Codex Imperial Agents: Contents & Sororitas Rules


BoLS will be bringing you Codex Imperial Agents coverage all week. Today we peek inside the cover and learn the benefits of Adepta Sororitas.

The Adepta Sororitas are BACK! After years in the dark, and decades without new models the Sisters of Battle are back with righteous vengeance. This is an army with two different incarnations in Codex Imperial Agents and they are bringing a lot of old friends with them. More on this most non-standard of codexes in the days ahead.


I order you to buy this book sinner!

What we will say is the GW Design Studio has taken a fundamentally different approach with this codex.  This is a book that brings as much stuff as it leaves behind.  By that I mean for every new force in this book, there are some very unusual absences and hints at what may be coming in the future.  This is a book with 9 new armies and not a single new miniature.  You’ll find a lot of old friends long left out in the cold given a new lease on life, and new unexpected ways of fielding armies that already have standalone codexes alongside other Imperial organizations.

Before we get into the Sororitas, let’s do a quick tour of the codex basics to get your head wrapped around what’s inside.

60030108010_imperialagentscodexeng01Look at that cover.  No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!


Plus the back of the codex…


Every new codex gets a logo and Imperial Agents is no different.  HERESY, Do I sense the foul influence of Tzeentch?


Take a good look at the Table of Contents

Right off the bat, you have 9 Armies in this book.  You will note that several of these are very tiny affairs such as the Legion of the Damned (4 pages), Cult Mechanicus (6 pages) and Aeronautica Imperialis (6 pages).  Several of the forces in the codex are teensy mini detachments you can easily shoehorn into your existing army for a little flavor.  The big forces that you really pay your money for are the Adepta Sororitas (25 pages), and The Inquisition (18 pages).  These both have a decent set of units and some surprises. Easily enough to build an entire standard sized army around if you wish. A key point is the Sisters and Inquisition detachments in this codex are NOT identical to the earlier digital versions out for the past couple of years.  These are updated and expanded lists.  Finally note that Mechanicus, Deathwatch and Grey Knights are in here with alternative mini-sized detachments for those looking for just a splash of the faction, rather than the full codex version of the force you can build with their existing stand-alone codexes.

Now, onto what you came for, the set of special rules that define exactly what the Adepta Sororitas army can do on the tabletop.


The Sisters have a LOT of tricks up their sleeves -spread all across their units and formations.


Just try to kill my Warlord – I DARE ya!

Codex: Imperial Agents $40


While the Imperium draws great advantage from the unbelievable weight of manpower it can bring to bear, the diversity of its military is its greatest strength. Many, many esoteric factions are expected to answer the call to protect humanity, from the arcane Adeptus Mechanicus, to the merciless, psychically-gifted Grey Knights and all in between.


The forces of the Imperium are myriad and distinct, but all follow the Emperor’s divine will – through this common goal, they strive to ensure the continued if fraught survival of Mankind.


This 136-page full-colour Codex presents background and rules for a number of smaller Imperial factions, whose forces fight alongside other armies of the Emperor. Use the rules, datasheets, wargear and detachments included to add members of the following operatives to any army of the Imperium:

– A full army list for the Battle Sisters of the Adepta Sororitas
– Tech-Priest Enginseers and Servitors of the Adeptus Mechanicus
– Valkyries of the Aeronautica Imperialis
– Battle Psykers and Astropaths of the Astra Telepathica
– Priests of the Adeptus Ministorum
– Kill Teams and Corvus Blackstars of the Deathwatch
– Terminator Squads and Nemesis Dreadknights of the Grey Knights
– The Legion of the Damned
– Assassins of the Officio Assassinorum
– Inquisitors of the Inquisition

~Have fun folks, and check back all week for more Imperial Agents faction reviews and more.

  • Seb

    Loving that logo, the Imperial Ealge Vigilant. Gorgeous work. Clearly I’m a painter and graphic designer before rules guy 😉

    Great to see the new rules for factions. I suspect this codex dump is a lead up to 8th, cover as many bases before any changes.

    • bfmusashi

      Strikes me more as a corvid honestly.

  • Nathaniel Wright

    Aw, what happened to Saint Celestine?

