BtGoA: New Isorian NuHu and Plasma Weaponry

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Warlord Games is rolling out the BIG Isorian guns and really good looking leaders! Take a look.

via Warlord:

Female Isorian NuHu Senatexis – £6.00

In past ages the ancient Isorians were governed by a council called the Senatex. Individual members of this council were known as Senatexis. They included amongst their exalted ranks some of the finest human minds of all time.



Male Isorian NuHu Senatexis – £6.00

Today, title of Senatexis is often applied ubiquitously to NuHu within Isorian society. The Senatex has simply become the term the Isorians use for their own shard – the Tsan Kiri influenced IMTel that is common to the millions of worlds of the Senatex.



Isorian Support Team Plasma Cannon – £12.00

The plasma cannon is the ultimate light support weapon. It is calibrated to deliver a single very strong pulse, for which an especially long plasma coil is required. All plasma weapons have a defect inherent in plasma coils in that they gradually weaken over time. This problem is normally overcome by the weapon’s own self­repair facility. In the case of the plasma cannon the weapon is so powerful that its battlefield performance can sometimes be affected, causing temporary plasma fade.



Isorian Andhak Drone with plasma cannon – £10.00

Like its Concord counterparts it is a sentient IMTel integrated machine capable of carrying a variety of different weapons. It is protected by phaseshift shielding as well as conventional nano­cored shell and kinetic shields. The plasma cannon is the hardest hitting light support weapon available to any force in Antarean space and frequently used to arm ‘Hunter’ type weapon drones. The Isorian Andhak SC2 series of drones is a stalwart of Isorian forces.


~These minis are ready to ship out now. Hope to it!

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    not made any less phallic by the paint job…

    • Andrew

      Thought the same thing myself when I saw these.

  • ZeeLobby

    One day I’ll get to try the bolt action mechanic. One day…

  • Old zogwort

    Lets reinforce the image a bit more