Age of Sigmar Gift Guide


Not sure what gift to get your gamer friend and they are really into Age of Sigmar? We can help!

It’s the season of gift giving and you’ve got a special someone on your list and you’re not sure what to get them. You know they are into Age of Sigmar but when you go to the GW page there are a lot of things floating around and you’re not sure what to buy for them. That’s okay – BoLS is here to help. Let’s start with the basics:

If they are a new player to the game you can’t go wrong with the starter set for Age of Sigmar:

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Starter Set $125


This box has enough for TWO players to start a faction and get games in. Plus it has a campaign that ramps up the action as they get more familiar with the ruleset. This is step one for most players. However, if they already have this then it’s time to go to step 2.


Warhammer Age of Sigmar: General’s Handbook $25


This book is probably the most important book Games Workshop printed for Age of Sigmar. I won’t get into here but if they don’t have this book then this should be at the top of your list as a gift for them. I know what you’re thinking – “AdamHarry, that is quite a price jump. You just showed me a started box for $125 and now you’re showing me a single book for $25? What gives?” Well, I’m not getting paid by GW to tell you this stuff. Plus I can’t really ask you what your gift budget is, can I? But I can promise you that this book will probably see more use than any other Age of Sigmar book out there. It’s vitally important – so it’s the perfect gift if they don’t have a copy.

Now, let’s say they do have a copy and you were looking to spend a bit more money on them than “just” $25 for a book. Fair enough – let’s move on to step 3!

Unfortunately, this may disappoint some of you if you are the type of person that likes to give surprise gifts. I’m just going to be blunt, never buy an AoS player a surprise gift! Why? Because the odds are not in your favor. There are so many choices that just buying something randomly will not pan out. You’ll get the wrong thing, they’ll be disappointed, someone will start crying…just don’t do it!

Instead you’re going to have to ask them which faction they like/play. Once you get that info you can at least make some good choices. I suggest going with a Start Collecting boxed set from their chosen faction.

Note: I’m using the Stormcast Eternals as the examples. There are TONS of options here and listing them are would be just as confusing as linking you to the GW AoS page and saying “have fun.”

Start Collecting! Stormcast Eternals $85


All of the Start Collecting boxes will look similar to this and you may want to ask for help from the local store clerk picking the right one. Another fantastic gift idea is to buy them both the General’s Handbook and a Start Collecting box set for their respective faction.

The clerk my try to sell you on one of the “Grand Alliance” books…These are marginally useful. Some of them are also fairly inexpensive. I’m not opposed to them as a gift but it’s your call. Those would be way down on my list right below “a gift card” and “here’s some cash” as options.

Okay, so you’ve got some good ideas for newer players, but what about vets? Again, you’re going to ask them what faction they like/play. Each faction also has a big “centerpiece” model (or two). These are awesome looking kits that are typically on the high end.

You will want to check with them first before you buy it! Some of these models are unique – meaning they can’t use more than 1 in a list. So it’s a waste of time and money for you to pick one up. But some of them aren’t…So definitely double check to make sure it’s the one they want.

Stardrake $140


The Star Drake isn’t a unique model for the Stormcasts – but it’s a big centerpiece kit!

Celestant-Prime $80


The Celestant-Prime is a another Big Centerpiece kit – but it IS unique for that army!

Now, for a select few armies, Games Workshop also put out new Battleforce boxed sets. If the person you’re shopping for plays one of those factions they are fantastic deals! Each one costs $170 but they are basically instant army deals. These boxes are perfect for some just starting an army or if they are looking to start another one.

Battleforce: Stormcast Eternals Sigmar’s Vengeance $170


You may have to ask for help from the store clerk for these, but if they have them they are pretty easy to spot. So we’ve covered the low end (General’s Handbook or Gift Cards), We’ve covered the high end (Battleforce Boxes and Starter Sets). But if you’re only looking to spend around $50 what can you do? Well if you know what faction they are playing you can grab them a character to bolster their ranks, but honestly that’s going to be an ordeal unless they tell you exactly what they want and the store has it.