    • Cosmic_Seth

      Also was hoping for rules for Canoness Veridyan, but I guess not; no more SOB special characters. (And no Uriah doesn’t count).

      • Roughneck

        Rules for the canoness will be in with the model ala all limited run models

      • Arcwhiteflame

        Maybe they are going to make generic saints like in Soulstorm so homebrew orders can use them.

    • Victor Hartmann

      She’s still hanging out in the digital codex. This book just provides options, doesn’t replace. And really, several of the forces in here are lacking HQs. Inquisition is the only one to include it’s full set from their digital codex.

  • Damon Sherman

    huh, they’re consolidating the books down. That’s a good start. Hopefully GW starts getting back to it’s glory days in the next few years.

    • Roughneck

      That isn’t the case it’s just a tool to allow you to run small strike units to accompany your main Imperial faction, and reflects how they would work in that role. It’s not condensing of the rules at all

      • Randy Randalman

        Agreed. In fact, this is FAR better than a bunch of individual codices for the tiny sub-factions that shouldn’t really have one. That’s the direction they were originally headed with 6th/7th, and this is much better.

    • Roy McPherson

      I agree. Lets have only 4 books for all armies. Space Marines. Xenos races, Imperium, Chaos.

      • Xodis

        Those would need to be Tomes not books.

  • Mike X (Official)

    …There isn’t 9 new armies here. There’s a bunch of new units/choices for existing armies. The only “full army” is Sisters of Battle – it even says so in the book’s description.

    • Penfold Berry

      The inquisition units are also there, it isn’t just rules for inquisitors, they have squads. And it always said that the admech, deathwatch and grey Knights were just extra rules and detachments and not a full codex

      • Catherine Poirier

        Sisters of battle isn’t complete; they lack Saint-Celestine, their most powerful HQ. I hope we get a stand-alone codex in january.

        • Penfold Berry

          Doubtful with 8th edition round the corner, I would imagine it’s more likely that the Saint will have rules in the white dwarf next year, or a free pdf with rules

  • Oskar Calvo

    This book was a lost oportunity to give new life to adeptus arbites and maybe some abhumans units like squats or imperial beastmen (with an inquisitor to control them).

    • Roughneck

      Problem is you’d never see arbites on the battlefield, they are a necromunda faction nothing more and will be back for that

      • Randy Randalman

        Yeah, and the Squats and Beastmen were all exterminated in-canon fluff. I certainly hope we never see them again.

        I always love the internet know-nothings who chime in with their, “This was a missed opportunity for [insert whatever thing no one cared about or was asking for but we’ll say it here because we can never give GW credit for what they are doing; only talk about what isn’t happening].”

        We have seen it go so far as to have someone say that Tau were a missed opportunity to release an Ork plastic kit and a Chaos greater demon.

        Heck, even if Squats came back (which they thankfully won’t), someone would still say it was a missed opportunity to release the frog inquisitorial henchmen from an alternate dimension described in a pre-1st edition fluff piece written by a Yugoslavian affiliate.

        • Roughneck

          The thing with these lost or dead factions is it won’t get done unless someone in creative at GW has a real passion for them.

        • Nilok

          For the Squats, GW has gone on record saying that the Demiurg Brotherhoods that are often allied with the Tau Empire are the re-envisioned Dwarves of 40k, replacing the Squats as they viewed them as failing to realize something more than “space dwarves”. The Demiurg have been waiting in the wings for a while, but if GW does want to scratch that dwarf itch in 40k, it will be with them.

        • kingcobra668

          Beastmen aren’t exterminated. Tzaangors are beastmen. Man, you are one salty sarcastic dude.have a coffee or something, your comments are toxic.

          • Commissar Molotov

            He just comes here to troll.

        • Crevab

          Oh look, Randys wrong again and smug about it. Squats and Beastmen have been back in the fluff since 6th.

      • Oskar Calvo

        Adeptus Arbites are in 40k since the first edition.
        En 2º ed Andy Chambers make the rules, but they were moved from the game in 3º ed.

        Squats and Beastmens are no exterminated, in the section of abhumans squats, beasments apear with ogryns and rattligns.

