Review: The Truth Behind Codex Imperial Agents

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Come see the truth behind what is and isn’t in the new book in our first look review of the new supplement.

At first glance the book itself seems to be a “poor mans” Imperial faction answer to the Chaos Traitor Legions book, as both are the same number of pages, and feature rules for nine different variants on the same main faction as well.


One however is hardcover, one is softcover (Traitor Legions), perhaps indicating which Games Workshop expected to sell more of. Remember per how GW operates, this release was in motion long before the boisterous “Dust Bins” video that auspiciously drew everyones attention to the real possibility of plastic Sisters of Battle in the near future.


If you read the header to the rules section it seems to to indicate this codex is just a big compilation of the digital rules with additional formation detachments to allow you to play them easier with your existing Armies of the Imperium.


These detachments also, in most cases, confer a new Command Benefit for said faction as well.


So for instance if you just wanted to still take an Inquisitor using the new Inquisitorial Representative Detachment (to get servo skulls for instance) you would have go to the Codex Inquisition for said HQ choice as he is indeed Inquisitional Faction and complies with the single restriction to this Detachment!



This seems to reiterate our analysts of the Codex based on the header pages above as well. You can take units that have the same faction as the detachments presented in the front of each unit section in Imperial Agents and as long as you meet the compulsory slots, and restrictions (bracketed in red above arrow) you can plug ANY applicable units into these formation detachments. Again in most cases, gaining the new Command Benefit listed.


Some things to keep in mind about this new book however is that just like the Iron Priests in Curse of the Wulfen book, there are now several duplicate datasheets for the Armies of the Imperium. Does that mean one datasheet supersedes the other? Good question!

So in the long run, this codex may just be a good thing for the hobby as it allows you new exciting ways to slot in small groups of miniatures from your collection into existing armies, and get a sweet command benefit to boot!

Now that the picture is starting to become a little bit clearer, press play on our video review of all nine factions in codex Imperial Agents!

How do you feel about this book, now?


~Editor’s Note: We see the sticky issue described above with trying to cherry pick from the older digital versions of these forces to get wargear Codex Imperial Agents specifically left out, is spelled out in the datasheets header image above. In particular: “Collecting together these resources” appears to state that this codex is presenting the collated and updated versions of the digital factions they describe in the preceding sentence.  It will be up to you and tournament organizers to make the call on whether mix and matching from both Codex Imperial Agents and the older digital codexes of the included factions to produce min-maxed lists is valid.


  • Kaptain Badrukk

    Between this book and index apoc imperialis i’ve barely slept in three days. Too busy making henchmen based off the art in apoc imperialis.

  • disqus_CktyL7rKWJ

    “You can take units that have the same faction as the detachments
    presented in the front of each unit section in Imperial Agents and as
    long as you meet the compulsory slots, and restrictions (bracketed in
    red above arrow) you can plug ANY applicable units into these formation

    *looks at picture*

    “The HQ unit chose in this Detachment must be a Tech-Priest Enginseer and the Elites unit chosen in this Detachment must be a unit of Servitors”


    yeah, ANY unit, as long as you meet those restrictions … genius.

    It wouldn’t even make sense to put other Cult Mechanicus units in this Detachment, since the command benefits are Canticles of the Omnissiah, which every unit in C:CM has as a special rule. Nor the other way around, since the enginseer does not.

    • Scott Resnick

      There’s a bunch of Cult players who are going the other way with this; you now could technically slot Servitors and Enginseers into, say, a War Convo as cheaper options because there’s nothing in the dataslates that say they aren’t legit (at least from what I’ve heard, I don’t have it)

      • BrassWitch

        There’s not much of a point in putting these guys on a war-convo, you can’t use servitors instead of kataphrons since they’re elites and not troops. And just sloting servitors is pretty useless since your canticles are maxed out anyway. And using an engineseer instead of one of the best hq’s in the game…well, yeah.

        The engineseer/servitors formation is best used in mono-admech armies (with no skitarii or knights) where you can spam the formation to get cheap canticle levels on your otherwise kinda elite army.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          especially subbing those out for the priests,

  • wibbling

    The pronounciation is ‘sor-o-ree-tahs, not -sore-e-tas. It’s from the Latin soror, Sister. Yes, this is pendantic, yes, it matters.

    • SYSTem050

      Latin as like life always matters

    • Dan Wilson

      Soh-roh-ri-tas. The o sound being the same as the o in “top” as opposed to the o in “throw”.

      • memitchell

        It’s pronounced like “Sorority.” Like in college, and chic flicks about college angst.

    • Simon Chatterley

      What have the Romans ever done for us?

      • Jennifer Burdoo

        Brought peace! Oh, wait, endless eternal galactic war, right.

      • They’ve given us the aqueduct…

        • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

          And made it safe to go out at night.

  • Karru

    I personally love this book. I despise Digital books due to cumbersome way you have to do page switching and all that. That’s why I skipped on the Inquisition codex for example.

    Since I collect Imperial Guard and Space Marines, this is going the be an amazing addition to my collection. I never wanted to do a Grey Knight army and even an allied detachment feels a bit much since I have to take an HQ choice as well. This book allows me to take a single unit of Terminators or Interceptors as my small reinforcements. This means I can make myself very cool looking unit of Grey Knights and easily add it to my army when I want to play them.

