Dark Age: Dark Dragyri Releases


This winter the days are getting shorter and the models are getting darker.


This release cycle is all about the Dragyri. These slaves will happily throw their lives away for your Air, Fire or Ice Caste forces. Shadow Caste on the other hand don’t trust this species, preferring to use spiders and CORE menials in the role of cannon fodder.


This combo kit allows you to make two Cyclones, two Whispers, or one of each. I think this is a nice innovative way to sneak two releases in at once. With a pack of these (fielded as Cyclones), a couple of Disc Slaves, and Yovanka, you can now start a respectable 500 point Air Caste force for yourself.


The Ice Caste finally gets a resculpt in the form of this Ice elemental. If you bring a Soul Warden to the table you can actually field two of these cool models. You’ll still need a 25 point model to to hit 500 points though.


The Death’s Device of Shadow is now available separately. He was released last month as part of the Shadow Caste starter. I grabbed him at gencon as part of an early release promo. Pics here.


Last of all we have this beautiful thing.

If you like these new models enough to want to start playing Dark Age, remember that the rules are free to download. All the cards are also available on the Dark Age Website if you want to know what all the models do.

~Hope you enjoyed the article. Has anyone else started a new Shadow Caste force?

  • euansmith

    These are lovely minis; though how much of that is down to the excellent paint jobs, I dunno.

  • Rhaen

    That Shadow Elemental looks like it could make a cool alternative DE Talos quite easily.

    • Gentle_Ben

      I had that same thought. It’s a good bit more affordable too. Only $30. Might be just a little small though.