SN Battle Report: Space Marines vs Corsairs


SN Battle Reports brings you another Special Mission Battle Report using their gorgeous NEW updated studio raptors!

Shuriken shattered against the already rent and smouldering hide of the Razorback. The jet bikes screamed past, low and incredibly fast, turning to come around and complete another murderous pass. Captain Karkota raised his head above his storm shield, noting the still quivering shuriken embedded on its surface. He quickly surveyed the scene of the Eldar ambush. All three vehicles were flaming wrecks, his squads pinned against the hard shoulder of the roadway. Eldar Flyers and jetbikes struck at will, making sport of it, the air alive with the tearing sound of shuriken fire and the shriek of bright lances. His mind crafted by the greatest human genius, its edge honed by 150 years of war, Karkota knew that he and his small command had but minutes before the Eldar tired of their game and came in true force to wipe them out and finish what their perfect little ambush had started not 2 minutes past. The situation couldn’t have looked bleaker. Under attack from all sides and from above by vastly superior forces, Karkota allowed himself a grim smile. The Eldar were right where the Raptors wanted them. They had taken the bait. Already he could make out the fiery contrails of the drop pods homing in on his location, his trained eye could make out the expertly camouflaged Scout squads as they stalked into position right on top of the unsuspecting Eldar. The wail of xenos anti-grav engines signaled the beginning of a new low pass by their Eldar assailants but where as before Karkota’s men had held their fire and hunkered down behind cover, now they stood and met their foe with their boltguns raised adding the ferocious roar of their weapons to the general din. Eldar hubris was legendary. Eldar hubris would be their downfall. They thought they could ambush the sons of Corax? Fools. They will pay with their blood.


Deployment: Dawn of War

Corsair Mission: Slay The Captain – 3vp, Slay All 3 Locator Beacons (Lias and the two Raptor Drop pods) – 3vp, First Strike – 1vp, Line Breaker – 1vp, Slay the Warlord – 1vp,

Raptor Mission: Have Captain survive for 5 turns – 3vp, Have at least one model with a locator beacon survive until the end of the battle – 3vp, First Strike – 1vp, Line Breaker – 1vp, Slay the Warlord – 1vp

Points: 1750pts


–Eldar Corsair Fleet Raiding Company–

Command Crew:

– Corsair Prince (Cloud Dancer, Shadowfield, Void Sabre, Wild Psyker, Survivor of the Endless Darkness)

– Corsair Baron (Cloud Dancer, Venom Blade, Shadowfield, Wild Psyker)

Primary Cotorie: (Night Hunters)

– Corsair Baron (Cloud Dancer, Venom Blade, Shadowfield, Wild Psyker)

– 3 Cloud Dancers (3 Scatter Lasers)

– 3 Cloud Dancers (3 Scatter Lasers)

– 3 Cloud Dancers (3 Scatter Lasers)

– 5 Corsair Balestrikes (Corsair Jet Packs, 4 Shuriken Cannons, 1 Lasblaster)

Cotorie: (Sky Burners)

– Corsair Baron (Corsair Jet Pack, Venom Blade, Shadowfield)

– 5 Corsair Reavers (Corsair Jet Packs, 3 Lasblasters, 2 Fusion Guns)

– 5 Corsair Reavers (Corsair Jet Packs, 3 Lasblasters, 2 Flamers)

– Corsair Phoenix Bomber (Corsair Kinetic Shroud, Nightfire Missile Launchers)

– Corsair Warp Hunter (Corsair Kinetic Shroud)

Cotorie: (Titan Breakers)

– Corsair Baron (Corsair Jet Pack, Venom Blade, Shadowfield

– 5 Corsair Reavers (Corsair Jet Packs, 3 Lasblasters, 2 Fusion Guns)

– 5 Corsair Balestrikes (Corsair Jet Packs, 4 Eldar Missile Launchers, 1 Lasblaster)

Lias Issodon

Librarian: Psyker (Mastery Level 2)

4 Scouts: + 1 Scout Sergeant

4 Scouts: + 1 Scout Sergeant

4 Scouts: + 1 Scout Sergeant
5x Snipers, Camo Cloaks

4 Scouts: + 1 Scout Sergeant
5x Snipers, Camo Cloaks

2 Devastator Centurions: 2× grav-cannon and grav-amp; + 1 Centurion Sergeant (grav-cannon and grav-amp; missile launcher; omniscope)

2 Devastator Centurions: 2× grav-cannon and grav-amp; + 1 Centurion Sergeant (grav-cannon and grav-amp; missile launcher; omniscope)

Formation (Skyhammer Annihilation Force)