You could opt for individual unit boxes as those around in your price range but it could be hit-or-miss based on the faction. Honestly at this point, other than a Start Collecting Box ($85) you’re in a tough spot. But, personally, I’d rather you guys got a gift card for that amount and let me pick. I have a feeling that your special someone might appreciate that more than you buying something they won’t use.

And don’t buy them paint. Half the fun of buying paint is getting to choose the color. Don’t take that away from them – just go with a gift card!


I’ve never heard anyone say, “Aww, more CASH? How will I ever use it on my hobby?”

Top Image: Spire of Dawn – also a good starter gift, if you can find it in stock.

  • Diagoras

    Perhaps the title “Stormcast Eternals Gift Guide” would have been a bit more accurate.

    • ZeeLobby

      Eh. They’re the new Space Marines of fantasy. I expect we’ll stop seeing updates and players of other factions at some point and they’ll have to be some Stormcast Heresy to keep the game going.

    • Xodis

      Agreed, there are a lot more options that look fantastic in AoS.

    • adamharry

      I was just using them as an example force. You can replace all the images with any other army. I’ll make a note in the article.

  • taithays

    “my try” ? …

  • Sonic tooth

    jesus i despise those the aesthetic of the stormcast so much. and that goofy dragon? no thanks santa. give me spire of dawn instead

    • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

      I love that gladiatorial/praetorian aesthetics so much, and that an amazing and proper dragon, unlike those awful metal worms they used to sell.

  • Javi Martinez Alcantara

    Seriously….there is nothing better than those refiled tuna cans in armour shape?
    My suggestions for someone starting in the hobby:

    16 figures for 35 dollars:

    20 miniatures for 35 dollars:

    Great miniatures expressing the power of undeads for 85 dollars:

    A great monster for 58 dollars:

    Next time please put the label of advertisement! These are horrible suggestions for someone starting.

    • adamharry

      I disagree – all of these suggestions are totally legit for starting players. I was also just using stormcasts as an example army.

      You can literally pick any army and do the same thing you just did…which is the point of the article.

      • Javi Martinez Alcantara

        The difference is the number of miniatures for the same price. More minis more fun. As an example for anyone naive that want to be nice and buy a present this information is pretty biased. They will buy likely what they see in the pictures….

        Your examples are pretty expensive if you check the price/minis ratio. My examples are much more convenient, according to that ratio. If you enter in the quality of the miniatures…well it is a matter of taste…

    • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

      I like those refine tuna cans. Seriously, SE are just another faction, stop bashing them just because you don’t like them or don’t like the fact that the Old World blew up.

      Also, this is just an example of the “steps” to take, that was clear since the beginning.

      • dave long island

        The correct terminology is: “the old world done got itself blowed up”… lol

        • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

          I don’t get it.

        • neshta

          EEHHHHHHH!!!!! SCTV reference! !!!!

          • dave long island

            LOL… That’s right! You win the grande prize, which is a $20 gift certification to Edna Boil’s Prairie House and Curio Emporium. Congratulations! 🙂 Seriously, though, great catch! 🙂

      • Javi Martinez Alcantara

        True I do not like them and I do not like the fact that the Old World blew up (or the old world done got itself blowed up”, XD).

        From the whole wonderful range of GW miniatures, how can anyone think of these as a best idea as an example for things to buy for a beginner?! And if it is just for ilustrate/as an example, there are also much better miniatures!! All of them are sigmarines!

        In my humble opinion not many like these close…and they need, promotion, and promotion, and promotion, and promotion…..until the marketing makes the leftovers no one wants, ready to be diggested.

        • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

          Again, *you* don’t like them, don’t be biased and say “but there are much better miniatures” because everyone likes different things, for me those “tuna cans” look much better than stinky and boring ratmen, not to include the rules, those things are wet paper, and BTW, Stormcasts are almost always on the top lists of any tournaments.

          There are lots of people who like them, here the Stormcasts are taking over the clubs, internet is just a minotiry, because it is more populated for either dedicated tournament players or for biased Sigmarine-haters. That last one is a childish attitude.

