Tabletop Spotlight: Starfall


The Tabletop Spotlight is on Starfall – A game of clever astronomy!

Starfall is a great new game the whole family can enjoy. If you like Astronomy mixed with a unique drafting mechanic then get ready for your new favorite board game. Our friends at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy were pretty excited about this one and after looking at it, we can see why:

What’s so great about Starfall? Well, aside from the great theme, fun art and simple-yet-stragetic gameplay it’s got a lot going for it. The basic concept of the game is that you are playing as an astronomer trying to discover new planets, constellations and other phenomena in space. But you’re not alone as the other players are all out to do the same thing.


The game board represents the sky at night. Different constellations are randomly placed on the board starting from left to right. As they move across the night sky they become “easier” to discover – so the temptation to discover them gets higher. Players have to spend their star resources to discover those constellations – so the cheaper the better. However, because the scoring system is based on particular parameters, it’s not advisable to just discover the cheapest constellations. Matching pairs, phenomena, and gaining other bonuses will greatly impact your score at the end. That’s when things really get interesting!


Overall, Starfall is a fantastic game for players of all ages. Once you understand how the scoring works and the basic movement of the game board the fun really begins. If you’re a fan of card drafting games or bidding games then you should definitely give Starfall a shot. It’s in stores now so go check it out and play among the stars!



The night is still, cloudless and dark. An oasis of interstellar magic lies beyond the stratosphere: countless stars, burning comets, planets, ivory moons, nebulae and perhaps even a beastly black hole or two. It’s all up there for the finding. At the Royal Hinterland Observatory, endless, elaborate sky formations are within reach of discovery—but you’ll have to lay claim before your fellow astronomers nab the glory for themselves. STARFALL is a clever game of wits and quick thinking, where the aim is to obtain the most impressive portfolio of cosmic curiosities.


Starfall – lay claim to the stars!

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