Warlord End of the Year Sale

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The end of the year sales are upon us – check out these awesome deals!


Includes rule and army books from Bolt Action and Gates of Antares!

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Terminator Genisys -the full game – is only $32.00 right now!



For Bolt Action, Beyond the Gates of Antares, and Warlord’s other historical games.

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In the game of Pirates of Nassau you become a pirate operating out of the port of Nassau. You will hunt the merchants that ply the nearby trade routes, plunder their cargo and use your ill-gotten gains to improve your ship and hire a motley crew of buccaneers. As you do so, your notoriety will grow, and you will become a target for the increasingly aggressive Royal Navy squadrons that are attempting to crush the pirates of the Spanish Main.

Now only $16.00!

~Time to spend your Christmas booty!

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