Fritz’s Tabletop: 40K Tactics For Your Next Game

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We all want to have fun pushing around our 40K models, and while it’s possible to have fun and not win, winning your game certainly helps…

Ready to win your next game? We all want to have fun pushing around our 40K models, and while it’s possible to have fun and not win, winning your game certainly helps. In this weeks 40K tabletop post we are going to look at some simple strategies to use in your next 40K game. Think of them as tool to add to your 40K toolkit…

Three action point to keep in mind, and look for in your next 40K game.


Are you getting the most out of all the models in your list? Let’s explore some unexpected ways of using our models in every phase of the game.


Those that lay before big guns know that they never tire. Are you using the firepower of your army correctly?


~Emperor Protects!


  • Shawn

    Thanks Fritz. The first point I knew. Always play until the end, things can turn around and opportunities can preset themselves. I’ll try the other two and see how that works.

    • ZeeLobby

      I’ve placed in tournaments based on the last turn. I still remember one I played at the old battle bunker for 3rd place where I literally had 2 bike squads left (the rest were wrecked) and I managed to turbo and contest an objective. Luckily the dice roll saw it end on that turn, or I would have lost for sure. That was a close game.

      • Shawn

        Sounds like an exciting win, Zee. The only tournament I did well in was a modified Highlander event. We were allowed 2 troop choices, instead of one. It’s part of the reason I’m convinced that those games are more balancing. No spam, just a simple and easy CAD.

        • ZeeLobby

          Oh. No doubt. Went 4/5 last highlander event I went to. Of course I played Tau which explains my luck. Highlander prevents spam but there’s still a big gap between the have and the have-not codexes. It’s crazy how much D an elder army can still fit in a highlander event.

          • Shawn

            Crazy indeed. They really don’t need that much D. Maybe give them a tone of S9 and S10, and one or two D would be okay.

  • LordKrungharr

    As always some excellent tactical discussion! When I’ve used Devastators more recently, I tried the 4 missile launchers, and dropped in dreadnoughts with melta, and had the grav bikers (troops and command squad) buzzing through the center of the table usually. I found that to be a nice mix of AP values and strength options.

    I have also run Chaos Marines with Havocs in the past with all lascannons, then regular squads with las/plas, and Chaos Dreads with las/missiles, plus Obliterators. The max lascannon army was pretty fun, but never did win much back in 4th edition with that.