GW: More Disciples of Tzeentch Pics


GW has more pretty pictures out of the mortal followers of Tzeentch coming this January.

First of all, go here to get the first batch of Disciples of Tzeentch info and pics.  Ok, let’s move on:

pics via Warhammer Community 12-21-2016


Tzaangor Shaman:

  • Hero Tzaangor
  • Wizard
  • Spell turns people into Tzaangor

Tzaangor Enlightened

  • Tzeetchian beast-heard Elite
  • Daemonic disks
  • Very fast

Tzaangor with Brayhorn

  • Alternate build mini for the existing Tzanngors
  • Allows your unit run and charge in the same turn

Kairic Acolyte

  • Carrying a Vulcharc
  • Tzeetchian bird that jealously attacks enemy wizards near it’s unit
  • Many cool arcane bits like this included in the kit


I love bird beastmen! SQUAAWWK!


~Look for Champions of Tzeentch in January!

  • Partyhengst

    these figures look so crappy, i do not like the new style of Warhammer, ähm AOS…therefore iam glad about other miniature companys…

    • I think most AoS paint jobs could do with a bit more deeper shading. The lack of this make the models look more cartoony than they actually are, which may be off-putting to some. The miniatures themselves look cool and are very representative of what they are supposed to embody- Tzeentch.

      • BaronSnakPak

        Could be the lighting thats used for their promo shots, too. Very rarely, if ever, will you see minis irl under those kind of lighting conditions.

        • DeadlyYellow

          They just aren’t that great at selling their work in photographs. A lot of the figures look way more imposing and impressive when seen in person, even if they’re not painted.

      • Emperor’s Champion

        i prefer the cartoony look, plus this is tzeentch so bright and colourful is passable.

    • SupPupPup Saw this more realistic version on twitter.

      They are really good sculpts irl.

      • Seienchin

        Sorry but no. Still awful… at least from my perspective. I dont like that style. Its generic modern fantasy. Its a matter of taste. The sculpts from a technical point arent bad. They are by no means GWs current minotaurs XD

        • SupPupPup

          Could you give an example of a beastman that you do like?

          I have the silver tower box, and the tzaangors are pretty great. Cant see anything generic about them.

          • Dain Q. Gore

            Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint (aesthetics is taste, and taste is pretty dang hard to objectively measure), but I’ve personally noticed a shift that doesn’t bother me as much as it does others. Of course being in it for 30 years it’s inevitable that tastes will change. The shift was occurring years before AOS, around 2012, in fact…

            There are many ’88 sculpts that would certainly fit the “cartoony” look but many of us grew up with it and they have a clunky, heavy charm about them.

            By extension, there really is no such thing as “generic modern fantasy” other than according to one’s own personal taste. “You know it when you see it.”

            If you don’t like it, you don’t like it.

          • SupPupPup

            fair enough. Been in the hobby for nealry 30 years too.

            I still love the cartoony dwarfs.

            I think there are some great sculpts out there, but I feel there is still a little bit of refinement still to do. Sometimes the sculpts try to be too out there, or have too much going on.

          • Dain Q. Gore

            That may be just it–too much going on: now that the troops are not constrained to rank and file poses, they can go all out 360 in Malifaux-style swooshes, ribbons, flames etc.

            And totally! There has totally been a cartoon streak running through it all. I just had another look at the chaos warriors back when they had the mutation sprue and they look super outdated in a very cartoonish sense, even compared to what is being called cartoonish now. For the record I liekd them more overall, mostly because they were much more customizable than the stoic caped statues we got that replaced them.

      • Shinnentai

        That does look very nice – the contrast between the dark metals and the pale skin works really well.

    • Moonsaves

      Well… they’re of the same range that just got released for 40k, so…

      • Randy Randalman

        This kit for AoS was done long before the 40k ones. The 40k was literally thrown together to bolster the Magnus release.

        • Dain Q. Gore

          That doesn’t exactly negate the point they are the same sculpts.

