ToyLand: New Psycho Mobile Suit Model


Pre-order for this 1/100 scale bad boy from Bandai is now open…

For those of you that aren’t Gundam dorks: This suit is from the Zeon Army’s Living Dead Division in Gundam Thunderbolt (YouTube). The MS-06R Zaku II High Mobility Type is an experimental unit that contains a setup that allows the suit’s operator to move it with thoughts alone – kind of like the Jaegers in Pacific Rim. To fully interface and the get the most out of the suit operators need to be quadruple amputees.

It’s current operator is Ensign Darryl Lorenz, and his mission is to take down targets from ultra-long distances. Thus the giant bazookas.

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Bandai Hobby – MG 1/100 PSYCHO Zaku Ver Ka Gundam Thunderbolt Kit

Designer  – Hajime Katoki


  • Approximately 13″ x 6″ x 8″
  • Giant booster rocket
  • Articulated sub-arms that can fold into backpack
  • Realistic joint and power pipe covers
  • Sole Mounted Claws


  • Beam bazooka
  • 3 giant bazookas
  • 2 zaku machine haws
  • 2 heat hawks
  • 3 storm fausts


  • 2 display stands


Which Mobile Suit is your favorite?

  • Kritarion

    THAT is a big gun. Compensating for something?

  • Sleeplessknight

    I just started getting myself up to speed on Universal Century timeline Gundam. Incredibly rich background. Lots of cool kits.

    Now, why hasn’t anyone taken out a licence on doing a Gundam miniatures game yet? Or even a ruleset utilizing the existing model range? This setting is just begging for one! Lots of other cool mecha anime out there begging for a minis game as well!

    Let us not speak about Robotech RPG Tactics.

    • megatrons2nd

      Someone is attempting, but it is currently stalled. Try looking for the Gundam Project on facebook. I am so waiting for it, and hoping he actually makes progress.

    • georgelabour

      There are of course a few unofficial gundam games out there. I think one of the better ones uses the 6mm (ish) scale figures and covers most of the Universal Century era as far as rules and stats go.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        there may or may not be a 15mm one out there that is heavily inspired by and may resemble…..

    • daonemdt

      I dont know about that. Almost all weapons in UC gundam are stupid would be like playing a game of 40k where every weapons strength is “D”.

    • zeno666

      Yeah that is really odd.
      Also, where is the GI Joe tabletop game?!

      • Sleeplessknight

        You mean Team Yankee?

    • JPMcMillen

      I’m pretty sure Mekton was inspired by the various Gundam series.

    • Andrew

      There’s Horizon Wars. GMG has a great batrep with one side using the Robotech miniatures and the other using a Gundam.

    • Eric Even

      I’m starting in to Mobile Suit Gundam Skirmish, which is generally geared towards UC, and 1/144 kits. The guy is on his third iteration of the rules and it’s pretty solid at this point for a skirmish level combat system.

  • NovaeVox
    • NovaeVox

      Zeon engineers obviously rigidly adhere to the most fundamental tenet of Gorkamorkan Astrophysics: DA RED ONES GO FASTA!

    • Frank

      Thunderbolt is a manga that had the first half made into a really short series earlier this year. It’s pretty good, but a bit too short, the story and characters aren’t as developed as I’d like. It has some really good battle scenes and uses music in a really cool way to expand upon the characters and their backgrounds.

      Go check it out. The ONA is only about an hour and a half if I remember right.

      • NovaeVox

        Thanks, I will.

        Sounds just a little bit like 0080. Excellent animation and battle scenes, but too short. I watched it ages ago, but I remember being annoyed that half the screen time had been given to a kid that had little to do with the mobile suits , especially considering that I had watched priorly 0083 and had enjoyed the more mature, developed characters in that one.

  • Frank

    I’ve been excited for this kit since it was announced. My local game store started stocking Gundam models a while back so I’m hoping they get one pretty soon.

  • zeno666


  • Now that thruster pack is a bit excessive

    • OldHat

      Not really, given the fuel needs and all the time they spend in space… and that this is SciFi Giant Robots! 😀

  • OldHat

    Getting this to accompany my Big Gun Zaku! Thunderbolt is just fantastic!