        I don’t say a full squat army, only a vetaran unit of squats, and the same for imperial beastmen

        • jirga

          Funny thing is there was supposed to be codex Imperial agents during 2nd edition with arbites in it but it was never released. 🙂

        • Aaron

          guard vets in carapace with shotguns are basically arbites without their fluffly weapons

      • jirga

        I disagree. Arbites have nothing to do with necromunda or planet level law enforcing. They are there to enforce the imperial law and the first line of defence if and when world turns against imperium. They have their own fleets too standing ready to jump against anyone who violates the imperial law. So they do have place in this book. Why they aren’t is because there isn’t models for them anymore.

        • Oskar Calvo

          The “natural” enemies of Adeptus Arbites are chaos culta, genestealers cults, traitors tu empire. Maybe you don’t see them in a open war, but yes in city fights.

      • Haighus

        You would see them, they are the natural opponents of Genestealer and Chaos Cults. Arbites precincts also form bastions on any planet that comes under attack too, and are often one of the areas of fiercist resistance. The precinct houses are heavily fortified, and contain extensive armouries including Leman Russes. Due to them being off-worlders, they generally do not turn traitor when the rest of a planet does, and attempt to hold on until Imperial reinforcements arrive to punish the traitors.

        There isn’t much scope for offensive actions on non-Imperial worlds however, unless they are hunting a particular high-importance criminal or are part of a larger invasion or colonisation force perhaps. They do maintain their own fleet of Arbites strike cruisers so offensive force would be very possible.

      • georgelabour

        The Arbites are an imperium wide organization. As much if not more so than the Sororitas and Astartes.

        And if something like Grey Knights can go from “1 squad of five who only show up when a chaos unit is fielded’ to full blown army then one of the Imperium’s most ubiquitous forces certainly can.

      • Huntard

        There’s a huge difference between Arbites and Enforcers from Necromunda. Where the Enforcers are a local police force that models itself on the Adeptus Arbites, they are still beholden to local laws and governor’s decrees. The Arbites on the other hand are a galactic-scale police force that isn’t beholden to local authority, only Imperial law and acts as judge, jury and executioner for it. They’re equipped with carapace armor, power armor for higher ranks, rhinos, bolters, heat seeking shotguns and other nonsense that rivals equipment used by Militarum Tempestus. In times of insurrection or invasion they often form a first line of defense before Space Marines or IG show up, working alongside or against the local PDF.

        • Roughneck

          I will say your wrong with your assumptions here and you are but I can’t stand keyboard warrioring. Arbites are a police force and only have one bastion usually per world.
          I would suggest reading the entry for them on lexicanum.
          They don’t belong on a battlefield and for mass riots on world they use the PDF not arbites.

    • BartTP

      No, imperial beastmen are stupid. They are mutated beyond any hope. They are OK in chaos armies, but Khorne forbid them back in imperial forces! I mean they literally look like a devil!

      • Death Company Andro

        Jeez Bart. Just because you don’t like them…. the thing with Imperial beastmen that made them cool was that while physically corrupted by mutation, they were spiritually loyal to the Emperor and would die in droves to prove it.

      • Vorsun

        Geez, what do you have against the Wulfen?

      • Haighus

        The old fluff I saw for them had them being at the limits of Imperial tolerance, and they were considered the most extreme abhuman strain because there was a recognisable, heritable pattern to the mutations, rather than the mutations being random, as in mutants. Mutants are also tolerated a slave class on many Imperial worlds too, so beastmen make sense within that bracket too.

    • grendal1989

      Fortunately you can pretty much brew up anything using the 30k imperialis militia list. My local group plays 30k v 40k and have found 30k lists to generally be less powerful than 40k but militia has some interesting near infinite variety you can make.

    • Dan Wilson

      When do you see policemen going to war…?

      • Moonsaves

        When do you see policemen with vast fleets of spaceships, battle tanks, better equipment (both standard arms and armour) than the army, and huge armoured fortresses as their bases of operations?

        The Arbites aren’t policemen, they are enforcers of the laws of Terra. While that might sound similar on the surface, they are basically Terra’s hand in any foreign planet. They’re off-worlders, so they’re uncorrupted by local superstition or culture, and therefore are the single most reliable faction to keep order. They regularly fight cultists, pirates (both human and xenos) etc. They pretty much fight the same guys the Sisters of Battle do and have about the same presence galaxy-wide.