          • Javi Martinez Alcantara

            I do not need to be unbiased because I do not try to tell the absolute truth. The matter with the GW is a matter of statistics.

            The rules, that lead sigmatunacans to the top of the tournaments, is simple. They provide better rules to the things that are most unlikely people will like or they try (god knows why) to promote. I do not know where is your ‘Here’ but what I see in my here, that is, Germany and Spain, Stormcast are just not taking over anything but dust on the shelves.

            But if you like them enjoy them I will not deny that. But I really thing is a bluff and that they are taking advantage of the new/young people to balance their general sales with poor products while they could have invested more time and effort doing great models. I will not support any product I do not like it and I will prevent any I appreciate of doing it. It is not a childish attitude but rather a healthy customer.

          • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

            Here on MĂ©xico (at least the capital) everyone and their dogs are liking the Stormcast a lot, many of them are newer players, but the vast minority of veterans don’t play AoS for Fantasy anymore, like only three guys.

            And still, you do look biased because you plainly say that Sigmarines are bland and boring, even while it is for you, and that’s okay, but do not try to tell that this is a bad guide just because you don’t like them.

  • Malisteen

    almost all of these suggestions are outside of casual gift buying range, with the exception of the generals handbook, which every age of sigmar player will already have.

    • adamharry

      “Gift Card” was mentioned in the article for that very reason.

  • SquadPainter

    Will you be my friend?… because, holy crap, those are expensive gifts! $180?! Really?

    +1 to Javi and Malisteen

  • Thalandor

    You put the Spire on Dawn in the article top image, yet you don’t suggest it. It’s also a much better gift idea that everything in the article.

    • adamharry

      Spire of Dawn is currently sold out on the GW website – it’s just a header image from the AoS range.

      • Thalandor

        You’re right. And I missed out… Crossing my fingers that brick and mortar stores get stock on release date.

  • Xodis

    Lazy article is Lazy lol.

    Try showcasing the Malignants box, Nagash alone is worth mentioning. Fyreslayers have several great options, Sylvaneth look good…….just make an attempt.

    • adamharry

      Thanks for the feed back – I was just using stormcasts as the example army. I’m adding a note in the article.

      • Xodis

        The only problem with that is other than Khorne Bloodbound there are not as many options for the newer factions. Death, Sylvanth, etc… would require a little more focus on whats good and whats so old dont bother with it until it gets updated.

  • Ben_S

    “If they are a new player to the game you can’t go wrong with the starter set for Age of Sigmar”

    I’d disagree with that. If they’re new to wargaming generally, then I’d go for one of the cheaper introductions (Storm of Sigmar is it?) rather than dropping so much money on something they may not like. And even if they’re sure that they’re committed to AoS, then they may have an army in mind other than Khorne/Stormcasts, in which case the big starter is rather wasted.

    • luke snell

      Exactly, I am actually planning on picking up the Storm of Sigmar for my nephew for the holidays.

  • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

    One year later and people still bashes Stormcasts even while there are lots of people who like them. We already know there are the poster boys, just like Spess Muhriness are in 40K, but one thing is dislike something for personal opinions and other is just kick ’em because “muh Fantasy gaem”, which you hated for the most part anyway because the unbalance of later editions.

    This is just an *example* guide, just let it be.

  • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

    One year later and people still bashes Stormcasts even while there are lots of people who like them. We already know there are the poster boys, just like Spess Muhriness are in 40K, but one thing is dislike something for personal opinions and other is just kick ’em because “muh Fantasy gaem”, which you hated for the most part anyway because the unbalance of later editions.

    This is just an *example* guide, just let it be.

    Now, about the Battleforces are limited to stock, so I’d won’t quote them as a good starting point since they are not permanently available.

    • Karru

      I personally despise them do to very goofy look. I never liked the “sculpted muscle” look and the fact that they literally look like Blood Angel Sanquinary Guard without any scifi stuff doesn’t help either.

      They are just the result of a very lazy design in my opinion. They should have gone with more elegant design, something like the Diablo series Angels. Since they went with the “super buff murder machines” look on their Khorne dudes, it would have been a lot better if they went with more knightly and angelic with the Stormcast.

      • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

        More than goofy, they are pretty simplistic. For me, many times less is more, and I still like the whole armor.

        Well, Blizzard has the copyright, and honestly that would ended the same; everyone bashing them for being too Diablo-esques. But Stormcasts do look really knightly for me.

        • Skeksis

          People bash them because they’re completely uninspired and shoved in peoples faces constantly. This is the aesthetic GW is pushing and a lot of people don’t like it, especially when the posterboy of 40k is Space Marines. You can’t blame people for getting frustrated with the chronic lack of originality here.

          • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

            Why uninspired? I’ve always seen them as a pretty fresh concept, and yes, they are Fantasy Marines, yet they do adhere to fantasy elements (I like them because they are kind similar to what could be “loyalists rubrics”), but c’mon, the OGs have been there since day 1 and they are just a comic relief today.

            I totally get the frustration but is just the poster, it happens always everywhere. Is like be frustrated for seen Stormtroopers on every single Star Wars (okay, yes, there are some flaws with that analogy, but you get the main point).

          • Karru

            I believe he meant that they aren’t really fresh since Blood Angel Sanquinary Guards are extremely similar to these guys. They are also beefy guys in a big armour, which is the Space Marine thing as well. If they really wanted to make something fresh, they really should have gone with something more elegant. Maybe a mix of what the Bretonnians were and KoW did with the Basilea army and give them a more angelic and “fantasy” look. Basically Angelic Knights. Fantasy never really had those, since Bretonnians were based around Arthurian legend and Medieval era and Empire was your Renaissance era Humans basically.

            Basically they shouldn’t have made them Fantasy Space Marines. This is what makes them not really fresh and GW missed a massive opportunity to really make something amazing and new. The Dragon things are great looking to me. I don’t care that they are the poster boys, it’s their looks.

            It’s clear that GW wanted to make something “angelic” with these guys. They wanted to make “greater humans”. The Good Guys never really had anything “big and scary” since it was mostly just normal humans and elves. Chaos had the Warriors of Chaos and “destruction” factions had Orks and Ogres. They wanted to make something for good guys as well, so they decided to do Space Marines. This was a bad decision.

          • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

            Point on the Sanquinary Guards, but yet… they couldn’t be more “original”, as much as the 40K SM are signature in look. They needed a signature AoS look, and all of your ideas clash with many other IP.

            Angelic Knights? already covered, there are lots of winged Stormcasts, I would love to see a valkyrian female Stormcast, but I think that the christian stereotypical angel look would work better for aelves. Things like Diablo angels wouldn’t work either because they are as unique as they are, and picking. Not only that, religions can take an important role on this; many groups wouldn’t like the idea of one of their images to be used as a game.

            Also, Sigmar now is basically Zeus, so the team that conceived the Stormcast could check some pictures from ancient Greek and inspire themselves with all of those armours, plate “skirts”, plumes, etc. And that mask does make a world of difference.

            And I guess that the Stormcast Eternals are actually successful in that regard as being easily recognizable. Either they are silly Sigmarines or super buffed Greek legions, we all know that they are the poster guys and that they are actually quite original. I mean, how many armies you know that looks like them?

            This is more important for newcomers: the old Empire and Brettonians all looked horribly generic at first sight, for example, and in many regards any Elves too. At least the Stormcasts are not as similar as many, many other properties.

  • Javi Martinez Alcantara

    FATHERS, MOTHERS AND RELATIVES looking a Christmas gift for your beloved one.

    At the GW web page you will find for the same price of the given examples much better sculpted and much more miniatures for your beloved one. Then please follow this humble advice, be an intelligent consumer and do not gave your dollars away for bad products.

    Merry Christmas!

  • neshta

    Man, it’s the hardest thing ever to choose an army in AoS, the sculpts, lore and rules are SO cool! I DO so love the Sylvaneth, and their battle box is an insanely good price…

  • Andre mcinnis

    Here’s my GW gift guide:
    1. Gift card.
    The End.