Xenos Threats, Holiday Ideas, Minis & RPG Latest


Christmas is quickly approaching! Catch up on what you missed while you were out frantically shopping.

40K Editorial: The Xenos Threat

What ever happened to the Big Scary Xenos Races in the Grim-Dark?

aosspireofdawn_prodslideAge of Sigmar Gift Guide

Not sure what gift to get your gamer friend and they are really into Age of Sigmar? We can help!

uwingstrikerFFG Weekly Releases: Rogue One, Doom & More

FFG has new Rogue One X-Wing releases, DOOM arrives and a game of tall tales.


GW: Made to Order Classic Minis for Christmas

Games Workshop’s new made to order minis are confirmed and arriving on Christmas day.

bloodthirsterofkhorne-angraath4 Exalted Greater Daemons Hit Age of Sigmar

Come see all four giant Major Daemons from Forge World – now with Age of Sigmar Warscrolls!

dragon issue eleven coverD&D: Dragon+ Issue 11 is Out!

Check out the latest issue of Dragon+ and get ready to craft all manner of wondrous items with D&DIY!

thousandsonsnrbundle_prodslide40K: Thousand Sons Are A Horde Army; Stop Laughing!

No really, the only way to make these guys work is to flood the board with gribblies to support the expensive core units.

~Ok, you’re all caught up – onto the holiday week!

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