4 Devastators + 1 Space Marine Sergeant, 4x grav-cannon and grav-amp
• Drop Pod

4 Devastators + 1 Space Marine Sergeant, 4x grav-cannon and grav-amp
• Drop Pod

4 Assualt Marines: + 1 Space Marine Sergeant, Jumps Packs, Eviscerator

4 Assualt Marines: + 1 Space Marine Sergeant, Jumps Packs, Eviscerator

… and here we go again! With a last minute cancellation from our Studio Astra Militarum (Daddy Duties), along came Steven with his new updated Raptors list and new Characters (Yes new Lias Issodon) to save the day… Well night actually lol. With a beautiful board set up by the team the day before that includes amazing terrain as always by Wargame Terrain and a battle mat supplied by our great friends from Gamemat, it was time to have another epic battle! Julian would bring his Corsairs to battle it out against Steven’s new Raptor force. Today we also bring you another custom mission, so ladies and gentlemen without further ado, I hope you enjoy this epic report as much as we did!


Here we have our first primary objective, a moving, talking and very epic Captain of the Raptor alliance. Mission for the Raptors is to keep this man alive at all costs for 5 turns which will gain them 3 victory points. The Captain is rocking a power axe and the Eternal Shield, granting him Eternal Warrior and a 3+ invulnerable. He is also equipped with Artificer armour for 2+ save. The Captain, who isn’t happy at all at this point after losing most of his platoon, can move as normal and join any unit he wishes if possible. Our secondary objective is explained just below the introduction of the Report.

After rolling for Night fighting, of which it was established that there will be darkness on turn one, Julian wins the first roll off of the game and opts to deploy and take first turn. Julian begins to deploy most of his forces but also leaves quite a good amount of units in reserve to make the most of the Corsairs reserve shenanigans. He sets up all his Cloud Dancers on one side of the table. It’s a very difficult deployment for Julian as all of Steven’s units will infiltrate. Yes you heard me right, and no its not part of the special mission. Steven’s army can actually all infiltrate as all of his troops are scouts and Lias allows for three extra units to infiltrate with his warlord trait. Therefore the Librarian and two Centurion squads have the option to do so if they so wish. Steven decides that his Skyhammer will be arriving on turn 2 in order to counter Julian’s reserves once they have come in to play. All in all an awesome sight here at the studio and it’s bound to get even better!


The two Balestrike units are deployed making good use of some of the high buildings for cover and line of sight. Each of these units are packing a hard punch as they are armed with either shuriken cannons or missile launchers.


Wow what a roll by Julian on his Psychic powers! Two of his Psykers now have the possibility of having a 2+ rerollable invulnerable save! Cheesy stuff there lad! However, as these lists were fairly competitive we decided to use the ITC ruling where the reroll could only be on a 4+. Therefore as ITC was in play, it also meant that the Corsair Jetbikes will not be able to use their reckless abandon rule during overwatch. Divination is always massive with the prescience ability as it’s psychic focus power, especially when using them on units that can dish out a lot of fire power.



Steven’s turn now and would you look at this amazing sight! Told you it would get better. Most of Steven’s army infiltrates into the centre of the table, defending the Captain straight away. Cunning strategy! Both powerful squads deploying on the top level whilst the two scout units deploy below, giving some support when needed. The Librarian leads one of the Centurion squads whilst The Chapter Master leads the other. The highway was also giving them a 4+ cover save if obscured, that subsequently meant a 2+ cover save with shrouded first turn due to the Ravenguard Chapter Tactics.


Absolutely loving this new custom made Lias Issodon model painted by our friend Karim from KB Studios. Thanks Karim, awesome job mate!


The two last remaining scout squads make use of their extra sniper range and deploy further back in the ruins, giving them a good line of sight over some of Julian’s units.


Lias tricks come in to play already. Lias’s infiltrate, isolate and destroy rule managers to kill three Balestrikes before the game even begins. Nasty little trick from the raptors having the ability for a free D6+3 auto wounds on any toughness squad before the game begins, or D3 haywire hits on a vehicle, if Lias is taken as your Chapter Master. Go Raptors! Ok Steven now tries to Steal the Imitative, and the gods grant him his wish as he rolls a 6! whuppeeee….but wait…… Steven is thinking if he really does want to go first most of his firepower is our of range and he already said his Skyhammer force would come in turn 2 making him have the advantage to being able to kill the units dropping into reserve before him. Amazingly he denies his roll and lets Julian carry on with turn one! Good choice? what would you have done?


Turn 1 (Eldar Corsairs) Julian starts his movement phase by straight away moving all of his Jetbikes forward, making sure he is just about in range of the enemy units with all his bikes. The Prince and Barons leading them on from the front to shield the unit with their 2++ shadowfield saves.


