Forge World: Upcoming Mini Mystery – Pt 4


Forge World just loves to tease.  See if you can figure out what this upcoming mini is?

image via Forge World (facebook) 12-28-2016


OK, some basics:

  • It looks like an ax-head
  • It appears to have surface detailing with linear elements and maybe rivets
  • The detailing appears to be symmetrical
  • An elbow with a studded forearm guard
  • A big flat thing in the middle???
  • I think that’s a tank thingy on the bottom.
  • I’m starting to think this is a collage image showing multiple models.

More on this in the days ahead…

~Ladies and Gentlemen, you may start you speculating in 3,2,1… BEGIN!

  • rtheom

    Ad Mech something or other. Something related to the GW one coming out soon?

  • redking13

    I think it’s a new version of the Lord of Skulls

  • Robomummy

    Looks like multiple models and that’s cheating GW.

  • Robb Smith

    Being pretty blunt, BOLS… This isn’t news. This was spoiled on Day 1 in the Facebook comments. I’m not saying here, because some people may not have read them, but come on – It’s already done. I don’t even care if it’s multiple models based on the first one they shared, I’m already tired of that theme from FW…

    • Bulvi Nightbane

      For those who just want to know what the model is, the full photo is on the first post in the Bolter and Chainsword thread for this same topic.

      • Hazamelistan

        And by reading the thread (and also looking at the pictures) you get, that it’s not one model but multiple.

  • malaus


  • euansmith

    Are we really going to get 35 days of this?

  • Chet Atkinson

    Tedious – what are these minis then?

  • Noveltyboy

    The axe is attached to a big ol Daemon looking thing, that’s already been leaked so they’ve clearly chucked something else in there.

  • Chris Hateley

    It’s a space marine.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    When I saw the axe and left hand I almost thought they made a mistake and put a Prvateer press model up!

  • SilentPony

    Watch, we get to the very last puzzle piece, its 95% revealed, and boom! Rogal Dorn out of left field!

  • Dominic Pirrello

    Thing in the middle is the legio Custodes Grav tank.

  • Noah Jerge

    GW admitted on the FW Facebook that it is multiple kits.

    “Oh… we get it, there’s more than one puzzle this year. Pretty sneaky…”