      • Laurence J Sinclair
  • Roy McPherson

    Im disappointed. And i’m not a negative person really. I dont want every rule and 2+ inv saves for everything. But man, space marines get chapter tactics they can use regularly. Why cant sisters use an act of faith once per turn. I mean, gee most of the Eldar army has rending EVERY SHOT. Whats wrong with retributer squads having to at least roll for it. Some times they will fail… BAD. I bet repentia rules are the same as before. They are dead meat. I bet plastic sisters are coming, but so bad form for GW to repackage metal units for AUS$140 for 1 squad.. or $180 for 10 seraphim. Are you joking? vs say 10 plastic grey hunters for AUS$55. Lets look at single assassin models. 1 single assassin… $55AUS. This has nothing to do with cost of plastic or production. Those metal sister moulds are 20 years old. They have paid for their RnD and production costs many times over. They should be trying to clear out those metal miniatures at half that price. To top it all off, those “rules” you shared.. are the exact same rules as the previous sisters book. Where is Celestine? Even GW said the full Sisters rules was in this book… Hmmmm Lucky I have 30 sisters and 6 immolators and 3 exorcist already.

    • Roughneck

      Clear indication that their full army list is apparently in this book meaning plastic sisters aren’t coming and are viewed as not as popular as people think by Games Workshop as a whole.
      I wouldn’t mind plastic sisters but I can see what Games Workshop are saying.

      • Mamut

        aren’t plastic sisters coming in January with a new dex?

        • Roughneck

          Yes because every article here is correct and accurate.
          Some people will believe anything. GW wouldn’t rerelease all the metal units this month if plastic was coming, I look at facts and behaviour as evidence not what someone makes up in their bedroom.

        • Roy McPherson

          Plastic sisters will prob come. Maybe they will have a new dex. Im not sure why they would simply because their full list is being released in this book. Where then is Saint Celestine. Dont retire one of our good models… please… But im going to lay money that a new dex WILL come, celestine will be in it forcing you to have to buy it.. for a unit…

          • Seeing as how they just discontinued her model, what makes you think she will make a come back in some new book?

        • Plastic sisters have been “coming soon” for 15 years. I wouldn’t put too much faith in that rumor, and at best it’s a broken clock rumor.

    • Randy Randalman

      Eldar doesn’t have much Rending at all, but that’s besides the point.

      More “why this price when the cost of their [insert something I know nothing about]?” speech.

      They will bleed every last bit out of those Sisters models until the plastics drop with the new set next year. For one, they have to make them available to people who want to buy them now; and second, they DIDN’T pay for themselves, that’s the problem. The original Sisters didn’t sell worth a lick outside of a squad here or there to <1% of Imperial players. Furthermore, to fire up old molds, or make new ones based off of original casts is not cheap. And then they have to acquire the materials they don't keep around anymore because they've gone completely away from metal and resin.

      It doesn't matter, because you undid your entire complaint with the, "Lucky I have stuff," bit. Good, then don't worry about it until the plastics drop.

      • Victor Hartmann

        We’ll see if their formation or whatever offers them something. Because one thing that will really boost the sales of models is effective rules. They don’t have to be OP, just interesting and/or effective. Right now, they’re pretty lackluster.

        • Catherine Poirier

          Formations are out; 1 is ok but only include 1 priest and 1 elite (bad). The other is totally useless.

  • jasonsation

    Wonder if this means that the engineer and servitors will be in the bext Imperial Guard Codex?

  • Tox

    So just looks like a republishing of rules with some special characters removed & a bunch of tag on micro faction formations. Was really hoping for return of a real Inquisition codex complete with Inquisition Storm Troopers (Militarum Tempestus where they belong) supported by either Grey Knights, Deathwatch or SoB depending on the ordo of the Inquisitor.