    • J Mad

      I actually like them, tho I love Beastmen style models and these are to me just Tzeentch Beastmen.

    • Hawt Dawg

      I am glad that you are still here…

    • Emperor’s Champion

      They look amazing man, embrace the change…

    • CrosisDePurger

      U r trollin or out of your mind. I don’t even play Sigmar but I can see the minis are fantastic.

  • Vikingo99

    Awesome looking minis! The conversion possibilities are great and the they are a great improvement on the beastmen of old. @Partyhengst:disqus not liking the style does not = crappy, I think the style is darker, more “unique” fantasy and less goofball and cliche than it used to be and I like that direction 🙂

    • Nwttp

      Mmm, idk about less goofball than beast men, might actually be more goofball. However, I like these. Don’t plan on ever playing sigmar though. To change it from a rank and file, medevil style game, to something relatively not unique, spoiled it for me.

      Do like that the rules are free. At least you don’t have to spend like 100 dollars a year to continue to use models you already own. Getting insanely ridiculous if you ask me. For that I’m also glad there are other minature companies. I’d bet that games workshop’s greedyness is loosing them more money than they make from their new rulebooks every week

      • Randy Randalman

        Lol AoS is infinitely more unique than Fantasy was. Nothing about Fantasy was anything less than a poor man’s Tolkien mixed with an even poorer understanding of real world history. The square, rank-and-file system was restrictive, not strategic, and it also limited the dynamics of the models.

        • Emperor’s Champion

          as a game I liked it sometimes, skaven were the only enjoyable army personally just out of unpredictability. model wise I always thought it was such a shame because in the final 4 years of fantasy we were getting these beautiful plastic kits, notably the savage orc range and to have them tightly packed and hiding between each other seemed like a waste, but now in Aos we get to see the entire model.

        • Nwttp

          It was unique compared to other tabletop war games. What did it have to do with world history? I don’t get you’re point… might be slightly restrictive, but the ranks and such was what plenty liked about it. Pretty sure in medevil battles of old, leaders didn’t forgo their battle lines so their soldiers could do back flips and dance and hold their arms out real wide…

      • SupPupPup

        AoS is quite good, but you’re right. If you’re looking for a more simulation style rank and flank game like fantasy, it just wont be fun.

        I really enjoy it for fluffy casual games with crazy scenarios and monsters.

        Its pretty unique in terms of wargames. I’ve not played a game that’s very similar.

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah. It’s what I’m missing as well. The real issue is that both 40K and AoS are expensive, and now they’re just too similar in playstyle. I understand the core rules and mechanics are different, but on the table things move, position and interact with terrain in very similar ways. I kind of liked the ranked combat, flanking, and such. It was a good different, haha.

          • Karru

            This is something that I feel many AoS fans don’t realise when Fantasy players say they don’t like AoS. Overall, you are now choosing between Sci-fi and Fantasy world since the model interaction is pretty much the same. I personally enjoyed Fantasy because it gave me something different from 40k in terms of basic interaction. In 40k, I move Tanks and squads of infantry around with relative freedom. In Fantasy, I move Monsters and Blocks of Infantry around with several things to consider. Angles, Flanks, Positioning. I no longer really don’t have to care about these things in AoS, I have to care about them about as much as I would in 40k.

            I can react easily to enemy flanking manoeuvres by moving my other unit to intercept. In Fantasy, it would have been a lot harder, since I’d have to turn my unit around and then maybe move it a little bit towards the enemy. I would have to make sure that the opponent’s flanking unit wouldn’t be able to pass my unit in some way or just get out of the Front Arc to make sure I wouldn’t be able to charge.

            In Fantasy, you could get punished hard from a single oversight. Bad positioning of your units, wrong angle, miscalculation, one of these could cost your key unit’s life. You constantly had to make sure your flanks were secure, ask yourself did you have units to initiate counter-charges or did you have enough durability to survive a charge from the opponent to then take a charge yourself.