    Also, now I finally have use for my Deathwatch Marines I got from the Death Masque set. I had no intentions of buying an entire codex for a single choice, so I skipped the Deathwatch Codex. Now I can field my Deathwatch Marines as well easily! Then there is the Inquisition and Assassins. Both of which I enjoy having very much. Now that I have myself a physical book to use, I should get around making myself an Inquisitor.

    Overall, this book is simply amazing. It is not a must buy, but it will give you the options to field cool units with your main force if you want some variance in there. Basically, if you don’t have any of the digital books or you don’t like to buy an entire codex for a single allied detachment or something, you definitely should get this book.

    • Shawn

      My only disappointment is that the Legion of the Damned didn’t get that nifty little relic that’s in their own mini-dex.

  • Painjunky

    This seems needlessly complicated…

    • euansmith


    • SilentPony

      Welcome to 40k. That’ll be $49.99

  • Mike X (Official)

    That’s not a review, that’s an overview.

  • E65

    The codex has sold out! How many were made I wonder? ;-/

    • Solaq

      It’s not sold out in the US web store.

  • AX_472

    The supersedence question regarding multiple datasheets was covered in the draft FAQs. They basically said use which ever datasheet you have access to.

    • Troy G

      GW frequently says things like “Use whatever version of the rules you want”. It’s one of the little things they do to needle at gaming clubs, and cater to garage hammer types.

  • Randy Randalman

    1. This isn’t supposed to be the comprehensive guide to these factions. Just how to patch them into Imperial armies.

    2. This isn’t the Imperium’s answer to Traitor Legions. Traitor Legions was the answer to Angels of Death.

    3. 8th will give Sisters their day. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve only gotten sub faction rules and campaign supplements for the last year or so.

    • Hendrik Booraem VI

      Not quite true. Tyranids and Imperial Guard still don’t have 7th edition-style codices. Which is a real pi$$er, since my oldest son plays Tyranids and my youngest wants to play IG.

    • Troy G

      1) You and everyone else are still pushing the idea that this is a book about allowing you to take small factions into imperial armies.

      You’ve been able to do that easily for most of these factions since 6th edition, and the rest of them became possible in 7th edition.

      This book actually makes it harder to incooperate several of these armies in as allies.

      New inquisition Detachment
      Required: 1 HQ, 1 Elites
      Options: 2 Elites

      Old inquisition Detachment
      Required: 1 HQ
      Options: 1 HQ 3 Elites

      In addition by removing the awesome Henchmen warband they have made it significantly harder to add many, many models to your armies via the inquisition faction or really any faction. Sure, the Warband formation lets you create a more limited / less flexible unit similar to the old henchmen squad, but the net effect is it is now harder to incooperate inquisition models and units into other armies than it was prior to this book.

      • Shawn

        Not sure I follow. You simply play two detachments, near as I can tell. Say for instance, I am running an Iron Fist of Medusa and the Forces of the Mechanicum. Both are different detachments that are on the field. The main one, the Iron Fist of Medusa is my primary detachment, while the other one isn’t. I throw the tech priests ont eh field and boom, now my predators all got power of the machine spirit because the captain is too busy conferring it to the vindicators.

        • Troy G

          That is my point. You have always been able to add these units to other armies. Saying that this book is good because it allows you to is like saying the Chiefs Lost so I can reply to this comment. One thing has no bearing on the other.

      • Solaq

        The new Inquisitorial Representative detachment 1HQ, 0-3 Elites.

        • Troy G

          I don’t know how I missed that. They presented it as 1 to 3 elites so I though 1 was required even though they are all on the optional side.

  • hazal

    But servo-skulls have been removed?

    (or are some people going to just keep using the older codex for that 1 piece of equipment…)

  • SilentPony

    Look guys, lets all just admit this was a desperate cash-grab for Sisters fans after GW realized their joke about plastic Sisters was taken seriously by so many people.
    I mean the Codex is a more complicated way to take Allies, and whoever wrote it seems to not know the difference between Formation and Faction. They’re gonna need an FAQ longer than the actual Codex, and by the time it comes out in 2019 we’ll all be gearing up for 9th Edition.

    • Shawn

      How is it harder? There has to be something I’m not following. These are all separate detachments that allow you to field them with your main detachment. It’s basically saying “Okay, Iron Hands Inquisitor Volm of the Ordo Heretics is requiring you to go kill a chaos cult, Oh, and I’m tagging along to make sure you don’t screw it up.”

      • Muninwing

        “Iron Hands Inquisitor Volm”


        Astartes are not inquisitors.

        • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

          And commas are a precious commodity.

          • Muninwing

            oh… you think it was supposed to be addressing the IH and giving them the orders from Volm. i get that. not what was written though.

            maybe like this:
            “Okay, Iron Hands — Inquisitor Volm if the Ordo Hereticus demands that you exterminate a chaos cult…”

  • All I want to know is the state of the Sisters of Battle, and to a lesser extent what options there are for allying things like Grey Knights or Assassins with them.

  • Muninwing

    we can save some time and replace the comments section on any article written by Baer with a big graphic of “no duh…”