GW: Made to Order Classic Minis for Christmas


Games Workshop’s new made to order minis are confirmed and arriving on Christmas day.

via Games Workshop 12-16-2016

“Hot on the heels of the Inquisition and Ecclesiarchy Made to Order, we’ll soon have another selection of classic models returning from the archive….

The Emperor’s Angels will be descending on Christmas Day, and will be available to order for one week only.”


Can you avoid the Crozius AND my rock hammer? Who need’s ranged weapons!



Have you seen Sgt Naaman? The last time he was spotted, people still feared Orks.


Back when I was introduced, the Space Wolf codex could take Leman Russes…


Ahh back in GWs running/tripping/dancing phase.


+1 Toughness – I’m NEVER getting off this thing!


Remember back when the Black Templars were feared?  I got my resume here if any other chapters are hiring.



I hope when I fire this Psy-cannon I don’t fall off my base.


With this leg I can get into my armor 25% faster.


Games Workshop went way back in the archives for this one with a pair of Inquisitor models from the 1989 Citadel catalog.


Gotta love seeing all those oldschool tiny 25mm slotta bases bases.  You better act fast as GW says these will be available for 1 week only.


Which models will you be adding to your collection? 

  • georgelabour

    I still have that inquisitor in terminator armor mini. It’s one of the first ones I bought in fact.

    it also came in handy when the Rogue Trader PC in our Rogue Trader RPG game got power armor, and we needed a model that would fit in the grid we used for a map.

  • Zingbaby

    The old metal scout squad without the stupid cartoony heads would be great!

    • vlad78

      They are still way better than the newer plastic one.

      • Randy Randalman

        No, no they aren’t. The newer ones are closer to Space Marines size, have the growth hormone/acromegaly faces (like they’re supposed to), and are at least posable.

        • Just swap the cartoony head with Space wolves, catachan or even chaos marauder heads.

          Or use marines helmets. I did it for a squad, it looks pretty good.

        • vlad78

          I disagree.

          First scout SM are not fullygrown and therefore should be smaller with better proportions.
          Second their head is not only ugly, but also totally similar. The old metal kit at least offered some variation.

          I agree with docrate, changing their heads make of them a bearable kit but overall it’s one of the worst of the plastic SM line imho.

          I use the elysean heads on them.

  • Paul Mattingley

    Still have both the inquisitors and the iron priests from when they were originally released. God it makes me feel old!

    • Tim Brown

      Was thinking the same thing – I have all of these. In multiples of a few, even. Old Greybeard.

  • gonna get the inquisitors, maybe even two times the one with the psy cannon (to convert it into something else). also a Highmarshall, he’ll do just fine with my Dark Angels. Maybe, just maybe Naaman and the biker chaplain.

  • D. B.

    Really, those are some excellent choices. Kudos, GW!

    Although I gotta say I think Naaman looks a bit like Ted Beneke from “Breaking Bad”.

  • the_wheel_turns

    Still waiting on some classic fantasy miniatures to be released….as per usual 40k gets too much love from GW…

  • Beefcake the mighty

    GW is making old space marines to order? Mind blown.

  • Talos2

    I hope some poor sap isn’t having to go to work on xmas day just to set that up.

  • Rainthezangoose

    I remember when space wolves could take russ’s, frankly i think they still should, it wasnt the battle cannon varient but the auto cannon one, so it wasn’t OP and makes sense fluff wise.