            This is now all gone. My units have 360 vision, so it doesn’t matter if my opponent tries some fancy flanking manoeuvre. I no longer have “blindspots” to worry about. This was the thing I enjoyed the most about Fantasy. It was the difference I needed between 40k and Fantasy. Now AoS and 40k are so similar in unit interaction that I don’t see the point in playing AoS over 40k since my 40k collection is so much larger. I’d much rather play 40k 5th edition with my friends than try to convince them to start AoS with me.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah, can’t agree more. I think it’s harder for AoS fans to accept reasons as well, just because they were maligned for so long, which I totally get. I definitely understand the defensiveness. But it’s OK if some people just don’t like it for reasons. Hopefully the back and forth will die down over the next couple of years. Regardless, like you said, I find little reason to play both systems :/.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Honestly I find it refreshing, simple. I mean I used to love the complexity of 6th, and I used to look down at 40k thinking it was a kids game! So karma and all that. I like some of the rules of AoS.

          • ZeeLobby

            I mean it’s not like it’s all bad or too simple. Just too little differentiating it from 40K for me. I mean the Old World fluff probably had something to do with that as well. There was a lot of it, stories, grudges, etc. While the AoS universe is very epic this, epic that, everything epic, etc. Just less interesting to me. I used to enjoy pulling out my WHFB army one day, and then switching gears to 40K the next. AoS just doesn’t have that same appeal. Of course now I’ve also gotten into systems that simply play much smaller (Infinity, small WMH, etc.). More games, less lookup, haha.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Yeah its a give or take. People just have a hard time believing that it takes time to world build. I will say the AoS universe is less cliché to me as far as setting, however it will take some time. It is all in how they present it though. The old world was too much like our own world with pretty much the same regions and cultures more or less. It was also so generic, so I do not fault GW trying to make something more unique, they just mayhaps dropped the ball? Again though, it does take time, and all the pieces are yet to be in place, not all factions are present (since not all are redone yet and are stop gap listed as refugees, etc)

          • ZeeLobby

            I think they just completely failed when they never introduced the human element. I mean I know they wanted to lead with their “space marines” but it would have been awesome if humanity was their first race. Then release the sigmarines to come to their rescue. Just the whole way they’ve handled fluff development in AoS is snoring to me. Why should I care what happens in this bubble world? Where do I insert myself in this RPG? Haha.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            I suppose. In the old world I never felt any shared common ground with anyone there sapre in the novels. As things were only about the named generals really every too. I think its the novels, that none of us want to touch have the story. Hopefully again once they flesh things out with everyone we may see a change. Granted the sigmarites did really drum up sales man! However I am with you, it would have been nice if they had it where humans were on the run and slowly failing, and then these guys were unleashed once chaos got baited into a killing field!

          • ZeeLobby

            Right, we kinda showed up after the fact. Humanity is mostly destroyed, everything is F-ed up, etc. It’s kind of like, well geeze, why keep fighting, lol. Can’t wait to recapture those corpse-strewn lands. I just had a lot of fun creating my Empire captain, and having a backstory of rags to riches, and fighting for his wife who was slain by orcs. Like none of that would work in AoS, lol. It just doesn’t fit with the EPIC MONTAGE it’s built around.

          • max

            What sort of AoS games do you play and do you play any of the new armies?

            It seems like your talking about something you dont have expereince of.

            You are ignoring the pile in rules, the set up of double turn plays, and charging to set up effective ‘you go, I go, assaults’

            It has a different feel then 40k to me. In 40k, I position my units, and they cap objectives and find cover.

            In age of Sigmar, they react to a very chaotic melee and charge in waves.

          • Karru

            I meant it in the way of units are moved and behave during the game. In Fantasy I moved them in blocks, which is completely different from 40k. This in itself is why it was so much different and made me want to play it.

