Codex Imperial Agents: Review


Here it is, the long anticipated Codex Imperial Agents. PeteyPab has the scoop on what you can expect from GW’s latest codex. 

Quick, tell me how many points Uriah Jacobus costs. Now roll a warlord trait for your Hereticus Inquisitor from the Inquisition Codex, and while you’re at it give me the rules for the Ulmeathi Plasma Syphon, and the Neural Shredder. If you had to scour your book shelf for 3 books, or spent 10 minutes looking for files on your phone while your opponent talks to all of the much more interesting players around them, this book is for you.


The Imperial Agents book is a comprehensive codex which a section for each militarized branch of the Imperium. I am going to cover each section.


Cult Mechanicus

The first of many micro-factions pulled from larger factions in the book. Each faction has a new detachment with 1 compulsory unit choice, and 1 optional. This can be pretty handy if you just want to use certain units from a faction. The Cult Mechanicus section has the Enginseer Congegation, which lets you take one tech-priest enginseer as a compulsory HQ slot, and an optional elite slot for servitors. There is also a dataslate for both of those units, as well as the rules for the Canticles of the Omnissiah.


Aeronautica Imperialis

The AI faction’s detachment, the Imperial Navy Section, has one compulsory Valkyrie you can take as well as an optional master of the fleet. This is great for armies which want access to a flyer transport and cheap reserve manipulation.


Astra Telepathica

This section contains the Psykana division. Which gives us access to a compulsory Primaris Pskyer or Astropath, as well as 1-3 units of wyrdvane psykers. The primaris psyker can harness powers easier if he is close to wyrdvane psykers from the detachment. This section of the book is great for the meta because it gives access to cheap warp dice for any imperial army.


Adepta Sororitas

The first of two big codices in this book. There is actually some cool stuff in this book, and one very sad thing which I will cover at the end. First off, I noticed that this section is almost a direct reprint of the Sisters of Battle 6th edition book. Which is cool, because I felt like that book was not a terrible base for a faction, and just needed a few more rules and units to really become viable at the competitive-casual level. In this section you will find a detachment that lets you take a single Ministorum priest, as well as a new detachment for the girls in armor called the “Vestal Task Force”. Which has the ability to give all units in the detachment the ability to reroll any saving throws of 1 once in a game. Awesome! You are forced to take a compulsory elite option, but it isn’t all that bad because GW gave the sisters access to Deathcult Assassins, Crusaders, and Arco-Flagellents. Other then one minor detail, this section is a copy of the Adepta Sororitas codex, with some updated verbage to make rules clearer. Oh, and that minor detail you are wondering about….?


St. Celestine is gone. She is not an HQ choice in this book, and is completely absent from the Adepta Sororitas section of the book. On top of that, if you notice the picture above, which was on GW’s site. That hourglass symbol next to Celestine means that her model is a “last chance buy”. Now, we can only speculate whether this is part of GW’s master plan, or if a beloved character is getting phased out of the game. Let me know in the comment section!

The Deathwatch

The Deathwatch get a cool new detachment which let’s any Army of the Imperium take exactly one troop choice from the faction.


The Grey Knights

The Grey Knights get a mini version of the Nemesis Strike Force detachment. With a compulsory Troop, and Elite slot, and an optional Heavy Support slot complete with the Rites of Teleportation rule.

Legion of the Damned

I didn’t know the legion of the damned were a military branch of the Imperium, but hey. It is cool that we get the Legion of the Damned rules supplement in one very easy, comprehensive book.

Officio Assassinorum

This section is an updated version of the Officio Assassinorum codex. Complete with reworded Culexus assassin rules! Honestly, I am very glad GW did this. It really shows that they listened to their player base, and took the FAQs seriously.



Lastly, the largest section of the codex, the forces of the Inquisition. Since you probably already understand the trend here, i’m going to go over the two major differences that this section has, versus the Inquisition codex.

  • The Inquisitorial Detachment got better: You can only take 1 Inquisitor in this new Inquisitorial Representative detachment, instead of 2. But you still get the 0-3 elite slots, and a cool new command benefit which lets your Inquisitor generate a warlord trait even if they’re not your warlord. Nice!
  • One special issue wargear seems to be missing. Servo-Skulls are nowhere to be found on any of the Inquistor’s profiles, or in the SI wargear section. This is huge, and will effect the meta the most.

Verdict: Overall I am happy with this supplement because it combines 8 different supplements and codices together into one book. This simplifies the game, and gives “Imperial Soup” players an easy access to multiple rules which would normally be very annoying to find. This is great marketing from GW, and I hope the trend to include verbage from the FAQ continues into any supplements they release in the future.

~What’s your verdict on the codex?