  • Eisai

    Grey Knights: I can buy this to add a small force of them. But there are no heroes, no Grey Knight squad. Termies, Interceptor, Dreadknight.
    No robots for Mechanicum (but the current battlebox looks cool to play them as allies)
    Aeronautica just has 1 flyer
    And there is no section for Custodes or Sisters of Silence. Are those two appearing in some formations? Do we have a cross-faction formation/detachment?
    Inquisition with backup from all the sections here, and small squads from other Imperial factions? That would be fun, or just fluffy.

  • AnomanderRake

    So what you’re trying to tell us with this copy-pasted special rules section is that there isn’t actually any new content in this book?

  • sethmo

    Those are the exact rules sisters have today. Do you even proof your articles?

  • Andrew

    Nice to see the Legion of the Damned in there. I wish the rest of the cursed chapters were in there though, with the Cursed Knight and Abomination rules from White Dwarf.

  • Koen Cambré

    So… only the SoB section and inquisition are revamped bits, the rest are extra additions that work in tandem with the original codexes?

    • Catherine Poirier

      SoB and Inquisition are not revamped, from what it seems they are cut down copy-pasted version of their digital codex; with maybe 2 weak formations for sisters.

  • gordonshumway

    Yes BoLS…the big reveal of the exact same rules Sisters have had for years…

    Why do I even come here…ever?

    • SupPupPup

      for the comments

      • ZeeLobby

        Mmmmm. Delicious comments. One has to wonder if the comment section wouldn’t be more friendly if the main articles just didn’t pretend to be so naive.

  • Ray Lairmore

    From what Im seeing out of the Imperial agents book, Im disappointed
    with the kick in the teeth from games workshop as far as sisters of
    battle. so far it looks like theirs practically no rules changes, no new
    models except the one in FINECAST. it looks like once again the rumors
    about a new sisters rule book has been a bust and given that GW is
    advertising there old sisters models as part of this book my money is no
    new models. If it turns out the “plastic sisters” that have been
    rumored about is that one FINECAST model than gw is still to far
    separated from the community. On the other hand im REALLY excited to see the imperial navy stuff could be interesting.

  • SupPupPup

    Wa Wa Wa, I don’t get new sisters Wa Wa Wa.

    Im am entitled to them, they are my birthright. How dare a company not invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to make my really niche army look prettier.



    • Catherine Poirier

      I don’t see how lackluster rules and squad costing 100$ would make them more played. Sisters deserve nice rules and an independant codex. Why sell so many Celestine model and then thrash her? It makes no sense, I feel there is a codex coming for them and this is an in-between.

  • Shinnentai

    This feels a little like a low investment release to fill the product schedule until the next edition comes out.

  • SilentPony

    ….why does the Grey Knight have a Lord of Change head? I thought they weren’t allowed to fall to Chaos.

    Anyway, so…are we actually getting new Sister models or are they just re-releasing the old ones and giving us that hideous new canoness?

  • SilentPony

    Why would I ever buy this when I have the codexes for like…5 of those armies already?
    Deathwatch, GKnights, technically assassins and Legion of Damned already have entries in existing codexes, and the Inquisition.
    Talk about DoA.
    “Hey, come buy this new codex. It has that one army people kinda’ want, but not enough to have ever played them before, and a bunch of filler armies that already have fully established rules elsewhere”

    So its basically $40 for a little less than 30 pages of new rules.

    • Karru

      For you it is most likely useless. For me it’s a steal. I don’t have any of the books for those armies, because I despise Digital Books. 32,50€ for physical copy of mixed bag of units to use for my Imperial Armies without having to buy same priced book 3-4 times.

    • Moonsaves

      It’s likely not catered to you then, which is fine. A lot of people might want to ally some elements of two of those armies into their current line-up, but don’t want to buy the full priced books. This is ideal for those, much in the way the Space Marine books that compiled the rules from several different sources (eg the Blood Angels one), as some people aren’t bothered about the fluff. This is GW catering for different tastes and needs, which is sorely needed.

      • SilentPony

        Which would have been great if A. those codexes weren’t already months if not years, giving people plenty of time to get them for cheap if they really want 1 squad from them.
        And B. 8th edition! Rules in this Codex are subject to change in only a few months, if not the entire way you put together armies circa AoS reworking.

  • silashand

    Meh. Same crap rules as in the digital Sisters book.