Turn 1 (Eldar Corsairs) The Balestrikes that were weakened before the game even started moves into position to fire their shuriken cannons onto the scouts below the highway. These guys become relentless with their jetpacks and can move and fire their heavy guns and then make assault jumps. An extremely mobile army to say the least!


Turn 1 (Eldar Corsairs) The first unit managers to wipe out a total of four scouts and then Julian finishes the squad off with his scatter laser Jetbikes on the other side. This has granted the Corsairs first strike!


Turn 1 (Eldar Corsairs) The other two remaining Jetbike units fire everything they have got in a hope to weaken Steven’s Centurions. As night fighting was in play, the Jetbikes Cotorie special rule (Night Hunters) allowed them to, not only ignore nightfighting, but also gain preferred enemy everything. Madness! With that level of firepower there was little that Steven could do and two of the Centurions were eradicated


Turn 1 (Eldar Corsairs) The Balestrike unit with missile launchers didn’t have a lot of options but to try and pepper the Centurions, which did not work. So from there it was off to the assault phase and Julian used his eldar assault move shenanigans to his full advantage and get the Jetbikes as much out of sight as possible.


Turn 1 (Raptors) Over to the Raptors and Steven attaches his Captain (i.e.the Objective) to his Centurion unit to give him some added protection. The scouts also moved onto the bridge to get them out of sight. As Steven had opted to bring all of his remaining forces to counter Julian’s reserves, most of his army remained stationary,


Turn 1 (Raptors) The Librarian cast Might of Heroes raising his Toughness and Strength by 2. Now as his unit now contained one toughness 4, 5 & 6 model, it meant the whole unit effectively now was rocking a toughness of 6.


Turn 1 (Raptors) With the majority of the Corsairs behind cover, or out of range, the only option was to fire both Centurion units at the Balestrike squad armed with missile launchers. Only two of the models were in view and it wasn’t difficult for the Raptors to blow them to dust. The Balestrikes did manage to succeed passing their leadership of 8, and with that it was the end of their turn. For now the Raptors will have to remain patient.


Turn 2 (Eldar Corsairs) Julian passed all of his reserve rolls due to the rerolls granted to them by the Skyburners Cotorie special rule. Even with the 1D6 scatter for the Reaver unit, they were still able to scatter a full 6 inches in the opposite direction. Luckily the fusion guns were still just about in range.


Turn 2 (Eldar Corsairs) The dreaded Warp Hunter moves onto the corner of the board. This is a high priority target for the Raptors as it can quite comfortably wipe out the toughest of units with every hit. But for this turn they will have to hope he scatters enough inches with his D barrage.


Turn 2 (Eldar Corsairs) The Phoenix Bomber moved up and vector danced in plain sight of the Raptors along the central bridge. One of the jetbike units also takes vantage point along the same trajectory. There is a possibility for a great deal of pain to be thrown at the Raptors path this turn. Loving this picture as the Flyer passes under the Jetbikes…


Turn 2 (Eldar Corsairs) The Prince and his retinue come out of hiding looking for targets who may be in sight.


Turn 2 (Eldar Corsairs) The last remaining Jetbike unit also follows suit looking for any exposed enemies.


Turn 2 (Eldar Corsairs) The Prince casts precognition giving him a reroll on his save. 2++ then a 4++ reroll! That will be a severely hard character to take down if he successfully able to cast it every turn. (We are using ITC rules)


Turn 2 (Eldar Corsairs) The two surviving Balestrikes with shuriken cannons were able to pull off two bladestorm Ap2 wounds and kill off a Centurion.


Turn 2 (Eldar Corsairs) The final unit of Reavers that arrived from deepstrike used their flamers to try and fish out the scouts. They managed to kill off three of them to drastically remove their efficiency.


Turn 2 (Eldar Corsairs) The other Skyburner Reaver unit shot with both their fusion, 3 lasblasters and a brace of pistols to score zero wounds on the Centurion. They made a tactical withdrawal of 11 inches from the wreckless adandon rule after their total fail and embarrassment.


Turn 2 (Eldar Corsairs) It’s now the part of the shooting phase that Steven has been dreading the most, the Warp Hunter’s turn.It scores a direct hit and and was able to get 3 barrage hits.


Turn 2 (Eldar Corsairs) With seven D wounds inflicted, the first was allocated to the centurion. It only took one of the D hits to remove both of his wounds.


Turn 2 (Eldar Corsairs) There was little to no chance the unit was going to be able to survive so many D hits, and as expected, the Librarian and Captain were blown to dust. That gives the Corsairs 3 victory points for killing the Captain under our custom mission rules. The Raptors are now in dire need of their reinforcements!

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