            In AoS, the movement isn’t different in any major way. I move my guys model by model, just like in 40k. They have 360 vision, just like in 40k. I have to move them from cover to cover in some cases to make sure that my opponent can’t shoot at them easily, just like in 40k. I can freely react to any flanking manoeuvre my opponent does, because my units have 360 vision. There is no “flanking” in AoS or 40k because of this. I don’t have “blindspots” that my opponent can exploit. If I see my opponent trying to flank me, I can move my units to intercept without any issues.

            In Fantasy, I would actually have to commit to it. If I turned my unit to intercept a flanking unit and my opponent just feinted it or somehow managed to get out of their Front Arc, that unit is now useless until I turn it again. You had to think a lot when you moved your units. Moved too much, turned too much and you could find your unit utterly useless. AoS doesn’t have this and nor does 40k. That’s why I liked it and actually bothered to make an army for it.

            Now I would have to choose between two different settings and that’s it. AoS might have some things better than 40k and vice versa, but the movement and how units interact with each other feels so similar that I don’t see any point in “committing” to it. I’d much rather play 40k than AoS because of this. At least I have a large collection of models and people to play with. With AoS, I would have to convince my friends to start it as well before I could even get a game on.

          • max

            1st point. Cover is usually quite dangerous and usually avoided in AoS.

            Due to the pile in rule, if you flank a thin line of models with some cav (with larger bases) you will get a much better result than charging head on.

            By limiting the amount of models that can pile in (by charging a flank) they cannot wrap around, and so the amount of attacks back is limited.

            If you charge the same unit before with a thin line of infantry, you can hold the enemy unit in place. They do not have the ability to react, as they must pile in to the closest model (the infantry). Stopping any enemy models wrapping around you cav.

            Its a fundamental misunderstanding of the systems of AoS, and a presumption that it works exactly like 40k that causes this.

          • Karru

            You missed my point so hard that if I placed you in a bathtub with a Battleship named Point, you’d still won’t see it. I will try one more time to explain it.

            I am not saying that *40k = AoS. In Fantasy when I move my block of Spearmen for example, I HAVE to move the entire thing. I can’t just move one, two or ten models, I have to move the entire block. That block also happens to have a limited LoS, so my opponent can physically manoeuvre around it. The way I move my units and how they interact is way different than it is in 40k or AoS.

            You could exploit a blindspot in the opponent’s battle line. If the opponent hadn’t placed a unit in a way that allowed it to see that flank, it is now exposed. It will be extremely difficult for him to fix that and it will most likely cost him. In both 40k and AoS, he can just send a unit to counter it.

            So to make this clear one more time, *AoS = 40k.

            Fantasy does not = 40k OR AoS. Rank & File style movement was vastly different to how both games operate. This is why I don’t find any major reason to commit to AoS. I have a massive 40k collection. I mostly only play 5th and 7th edition with my friends who don’t have AoS armies. Not only would I have to start it myself, I would have to convince my friends to do the same. It is pretty hard as it turn out, since saying “would you like to play fantasy based, melee oriented 40k?” If I said, would you like to play Rank & File style fantasy game, it would be different enough for people to get interested.

            None of my friends enjoyed AoS when they played it while back, at all mind you. It was just very bland and the movement and style was too much like 40k to actually care. You still need relatively good sized army to enjoy it. Playing with 3-4 units isn’t really enough for us. So starting AoS would mean that we won’t be able to get more 40k stuff and instead we play more melee oriented fantasy version of 40k.

            *I keep saying that AoS is 40k, but I just use it to save a lot of words. I’m pointing out unit interaction and movement here. Those are almost identical in both games.

          • max

            I feel you’ve failed to address my points in regards to:

            the pile in manoeuvre and how you can exploit it to create blind spots.

            The somewhat randomising turns (which makes the game different from 40k) and how it presents tactical differences.

            Or the ‘you go, I go’ combat, and how it makes unit placement, and charges different from 40k or fantasy.

            I am not saying they are extremely different.

            I am simply stating that you seem to be no authority when it comes to AoS, and yet judge it quite strongly.

            Usually missing out key points or systems.