  • Commissar Molotov

    Dammit, I wanted space cops. Maybe they’ll change the Inquisitorial Henchmen so I can play the counts-as game…

    • Droth

      If they have the same options as the ebook you can give them Carapace Armour and Bolters. No shotguns though, but that’s what Imperial Guard Veteran squads are for!

      • Commissar Molotov

        Yeah, I’ve got some with shotguns and some with bolters – and one with a grenade launcher. Can’t field ’em all from the same list, though!

  • Droth

    The Sisters “revamp” doesn’t look like much based on what’s here. They’ve lost Saint Celestine but gained three squads in the elites slot that exist in the current list as an HQ that doesn’t take up a slot, the Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave. That now looks like the name of what I’m assuming to be their formation. The army special rules shown are the same as existing. Hopefully some of the unit costs and abilities will have been improved, especially for Celestians as their current incarnation is kinda rubbish.

    If everything’s the same then I guess at least I’m getting a formation and an actual book, because searching through the ebook codex is a real pain!

  • Shane

    Book is appearing to be a dud. Since what is in here still operates as nine different armies and thus are allies and not a cohesive force, this book actually has very limited value. Formations could have been in their own books. Sisters are now physical (good!), lose their best character (very bad), and seem to have a formation with extremely tepid benefits (lame). Assassins cut and paste, Inquisition- more info needed. Requirement of alliance rules really sinks the book IMHO.

    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      The best SoB choise was allways dominions with immolator

      • Shane

        I said best character. You aren’t wrong otherwise.:P

        • Maitre Lord Ironfist

          Ok dominion veteran superior 😃

        • Reven

          The best character is Jacobus. His utility can’t be understated. I’m fine with leaving Celestine home, but I hesitate to not bring Jacobus. 12in fearless counter-attack bubble, 5+ invuln for his unit, reliable war hymns, and an extra guaranteed act of faith. Celestine lacks eternal warrior and is mostly good for horde clearing :/. The amount of strength 6 ends up with situations where she’s basically 2 wounds but only one can be lost a round.

          • Droth

            Definitely agree with this. I’ve never had Celestine do much, but Jacobus is a total rock star for all the buffs he give his and nearby units.

          • Reven

            I hope in our actual update Celestine will become the beast she was meant to be

  • Aaron

    they need to do a lesser xenos/enemies of the imperium dex that adds some species from the fluff in

    • Moonsaves

      This was really just to give rules updates to existing models. I can only think of Kroot Mercenaries that would benefit from an Enemies of the Imperium book, though I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to the Hrud, Demiurg etc getting models.

  • Simon

    What? No Legio Custodes or Silent Sisterhood?

    • Good. They don’t belong onto the battlefields of 40k.

      • Simon

        What about in scenarios that are attacks on the Golden Throne? Is their training never to be utilized in defense of the Emperor?

        • Nyyppä

          Maybe is this crusade ever reaches Terra.

        • The “defense of the Emperor” is a very narrow thing. They don’t really patrol the walls or organize big defenses anymore. They do guard the inner sanctum and the Golden Throne itself, but venture out? Barely ever happens. Certainly not off-Terra.

          The Sisters of Silence were wiped out entirely roughly 1500 years post-Heresy. Their order died, so any “new” Sisters of Silence wouldn’t be the same as during the Great Crusade/Heresy era, with different culture and what not. Heck, even during the events of the Beast’s Waaagh, barely anybody even remembered they ever existed.

    • Reven

      I think the Astra Telepathica is supposed to have the Sisters, manning the black ships and what not.

  • Maitre Lord Ironfist

    I find the lack of catgirlz dosturbing

  • Mud_Duck

    I think that we’re missing some thing here, Sisters players; Looking at the way the entries are listed, did Repentia get moved to troops? That and are we MAY be getting rules for the Avenger?

    • Catherine Poirier

      No and no. Repentias stay as elites, and Avenger is not in the book.

      • Mud_Duck

        Killjoy. I man can dream, can’t he? =)

        • Catherine Poirier

          We lost Celestine and got bad formations. For the moment this book looks like a failure to me. Oh and we got the confirmation it replaces our old codex. Bad stuff.