

      Astra Militarum Priests can actually take a plasma gun. Probably entirely because of that model. As of the latest, 6th edition codex anyway.

      Only a plasma gun mind, and they removed the classic option for an Eviscerator, probably because there was no model for it.

    • Jade Black.

      He can literally take the plasma gun.

  • FlyingSwami

    What material are the made-to-order items made of?

    • Djbz

      All the previous ones have been metal

  • Carey_Mahoney


  • Carey_Mahoney

    That female Inq. with the crossbow will be top priority. Nice they brought that back. I’d convert her a Van Helsing-style hat with the big =][= on it and call it a day.

    Also, sorta in for that assassin miniature. Could be used as an acolyte with Stormbolter (though it would best fit in an Ordo Xenos’ retinue).

    Would be nice to know the prices, though.

    • Alpharius

      The assassin would fit well with the death cultists, since he has the whole slinky suit thing going without a preponderance of equipment like the Temple assassins.

      Also, who knows, maybe we’ll get a generic assassin who can upgrade to a particular Temple?

  • Rainthezangoose

    my heart does sing to not see the core sisters on this list, now, now rohan. Dont get your hopes up. You have been burned before.

  • Ed Butlar

    Its nice to see some classic miniatures available along with a new miniature. No doubt the new sisters will be along in the new year.

  • Dan Wilson

    Will be using the confessor for a cultist mob leader!

  • Ve Ly Pè

    Possessed! 😀

  • aargh00

    The rules are okay, they just need a few tweaks. Canoness needs to drop by 20 pts or so, Penitent Engines need Fleet back, a switch to Elites, and a pts drop (especially now they have less attacks than a dreadnaught), and Repentia need FNP 5+ back. Those changes would mean you might see those units on the table top again. After that, formations could give them a big beef that they need without having to redo the codex.

    I agree the model prices are nuts, but small rules changes and formations take no effort on GW’s part (comparatively), and would be a nice Christmas present for us existing Sisters players.