  • disqus_CktyL7rKWJ

    My verdict is: good intention, bad execution. The copypasta is just too strong with this one (see: Cult Mechanicus Enginseer able to give PotMS to “Astra Militarum” vehicles only). The deliberate spread of different factions turns the supposed simplicity into a convoluted mess of absurdities: as per the latest FAQ, Inquisitorial Acolythes may not start the game deployed in their own dedicated transport (unless it is a chimaera, all other vehicles come with different factions), not to mention those Aeronautica Valkyries …

    • snakechisler

      Don’t be silly of course they can deploy in their own dedicated transports, why people make stuff up and deliberately look for problems that aren’t there beats me.

      • Jeremy Larson

        He’s referencing the FAQ ruling that states units cannot begin the game deployed in a transport from another faction. The conflict of rules here is that the Valkyrie referenced in the IA book has the Aeronautica faction, and the Acolytes have the Inquisitorial faction. They were a little too damned free with the word ‘Faction’ in this book, and it does create a lot of problems.

        • snakechisler

          If you have a dedicated transport you can deploy in it the faction stuff he’s on about is from another formation “Aeronautica” which lets you fetch some guard fleet guy

          • Jeremy Larson

            That’s part of the problem, because the Inquisitorial section doesn’t include the Valkyrie, it specifically references the page number which has the Aeronautica Valkyrie. Personally I agree, but it’s that kind of sloppy writing that let’s rules lawyers breed.

          • snakechisler

            Checked the codex it gives you a single page reference for your dedicated transport what could be simpler. It says page xx so all you do is reference page xx for your dedicated transport rules. If you decide you’d like to apply the whole section your not actually doing what it says in the codex entry instead your going off on a tangent and applying non referenced pages.

        • BurpinforDayz

          Is this part of the 1st draft FAQ or the finalized version?

          • Jeremy Larson

            Finalized, sadly.

      • disqus_CktyL7rKWJ

        Q: Can units that are Battle Brothers embark in each other’s Transport vehicles during deployment?
        A: No.

        • snakechisler

          Its not a BB transport if you’ve read the book you’d know that

          • disqus_CktyL7rKWJ

            if you’d read the book, you’d know it was.

      • Alex DeWinter

        The rule book advises under dedicated transports they change their faction to match the unit purchasing the dedicated transport… which avoid the issue of the new faq…

        Page 120 first paragraph under dedicated transports

        • Laurence J Sinclair

          He’s right!

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Still does not address valks as they are not dedicated transport options.

          • Solaq

            Yes they are. Under Acolytes: “The unit may select a Chimera (pg 130), Sororitas Rhino (pg 72), Land Raider (pg 96), Land Raider Crusader (pg 97), Land Raider Redeemer (pg 98) or Valkyrie (pg 48) as a dedicated transport.”

          • disqus_CktyL7rKWJ

            For the Acolytes (who can buy those Valkyries as dedicated transports), yes, but not for anybody else (who is not of the Aeronautica imperialis faction, but just a Battle Brother)…

          • Solaq

            I don’t understand what the issue is. Every unit that is suppose to be able to take a Valkyrie as a transport can. Are you just upset that you can now take Valkyries on their own? Or were hoping for a way to circumvent the FAQ and just put any Imperial unit in a Valkyrie?

            I have issues with this book, but I just don’t see how this is one of them. (Although I hear it a lot.)

          • The problem is the detachment is broken, it’s a transport that can’t embark anyone but the hq, who’s only purpose is to start the game on the board…

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Yes than the formation does not apply, and that is only one selection out of all the factions that can do so. Not really what most want.

          • Sebastian Winning Dargel

            That doesn’t help with the navy formation. There are no possibilities to embark anyone besides the officer of the fleet.

          • Solaq

            You can just take an “Officer of the Fleet” and join it to the BB unit of your choice. According the FAQ, a unit has all the factions of models it contains, so then you could deploy that unit in the Valkyrie. Seems pretty flavorful and a reasonable tax.

          • Sebastien Bazinet

            But can you join him to the unit before deployment?

          • Solaq

            Yes. ICs can be joined to units during deployment. This includes in reserves. It even makes special mention of it in the reserve rules.

          • I have no idea if this is true, but I want it to be, I just want to be able to put my inquisitor in other vehicles with allies

          • Solaq

            Inquisitors are all Independent Characters, they’ve always been able to deploy in the vehicles of units they are attached to. Getting their warband in the same vehicle was the tricky part.

          • Not by most people’s reading but I hope what you are saying is found true in a future FAQ

          • Solaq

            I don’t get it. I mean it literally says:

            “Can units that are Battle Brothers embark in each other’s Transport vehicles during deployment? No.”

            Units. Not models. When an IC joins a unit, it becomes part of that unit. According the BRB it is treated as part of that unit for all rules purposes.

