Modiphius: New Dark Eden Source Book

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The latest Mutant Chronicles source book is now available!

via Modiphius:

The Megacorporations created their own version of hell for the remnants of humanity left behind during the Exodus. Clouds of toxins seethed through the atmosphere. Nuclear fires seared the earth. The very ground shook in torment and anger.Earth was abandoned by the best and brightest of the Megacorporations during their race across the Solar System. Humanity’s cradle had been abandoned and forgotten by all but a few.

For Old Earth was gone, or so the Megacorporations believed. Below the toxic clouds and amongst the ruins of civilisation, life somehow prevailed in the face of the mutagens, toxins, and terraforming agents that surged across the planet’s surface. Changed. Mutated. Born of a fiery genesis. Old Earth had become Dark Eden.

This source book covers Dark Eden, the world once known as Earth. Designed to be used on its own, it will also perfectly supplement the Dark Eden Campaign.

• The Megabody Campaign: A globe spanning search for a secret that threatens the very existence of Luna City.
• The Survivors: The tribes of Dark Eden. A detailed background of twisted descendants of humanity: the
Crescentians, Lutheran Triad, Sons of Rasputin, Templars, and others.• New World, New Dangers: Details of Dark Eden’s lethal fauna and flora, from the colossal Eclipsian War Mammoths to the deadly Silver Pools.

• A Changed World: Comprehensive information on the various locations in the world of Dark Eden, plus story hooks for adventures.



Now available in PDF on Modiphius and DriveThruRPG

  • georgelabour

    Just as soon as they make good on their Infinity RPG kickstarter….

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah. It sounds like that one has had a very rough road. Sounds like both sides of that collaboration are having issues. It’s a shame, as an Infinity RPG would be great.

      • georgelabour

        Oh it will be, and once I see them delivering on that I plan to pick up more of the MC books I don’t already have.

        I never really saw much on Dark Eden before so this one in particular will all be new information for me. ^_^

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah. I have no experience with their quality, but have heard good things.

    • Dirheim

      I’ve lost trust on Modiphius due to the Infinity debacle, at the pace they’re going maybe by 2020 we’ll be able to get the product 🙁

      • georgelabour

        Having backed other kickstarters for RPGs and games I’m actually not all that surprised this has taken so long.

        Interface zero is STILL waiting to deliver on some of its pledge goals and they don’t have to get approval from a third party that doesn’t speak english, AND doesn’t want to give away to many secrets.

        As an aside the Interface Zero/ Achtung Cthulu sourcebook was spiffy.

        But until I spend more money on Modiphius I really need to see some return on my donation to their other projects.

        Incidentally that should also show how much I enjoy their work on those settings.

        • Dirheim

          My experience with other RPG kickstarters like Mutant Zero, Vampire or Delta Green is completely different, they delivered in time (or with minor delays) and as expected. Only Modiphius is showing this lack of professionalism, that’s why I dropped from Assault on the Citadel, since they don’t even know the release schedule. They over promise and don’t seem to deliver.

  • Dirheim

    It’s been available for almost a week, I believe