New Aircraft for Bolt Action and Konflikt’47


GET DOWN SOLDIER! Warlord Games has some nice new WW2 aircraft to liven up your Bolt Action games.

Screaming in from the wintry skies come the JU87 Stuka and Soviet Mig perfect for covering your next assault!


Junkers Ju87 D-1 Stuka – $28.00

Made by Easy Model this is a plastic 1:72 Junkers Ju87 D-1 Stuka StG.3 1943




Soviet Mig-3 – $17.50

Made by Easy Model this is a plastic 1:72 Mig-3 of the 12th IAP based in Moscow 1942



Warlord has a variety of air power options available…



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  • euansmith

    Oooh, that Mig-3 is a nice model.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Digging the F4FU Corsair, may need to grab a couple if they are cheap enough. I am a bit lazy these days and don’t want to deal wit ha fiddly air model kit that takes even more work than our minis. Bad enough I am designing a jungle board with B-29 Wreckage as terrain pieces!

  • markdawg

    Funny seeing that warplanes are not in version 2