          • Karru

            I never really said anything against those really. The Core rules and some mechanics are different, but the movement is almost identical in both systems. This makes the tactics you use very similar and this is means that making movement mistakes makes it less punishing or even not punishing at all. I am not losing my entire flank because I misplaced my single unit in a way that doesn’t allow them to hit my opponents that much.

            In Fantasy if my unit got flanked, the chances are it’s gone for good. The chances for survival is very slim as their morale will break as they don’t have ranks to get more combat resolution or keep them from running away. It is devastating to get flanked. You also PHYSICALLY got flanked when it happened. In AoS or 40k, if my unit gets attacked, it’s just a few models from one end of the unit that gets killed and removed. I might not get as many attacks back but my unit isn’t that more likely to run away as they would be by getting a frontal charge. Only difference will be the amount of damage one could get against the other, that’s it.

            They interact very differently and have completely different feels to them. AoS/40k doesn’t offer the same things that Fantasy or any other Rank&File game would.

            I am not saying AoS is a bad game or that people shouldn’t play it because “muh Fantasy”. I’m just saying that I personally don’t find reasons to play it as it doesn’t really offer that great difference in gameplay. It’s like I’d change from Chess to Checkers. Rules are different, pieces are different, but at the end of the day they will feel very similar to each other.

            I enjoy 40k a great deal. If I wanted to take a break from it, I’d go with something that is completely different. Even Warmachine or Infinity doesn’t really offer me that. Fantasy used to. In our peak, our club members would usually play one game of 40k, then play one game of Fantasy to switch things up. Now it really doesn’t feel different enough to encourage committing hefty sum of money, time and effort into a game that won’t give me massively different experiences and feel for the game than we already get with 40k.

          • nurglitch

            Ranks, flanking, and such are handled more organically with 40k and AoS, I think.

          • ZeeLobby

            maybe. It’s more the 360 vision and awareness that I find less interesting.

    • Karru

      Current AoS model route is to make everything “ridiculous” though. Look at Sigmarines, Large Golden Buff Men wielding giant hammers and swords. Khorne Bloodbound, Large Red Buff Men wielding giant hammers and swords. They upped the scale of the models and they made the design very “childish” in some cases. Only the Sigmarine Mounts are good looking, but everything else feels very “not fantasy” due to them looking more like 80’s/90’s Super Heroes and Villains. Then they have the ridiculous need to make as much stuff flowing around the model, scrolls, spirits, bugs or birds. Finally you have some of the poses that hits the final nail in the coffin.

      All the pre-AoS models looked like they fit in within the world. Chaos Warrior looked like the killing machine warrior it was supposed to be, while not being utterly different from their Empire “cousins”. You placed one Empire Swordsman next to a Marauder and they did look like they belong in the same world. Tomb Kings, Undead, High Elves, Dark Elves. All of them still had the look that they fit in the world.

      Now you have Fireslayers running around with fire lizards and having a giant Beetle carrying a demi-god around. The style is extremely hard for me to like that much, it’s just too ridiculous. It’s definitely not darker than old fantasy, nor is it less cliché. It’s extremely silly compared to Fantasy, comic-like might be the word to use here. It also follows the exact same style throughout the new model releases. Large “centre-piece” style model, Large Sized Model with Large Weapon(s), Lots of flowing bits or action movie hero poses.

      Tzaangors I do like, but that’s because they do fit with the Tzeentch theme which I like a lot.

      • Ben Martin

        I… can’t really fault your argument here. That is one of the things that bugs me about AoS, that nothing really shares a ‘style’. But, given some nice paint-jobs, its really easy to turn them from comical to much darker, as the models do actually keep a lot of the points you’ve mentioned. GW covers it with annoyingly bright paint jobs though. And the lore, for less than two years of existing, isn’t that bad either. I would like it to be a bit more unified though, but I’d imagine some armies would be more unified together, as in all of Sigmars guys would fit well together, all the Skaven, all the Sylvaneth/Wood Elfes, stuff like that.

