Fritz’s Tabletop: Taste The Power Of Chaos!

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Fritz here talking about some pre-game 40K rituals as I prepare for a big New Year’s eve big 40K battle…

Building my list, planning for what I may face, I like to pull out my models, line them up, and think about the plan for them in the upcoming battle. Physically seeing them is a great trigger for questions like- how to get the most out of this unit, will it be fun to play in the game, will it accomplish its mission…

This weeks tabletop post explores some questions asked of my Chaos Space Marines.


Big games for me always start with the HQ choice. Your leader and avatar on the table- why has this particular chaos lord launched such a crusade? At what point level should I be spending wargear on?


Your rank and file infantry- what are their power level in the game right now? Do you need other units to back them up? Paying a stealth point cost to make them work?


What units are point-for-point the best in your book? Will you enjoy playing them? What is the plan for making them work?


~Hail Horus!


  • Nyyppä

    Got to admire the enthusiastic optimism he has.