Forge World: Upcoming Mini Mystery – Pt 5


Forge World just loves to tease.  See if you can figure out what this upcoming minis are?

image via Forge World (facebook) 12-29-2016


OK, some basics:

  • It looks like an ax-head
  • It appears to have surface detailing with linear elements and maybe rivets
  • The detailing appears to be symmetrical
  • An elbow with a studded forearm guard
  • A big flat thing in the middle???
  • I think that’s a tank thingy on the bottom.
  • I’m starting to think this is a collage image showing multiple models.
  • And some giant coils down on the bottom right.
  • I’m starting to think we have 40K/30k/AoS/Blood Bowl all in here…

More on this in the days ahead…

~Ladies and Gentlemen, you may start you speculating in 3,2,1… BEGIN!

  • BloodAngel

    Whatever that smooth thing is just to the right of the axe looks like the shoulder of a Space Crusade Terminator

  • LordKrungharr

    A Deathdealer? Like from EPIC?!?!?! No wait that’s the Lord of Skulls. Hmmm, maybe it’s a mechanized death bot similar to the Blood Slaughterer.

  • nemesis7884

    i think the way the pieces are set it has to be several models

  • Clark

    It’s that khorne bull demon and the smaller custodi tank.

  • SilentPony


    The sneaky double-Primarch himself! You’d never guess, but that’s him! Alpharius, and July its a nearly identical mismatch Omegon.

  • MightyOrang

    Pics are at bolter and chainsword.

  • Sonic tooth

    undead fimir riding kuglian war tortoise

  • Girolamo

    The lower corner looks like the back part of the costode grav tank.

  • Odsox

    That’s definitely a Khornate axe. I’d stake your reputation on it.

  • Chris Hateley

    It’s a space marine.