EXCLUSIVE: Warmachine-Hordes “Don’t Drink the Wyrm”


Privateer has a little tidbit for you. Look what’s headed for you in Warmachine/Hordes – just around the corner!



All Privateer would say is:

“The only living warbeast whose bond has passed from one heartfire to another. “



~One Legion, Two Legion, Three Legion, Floor

  • Christie Bryden

    thats ether a new toy for thagrosh, or he just gained enougth experience points to evolve again.

    • The Lost One

      Its Azrael. PP has already shown us the 3d sculpt for him

      • zeno666

        Yepp, that is Azrael. Kryssa’s character warbeast.
        We know even more about him.
        He has a RNG 10 Pow 17 (hopefully its Pow 15, but perhaps 17 with Prey) shot with reload 1.
        And with Kryssa he gets Ashen Veil, which is quite awsome 🙂

        Now will this post be deleted as well like when I posted info about Loki? 😉

        • Hawt Dawg

          Pow 17? Reload? Beware weak Warcasters!

          At least it is just one beast.

      • ZeeLobby