            That FAQ also clarifies that units made of models from multiple factions have all of the models’ factions.

            Not sure who is “reading” these rules but I think that English might not be their first language.

            Glad I don’t play competitively. lol.

  • Walter Vining

    everyone that I have asked that has this book says that there is no new wording on the celexus assassin.

  • Munn

    The entire book is an ‘ask your opponent’ situation. Without the FAQ, the thing is largely unusable RAW if you want to do anything you couldn’t do easier with allies.

    • snakechisler

      I don’t think you’ve read it because the thing is pretty straight forward and perfectly usable.

      • disqus_CktyL7rKWJ

        I don’t think you read it because it isn’t.

        • sbsk1882

          Dun dun duuuun

  • Tiffany Campiotti

    I have pictures of both post. the first says, “the Imperial agents book presents a revised and updated version of the adepta sororitas army list. It is indeed intended to replace the digital version.” this was posted by the warhammer 40,000 Facebook page. I want everyone to note it says nothing about inquistion. the next was posted on the same thread and was a email from gw us customer service. ” thanks for writing in to us. Bothe the existing digital codex: adepta sororitas and the upcoming codex: imperial agents will allow you to field sister of battle(either is valid).the army list in codex: imperial agents doesn’t replace the digital codex. st. celestine can still be fielded in a adepta sororitas detachment (see codex: adepta sororitas-digital), but not in a imperial agents detachment. similarly, kaldor driago of the grey knights doesn’t appear imperial agents (only a very small selection of grey knights and deathwatch are available).”

    David Monroe

    so, again can anyone tell me why servo skulls are gone?

    • snakechisler

      There not you can take them if you use the Inquisitor codex there just unavailable to Imperial Agents Inquisitors who then gain a free warlord trait.
      If your taking Coteaz take him from IA for an extra freebie Warlord trait if your wanting Skulls use Inquisitor dex

      • BurpinforDayz

        Dataslates with the same name in newer editions of rules update old ones. The new dataslates for inquisitors don’t include an upgrade option for servo skulls therefore I believe they can’t take them.

        • snakechisler

          This isn’t an update its a slice out of various codex books. Some look like a complete replacement but looks like and are are 2 different things. No one is going round saying Deathwatch just got their new Dex gutted?
          IA brings new formations to old books and ways of playing Imperial Factions it doesn’t replace anything and says so in the IA codex

          • BurpinforDayz

            I know but deathwatch didn’t have any of their dataslates replaced did they, nor did any other faction bar legion of the damned (the unit got new rules). The inquisition codex (before the faq comes out) should be fine to use but those dataslates for inquisitors replace the ones in the codex.

        • Not true for the wolf priest, though

          • BurpinforDayz

            True , true but these dataslates were identical with the exception of the servo skulls and the re costing of upgrades while the new iron priest had a different battlefield role, upgrade option, statline and base points cost.

  • mkerr

    It’s the codex we deserve but not the one we need right now.

  • Kaylum Dicks

    I haven’t read the book, but I’m wondering what good the ‘Aeronautica Imperialis’ section is. The point seems to be to add in some transport options, but battle brothers cannot start the game embarked on each others transport. So how does this help? From what I’ve seen, several factions already have these as option in their codex. So is there some sort of rule in there that allows other imperial forces to use these as transports?

    • Jeremy Larson

      Nope. That’s one of the biggest problems with the book. They were just a little too cavalier with the word ‘Faction’ when they wrote it.

    • Karru

      Unfortunately, the Aeronautica Imperialis Valkyries are not able to transport anyone at the beginning of the game. Of course, if my opponent asked me to allow him to start his unit within one, then I would allow it. It’s clear that the intention was to give some flier transports for Imperial Armies outside SM and IG. Valkyrie isn’t exactly the best “gunship” out there.

      • krisbrowne42

        Adding “Can deploy with any Imperial battle-brother faction” to the rules would make it an instant win.

    • Solaq

      You can take an Officer of the Fleet, then attach him to a BB unit. That unit then gains the Aeronautica Imperialis faction and can deploy in the Valkyrie.

  • sniperjack

    No imperial cultists or redemptionist, meh.

  • Dan

    “This section of the book is great for the meta because it gives access to cheap warp dice for any imperial army.”

    Yes all of those poor Imperial armies with their sore need for *more* min/maxing. Perhaps now they they’ll be able to compete with Orks or DE

  • gordonshumway

    Trading off ObSec to be able to re-roll 1s on saves one turn of the game is “Awesome!” now? Yeesh…

    • Cosmic_Seth

      I thought it was cool too until my opponent pointed out that my troops lost ObSec….not worth it 😀

    • Djbz

      Almost any rule is better than obsec.