        • The_Mighty_Moogar

          I totally agree with both of you. The bright paintjobs are pretty obnoxious and don’t really do the apocalyptic setting any justice. If you read the lore, it’s more horrifyingly depressing than the old world.

          Model-wise though, GW used to really embrace subtlety, but now it’s all about being flashy, which can be an eyesore.

          That being said, if you look at a group of chaos warriors next to fyreslayers, they just look so stiff and lame that it takes away from the thought of each model being a serious bamf. You kind of want the new kits to stretch off the base or they look boring since they’re sculpted to NOT be in rank in file.

          But these paint jobs combine the old world’s grit with the new he-man, cinematic type of feel AoS embraced. Have your cake and eat it too :]

          • ZeeLobby

            And in many ways all the washed out paint job is doing is hiding a lot of that over-detail.

          • max
          • ZeeLobby

            Much improved

          • Dain Q. Gore

            Another part of the problem here is that white backgrounds are not doing them any favors. Zero contrast for minis that are already bright/fussily highlighted.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. I can see that. I’ve seen them on tables and in GW’s “action” photos though, and I really do think it’s their color choice. Just way too bright and detailed.

        • ZeeLobby

          Wow. Those paint jobs definitely make the range 100x better. Not sure how much of that is the similar palate or simply just the subduing of the glitter gun they use to throw details on models. While paint is part of it, even in grey there’s something that seems disconnected about some of them.

          • DeadlyYellow

            Humorously, they start to look more and more like they stepped off a death world.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Those are really nice looking with those paint jobs. Got to say though, paint jobs all in all certainly can make or break a model. Seriously like most of mantics models are actually crap but good painters make them look great at times, same with flying frog models! Personally I paint in a more dirty and realistic style, so my models certainly don’t look as cartoony.

          • Dain Q. Gore

            I had to do a commission recently–Malifaux. The sculpts were so, so rough, down to the joins and very fragile bits (thanks to TrueScale™). I have seen very, very few paint jobs exceed those sculpts because they are so difficult, but the ones I have seen that have are spectacular.

      • georgelabour

        Not sure what kind of childhood you had but mine didn’t involve lots of big buff men in silly outfits.

        Except for He-man…

        And Thundercats….

        Oh, and Hulk Hogan’s Rock N’ Wrestle…

        But there weren’t all that many buff men in Pirates of Dark Water…though there were monkeybirds.

        Huh…that explains so much now that I think about it.

        • Dain Q. Gore

          I guess the thing was that “Warhammer” may have referenced or teased at those “High Toy Fantasy” things, while still retaining a distinct “Low Grimdark Fantasy” grit, but now they are wholly embracing the toy-ness, visually becoming them. Which is fine to me (I only paint them so it’s pure aesthetics to me, and I lean to the absurd), personally, but not so much to many others. It’s funny, it could (easily) be argued that the same thing is happening in 40k, and I’m sure it is. The solution, as always, is to Blanche it up…he seems to not be in a crisis about it.

    • Emperor’s Champion

      I completely agree about the style. I actually cannot wait for them to weed out all the fantasy kits because I’ve noticed especially with my chaos warriors, they all look pretty much the same stance wise and were obviously designed for rank and file.
      Compare them to the blood warriors and you can instantly tell how much freedom and space the models have in comparison.
      Model wise I’m glad WHF is a thing of the past.

      • I’m disappointed we didn’t get a tz equivalent of blood warriors for this upcoming release, or khorngors with the bloodbound

        • Emperor’s Champion

          Yeah, that’s my only real dig at this, I’d have loved some change warriors to go with Vilitch the curseling.
          Thankful for the release we’re seeing at least.

        • Dain Q. Gore

          Yeah, I kept hearing talk about Arcanite Warriors or some such.

      • Dain Q. Gore

        I remember when they switched from the multi-part chaos warriors (with the Legendary Mutation Sprue!) to the generic, statue-rigid chaos warriors, I regretted not having bought more of the clunky, badly proportioned, cartoony predecessors. Weird, cartoony was a thing back then? Oh yes, it was, just not so overt, I guess.

