GW: Exclusive Mini & Products Coming at New Years


Warhammer World is unveiling their latest set of exclusive products available at the New Year.

First the basics on the show:


New Year’s Open Day

via Warhammer World

New Year’s Open Day – January 2nd 2017

It’s the start of a new year and time to look back at all that has been, and wonder about what is to come. Whether you are a fan of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000, Blood Bowl or The Hobbit we will have something for you to enjoy at Warhammer World on January 2nd!

Things to See and Do

  • Meet members of the ‘Eavy Metal Team, Citadel Writers, Citadel Miniatures Designers, Army Painters, White Dwarf team, Warhammer World Studio and the Forge World Design Studio as they show off their new creations, chat about them, and share some favourite miniatures.
  • Get expert advice and insider insights to use on your own projects or discover more about the worlds you love, from live hobby demonstrations and discussions being run throughout the day in the popular Demo Pods.
  • See the Warhammer World Studio team and chat to them about how they create the many dioramas which fill the Exhibition Centre.
  • Explore the Exhibition Centre as often as you like through the day, seeing the packed displays of miniatures and highly detailed dioramas.
  • Try your hand at computer games from our licensee companies, bringing their latest creations for you to see and play.
  • More details to follow, watch out for the announcements!

Things to take Home

Browse the stores and sales stands and take advantage of Warhammer World Exclusives, Event Exclusives and perhaps some miniatures available before general release! Available to browse and buy will be:

  • First Access to some items before general release!
  • The latest Citadel and Forge World releases.
  • New exclusive items only available at our events and Warhammer World.
  • Art prints including Forge World’s stunning canvas prints.
  • Show your allegiance with mugs, caps, hoodies, t-shirts and art prints.
  • More to be confirmed…

Exclusive Minis

Via Warhammer World

As well as Warhammer World’s Exclusive items, AND Event Exclusive items, AND First Access to Forge World products before general release, the New Year’s Open Day will see an Artifact come back from the archives… To kick off 2017’s celebrations of 30 years of Warhammer 40,000, you’ll be able to get your hands on a classic again.

Each day until December 27th, we’ll be revealing or teasing you about an exclusive or First Access item which will be available for the first time at the New Year’s Open Day!

This miniature of Alfrid, showing him in his “disguise” complete with stolen gold, will be available at Warhammer World and selected events, but you can get it first on January 2nd!


Below are a handful of the exclusives shown so far, there are more.

15578283_1403696342983175_5228313208832132947_o 15493768_1400892329930243_7249836778279973682_o 15403795_1400888349930641_5832670011701017927_o 15585031_1403707182982091_177105906522680583_o 15443173_1396876290331847_3495248254980552562_o


That is the only mini displayed so far, but there are 7 days to go and everyone wants to know what the “artifact” will be.  I’m hoping it’s the 30th Anniversary Marine.

30th anniversary spacemarines-horz

Fingered crossed it’s this dude!!!

~More as it comes in, and these items have a tendency to make their way around GW into other locations for sale after the fact.



  • SilentPony

    Isn’t the mini going to be that absurdly busy Terminator Chaplain? The one that’ll only be appropriate for Templars or Dark Angels…

    • D. B.

      You say “Templars” as if it’s a dirty word…

      • SilentPony

        Do you NOT?

        • Emprah

          Shush furry!

        • D. B.

          Do I look like a heretic?

        • Dumbcow1

          I bet you play with witches

  • euansmith

    There ain’t no Fists like the Crimson Fists.

  • Maitre Lord Ironfist

    They get out celestine with moar speeuzu marrinzzz

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Alfred in a dress? TO EBAY, YO! /sarcasm

  • Talos2

    It’s a strange week to do it. Plans are often sketchy over xmas and new year so knowing if you can go weeks in advance and buy a ticket is tricky for most I’d guess. And you’ve no idea if you’ll be legally sober enough to drive there by the 2nd either

    • Deacon Ix

      I got a ticket over a month ago, went last Jan and it was awesome

  • DeadlyYellow

    Oh good, a reminder of one of my most hated 2014 film.