      • gordonshumway

        Adorable trolling attempt.

        • Djbz

          I’m not trolling, obsec is nearly as useless as soul blaze.

          • gordonshumway

            Says a person who has never played a tournament or Maelstrom game in their life apparently.

          • Djbz

            I play maelstrom all the time.
            Obsec has never decided a game for me, even on the rare occasion it comes up.

          • Only in poorly designed missions

    • People who haven’t played an army shouldn’t review changes in a new book lol

      • gordonshumway

        Agreed. I mean you can hardly call this a review though. It seems like they skimmed the book and hastily wrote down a few thoughts…so not different from any other BoLS post I guess.

  • Dottor Sbrana Anime

    I see some minis for inq28 incoming!

    • Solaq

      We did get Artemis. I would love a real version of Inquisitor (the game) in 28mm!

  • AnomanderRake

    Too much complexity added in the name of simplification. The entire Deathwatch section is functionally irrelevant given the existence of the Deathwatch Codex (which has six entire formations already intended to be used as one-squad detachments alongside other armies, for the low, low price of 20-50pts on another model you were probably taking anyway), and I don’t know why “1 Inquisitor + 3-12 Acolytes + (optionally) 2-10 DCA, 2-10 Crusaders, 3-10 Arco-Flagellants, 0-6 Daemonhosts, 0-6 Joakero, 0-1 Techpriest, 0-1 Priest, 0-1 Astropath, and you can’t deploy in any of your transports if you do this because your unit will have a bunch of factions your transport won’t” is an upgrade on “3-12 models chosen from Acolytes, Crusaders, Arco-Flagellants, DCA, Daemonhosts, Joakero, Priests, and Psykers in any combination, and you can use your transports without arguing because they’re in the same book”.

    Also I don’t know who thought that printing a Grey Knight detachment that’s functionally identical to taking half a Nemesis Strike Force for Allies only was a positive step for the army, people who want them as allies, or the game as a whole. If Grey Knights exist as a cheaply-disguised “Codex: Dreadknights” the solution isn’t to embrace it by putting more Dreadknights in other armies. (And if that’s GW’s idea of a positive step then I’m very glad I got started on writing my own Inquisition book before this mess landed.)

    • Solaq

      When you take a deditcated transport it gains the faction of the unit that took it. BRB pg 120.

      • disqus_CktyL7rKWJ

        Thanks! That is great for the Inquisition Acolythes.
        Still doesn’t work for the Aeronautica Valkyries, though =/

      • AnomanderRake

        That would be great. Except that the unit gains the faction of the Acolyte squad that took it. Not of the Priests, DCA, Crusaders, Techpriests, etc. that joined them.

        Which raises the question of whether a unit that is mixed factions at deployment can deploy in a transport that is some but not all of their factions. Because that’d open at least a few deathstars back up, what with Draigo getting to go back in the pod with Loth and the Grav-Centurions.

        Oooh! Or could I stick a Space Marine IC in a Skitarii squad and get them back into pods again?

        • Solaq

          According to the FAQ a unit has all the factions of the models it contains.

          • AnomanderRake

            Yup. But the Dedicated Transport wasn’t bought for the entity that deploys as one unit, it was bought for a component of it. The reading that lets the unit deploy in the transport because part of it shares a faction with the transport also lets ICs confer faction for purposes of deploying in a transport, so I could put Grey Knights in a Drop Pod if they had a Space Marine IC with them (for instance).

          • Solaq

            I think you’re agreeing with me?

          • AnomanderRake

            You’re taking the common-sense position. As written the rules may or may not back the common-sense position because someone at GW forgot to define ‘unit’ and ‘faction’ clearly, so they’re sufficiently vague on this point that they may just FAQ out the common-sense position without noticing the way they did with PotMS.

          • Solaq

            Fair enough. I’m not familiar with the Power of the Machine Spirit ruling for reference unfortunately.

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      Take an AM SADD, consisting of 2 Vet Squads, a Lord Commisar, and 3 Skyshields. Problem solved, unless you’re playing ITC, because they like neither Aircraft nor Fortification Networks.

  • Gañan

    “all units in the detachment the ability to reroll any saving throws of 1 once in a game. Awesome!”

  • Thornoo1

    Is it just me or is this Codex: Undbound.

    In effect GW have said to us, we dont really like our own restrictions as that stops you buying models, so here’s a book which just lets you play whatever the hell you like, you know just like we told you to in the main rule books.

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      Just you, because these Detachments are all Battle-forged, and the entry requirements aren’t even that hard to meet.

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    I like that you can build for maximum Reserves manipulation for cheap with this book, but I can’t bring myself to like what got done to Sisters. It feels like we got a pat on the head and told to run along rather than getting a real codex.