  • BaronSnakPak

    Those look awesome! My Silver Tower Tzeenchians were starting to feel lonely.

  • rtheom

    What’s going to be weird is when they re-release the Tzangors as AoS and they are the exact same models from 40K in a new box. They already include the fantasy weapons on the sprue. I kinda don’t get why they didn’t just release them as 40K/AoS at the same time.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Because they will have 2 boxes and, although there is cross pollination between the games, there is still a significant portion of the community who only play one or the other. Effectively GW gets the hype of releasing the same kit twice.

      • SupPupPup

        Thrice if you count silver tower.

        • Ed Butlar

          Been doing it for years with chaos deamons.

          • georgelabour

            Even longer if you remember the old chaos warriors which had space marine gear mixed in amidst the mutations and giant axes.

          • Ed Butlar

            Yeh I forgot about them, great models, you could use them in either fantasy or 40k….

      • rtheom

        Yeah, I mean there is lots of precedent. All the skaven stuff reboxed with round bases is one of the most recent examples. It coulda made for a kinda neat “upcoming” spoiler though. Oh well.

    • BaronSnakPak

      Technically, they already did, they’re just in a 40k box.

      Its kinda like the old WHFB daemon boxes that came with round and square bases, but the box was clearly for fantasy.

      The Acolytes (not counting Silver Tower) and the disc riders are new though.

      • rtheom

        Ooo that makes me wonder if the regular acolytes are going to be a cut-paste job from the actual Silver Tower sprue.

        • SupPupPup

          Think they are.

          Benefits of CAD. Hopefully it will lower the costs, so they can pump it into better community engagement/more releases.

          (we know the model prices will only go up)

          • BaronSnakPak

            I’m not so sure they will be, Silver Tower didnt have the Acolyte with the vulture.

    • Ross Allan

      There’s weapon options on the main sprues that don’t appear in 40k. Seems possible to me that AoS Tzaangor might get a booster sprue to replace the auto pistol/chainsword one? That’s just idle speculation though.

      • E65

        No. The 40k weapons are a separate sprue.

        • He was suggesting the AoS version of the kit would also get an upgrade sprue

    • EnTyme

      There are bits seen on the AoS Tzaangors that aren’t on the sprues in the 40k box. It looks like this kit will be the two big sprues, but they’ll replace the 40k bolter/chainsword sprue with another AoS sprue for the champion/bannerbearer/musician models.

  • I am liking that each of the chaos powers is finally getting more distinction with fewer shared minis.

    I just don’t think I like GWs paint jobs much.

    • Vorropohaiah

      yeah the unique units were seeing are really helping to make the 4 (3?) chaos powers unique. looking forward to these and hopefully slaanesh releases

  • VOX

    Looks like the Tzoongor’s have their Christmas turkey ready!

  • Sonic tooth

    That acolute is having a hard time catching his xmas dinmer

  • Kaylum Dicks

    I’m just waiting for the release of the LoC on the cover of the book

  • EnTyme

    I’m really starting to worry that the only new models in this book are going to be the Acolytes and Tzaangors, which I find disappointing. I am really hoping to see some heavy armored Tzeentch warriors and a selection of leader units like Khorne has.

    • Maybe they are going to drip feed us tz stuff the way they did khorne

      • EnTyme

        I hope so. I would honestly prefer that to one massive release. My wallet would prefer that method as well :P.

  • Defenestratus

    Man those models … are really awesome.

    I don’t even like the daemon aesthetic and I’m oddly aroused by them.

  • This release is gonna hit my budget hard! Every model is spectacular and I haven’t finished my 40k tz stuff…

  • Jooster

    When did Tzeentch get so swole?

  • ColonelFazackerley

    How does one play the trumpet with a beak?

    (OK models, but I can’t help my first thought…)

    • Hedwerx


  • Frey Jepson


  • Agent OfBolas

    terrible sculpts are for my taste.