5 Reasons You Should Be Playing Warzone Resurrection


Curious about Warzone Resurrection? You should be and one Gamer has 5 reasons why!


Guest Article by Phat J

Since I was 12 years old and spied someone meticulously cleaning their metal models at a Boy Scout summer camp and was told they were from a game called Warzone, I have been in love with that game and universe.  The whole WWI aesthetic with futuristic weaponry and Megacorporations and mutants and Daemons with quasi magical powers really sparked my imagination as a young teenager and you can imagine my excitement when several years ago I learned that a company named Prodos was revamping the game.  Recently Prodos released the second edition of the game, so I decided to write up a quick list on why you should be playing this amazing tabletop miniature game.

  1. The Universe is Amazing!

One of the main things that fascinated me with Warzone Mutant Chronicles was the universe that was built around the RPG and then the miniatures game. In the distant future, as our planet’s resources began to dwindle the human population began to rally around key magacorporations that became more powerful than the countries they originated from and would eventually replace.  When these megacorporations then realized they would completely exhaust Earth’s resources in a matter of years they then decided to built giant ships to transport their most valuable employees (i.e. population) to the planets in our solar system which they then used advanced technology to terraform to suit human life.  Of course the British corporation (Imperial) had to go and screw everything up by uncovering an ancient tablet on Pluto and unleashing the Dark Symmetry which corrupted mankind’s advanced technology and unleashed daemons and mutations throughout the human population.  How cool does that sound!


  1. Gameplay is Smooth and Action is Constant!

Warzone Resurrection, like the original Warzone Mutant Chronicles uses the alternating unit activation sequencing so both players interact with each other throughout the turn. Individual models in units each have actions that can be used and models can be put on overwatch that can be given actions during an opponent’s turn. I find this type of gameplay much more interactive and satisfying than the traditional full turn activation that we are used to with 40k and other games like it.


  1. All Factions are Fully Fleshed Out

At this time all 7 factions in Warzone Rusurrection (Bauhaus, Mishima, Imperial, Capitol, Cybertonic, Brotherhood, and Dark Legion) are fully complete and ready for action!  Unlike a lot of new games that come to the market, Prodos brought the revamped Warzone to us with full product ranges.    Like most traditional wargames, each faction comes with different unit types and each faction has several options for each unit type available. You want to run a Hussar heavy Bauhaus force with Artillery? You can do that? How about their Vorreiters with heavy tanks support? You can do that to! Capitol, the American faction, has tons of different options for players. I personally run an Imperial army that focuses heavily on their numerous special forces options but I could easily run an Imperial army with foot slogging Trenchers and artillery tanks.  There are so many options within all 7 factions! It’s the perfect game for a small game group to jump right into!

  1. It’s Inexpensive to Start

Unlike Warhammer 40k, Warzone Resurrection can be started for around $100.  All you need is a starter box and a couple of auxillery units any you are ready to get started!  The rulebooks are free pdf downloads from their website and if you want to scale up to large battles we are talking about maybe another $100-$150 for a couple more key units to add to your force.

  1. Prodos Continues to Release New Products

Not only did Prodos just release Warzone V2.0 with a tighter ruleset but they continue to release classic models such as the recent Vince Diamond for Cybertronic as well as brand new models for the game such as the Mule transport that all factions can use.  It’s promising to see the company continuing to support the game for their existing customers and fans but also for new prospective fans that might be on the fence for starting a new game in a flooded market.


Bonus Point!  The Models Look Amazing!

Prodos is known in the industry for producing amazing looking models, so much in fact that they have a patented a resin casting process called Unicast that companies all over the world employ them to produce their miniatures in. The details on the resin are crisp and the material is solid. Honestly, I have rarely seen such quality from a company that isn’t Games Workshop.  Did I mention how affordable these models are?  Did you know you can get Mitch Hunter AND Max Steiner to make the original Doom Troopers? HUH? AHHH!


So why not give the game a shot? At the very least you can download the pdf rulebook from their site, here, and read the fluff which is AMAZING. If you are interested we have damn near the entire product line in our second hand shop which is also AMAZING if you want the already affordable Warzone product at an additional AMAZING discount.  So come on! There’s room for one more!


So what are you waiting for? Check out Warzone Resurecction!

  • Richard Mitchell

    Thank you for the write up, I am always looking for good games that wont break my wallet to play.

  • Big Fat Fred

    The down-side…it’s Prodos and we all know what they have been like about AvP. To call them a shambles is kind.

    • zeno666

      I don’t know what they did with AvP. Please enlighten me.

      • euansmith

        AvP exploded in their faces, I think it turned out to be a bigger hit than they had budgeted for.

        From what I understand, they had some issues with their pricing structure which lead to them scrabbling around to find the cash to cover their production and distribution cost.

        This led to delays and accusations of shoddy dealings. I’m not certain they have even managed to complete delivery now (though they are hardly alone in this respect, coughcoughDUSTcoughcough).

        Prodos then created AR as a production wing, to distance their work on other people’s miniatures products from their own bad press.

        They are making loads of minis for other companies, using their amazing Unicast technology. The one piece resin minis they can make with this are jaw dropping.

        They are still not out of the woods, though. I’m still waiting on my Demigods: Evolution stuff that is long over due.


        • Big Fat Fred

          That is a very kind interpretation. I will agree that the WZR rules are good and their minis are too. The owner of the company is a most dishonest person, sadly. He is, in turns, aggressive and dismissive. His communication is appalling and he breaks just about every agreement he makes. The two English members of the team left during the debacle because of this and have run their own successful kickstarters. They seem to have no time for Jarek judging by their comments on various forums. We still have not had the majority of the rewards and there has been no news (despite constant requests) since 10 Oct. Jarek then tried to run another kickstarter but under another company name. Fortunately they were found out.

          • euansmith

            LOAD was hilarious, as even the backers called the company out on the way their original set of rules just was “heavily influenced” by Rum & Bones.

          • zeno666

            Ouch thats very bad.

  • Gideon Ernesto

    Yeah, too bad that it’s Prodos

    • Alexis Thouin Bourdeau


  • Vepr

    Loved the first game. Dark Legion player, the minigun toting mercurian maculator was my favorite. I might have look into the new game.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      I too am an “OG” as a mutant chronicles and warzone 2nd edition! yeah the maculator was awesome, BIO GIANT was our big hoss 😀

  • Alexis Thouin Bourdeau

    I participated in the original KS. Thought I liked the game and models, the resign was (at the time) extremely fragile. Did this improved with the time ?

    • nuggy

      It has definitely improved since then, I got my order from the kickstarter split as there were quite a lot of things int there and even from the first batch and the second one there were huge improvements. Got some of their latest stuff ad they have pretty much fixed all of my initial problems with the material and casting. So would say try it out and see if it holds up.

  • euansmith

    #6, the most important thing about Warzone, loads of gorgeous Paul Bonner artwork.

  • Dorian

    Please stop dragging this AvP stuff into every thread related to Prodos. WZR is different game… move on. I play the system, it’s actually pretty fun although the rules still need a bit of work.

    • euansmith

      I think it is easier for people to move on when their pledges are finally delivered.