BL: Space Marine Legends: Azrael Out Now


Black Library has a new Limited Edition Space Marine Legends book out now – Azrael!

The Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels has his own Space Marine Legends Novel and there are fewer that 400 copies left!

Azrael (Limited Edition) $65.00

azrael-limited-1 azrael-limited-2

If you miss out on the Limited version you can still grab the eBook edition from Black Library.

Space Marine Legends: Azrael (eBook) $23.99


A Space Marine Legends novel

The Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels must ally with treacherous aliens to save his Chapter – but he walks a fine line, as the secrets of the Unforgiven must stay buried.


Gav Thorpe, without a doubt the Supreme Grand Master of Dark Angels fiction, returns to Azrael in a tale that delves deep into the character’s psyche and motivations.

The Dark Angels Chapter sprang from the First Legion of Space Marines to fight and die at the Emperor’s side. But over ten thousand years, even the most staunchly loyal warriors of the Imperium can fall from grace, and the Dark Angels guard their own murky secrets most carefully – only Supreme Grand Master Azrael knows them all. A legend among Space Marines, he has fought for centuries and ever at the forefront of battle. Now, with the enigmatically alien eldar as his uneasy and unlikely allies, he must tread the fine line once more between the pursuit of victory, and keeping the Chapter’s past safely buried…

Written by Gav Thorpe


From the description is sounds like Azrael is going to have to work with the Eldar to combat some big threat. But the question is will he have to reveal some chapter secrets to do so…Only one way to find out. Dark Angels fans – this one’s for you!

I’m actually curious about this one just because of the cover image. He’s wearing the Lion Helm! If you don’t understand why that’s kind of a big deal two things:

First, here is his Model from the Tabletop:



Second, go read about Azrael and his little buddy the Watcher in the Dark. I’m not sure what it means entirely so I guess I’m going to have to pick up this book to find out…


Oh Dark Angels, how your secrets vex me so!

  • Commissar Molotov
  • CthulhuDawg

    I would have bought a normal version of this book but $65 is pretty steep.

    • zeno666

      They don’t release ePubs/PDFs?

  • Grand_Master_Raziel

    $65? Does it come with its own genuine Watcher in the Dark book-bearer to carry it around for you?

  • Harthelion

    I’m curious about this novel, specially because Dark Angels have been too zealot about xenos all this time :O