10 Best Star Wars Fights


The franchise has a lot of epic battles – but only can be the best!

There’s no denying that Obi-Wan Kenobi is a bad ass. The question is: which of his epic fights would you rank the highest? The Star Wars editorial board shares their picks…

I’m sure you might not exactly agree..

Do you agree?

  • Thatroubleshootah

    I don’t remember any of the fights or much of all from the prequels as they were awful films. I do remember every fight from the original trilogy and the most recent two movies. which were excellent. The editorial staff needs to take another pass at this.

    • georgelabour

      There were fights in the force awakens?

      I remember Han off handedly shooting a couple of storm troopers, and a less annoying anakin slapping around some kids…but not fights.

      Now Maul versus Obi-wan and Qui-Gonna, the brawl over the Sarlacc, or any death star run…those I remember.

      I also remember The Battle of Endor but that was more Alpha Predators having a picnic than a fight.

      Rogue one’s final battle sequence though…yeah, it wins.

      • Thatroubleshootah

        what about the whole escape from the bad guys where they steal a tie fighter and the one where the protag uses a lightsaber. i remember those, but the prequels are a blank spot in my memory

        • georgelabour

          Pretty sure grand theft starship is more a stellar federal crime instead of a fight.

          As for using a lightsaber…that’s a kind way of describing what those two did with it.

          BTW you do know I’m just having a spot of fun with this right? ^_^

  • Sparti67

    Maul vs anyone is the best.

    • vlad78

      The most interesting character of the prequel doesn’t even have a line. That’s telling a lot.

      • Redgeran

        YOU KNOW NOTHING JOHN SNOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHit_vQ1f7Q

        • Redgeran

          Also, we didn’t actually hear the actor who played Darth Maul. He was voiced over by someone else.

        • vlad78

          Ok I stand corrected.

          The most interesting character of the prequel only has 2 lines. That’s telling a lot.

  • frankelee

    The late 90s fads just decimated the prequels’ style. Jedis using Hong Kong special effects fighting is about as cool as frosted tips. George wanting them to be more like X-Men then Jedi, the whole meaning of Star Wars was lost. Kids nowadays watch the prequels and don’t even realize what they’re watching is stupid.

    • georgelabour

      You should perhaps go read up on the comics that were produced before the sequels.

      And the novels.

      and the RPGs.

      Almost all of it was canon back then and established just what a Jedi could do far more ably than Level 1 farm boys ever could.

      I’m also pretty sure that blocking laser beams with your hands is more something Wonder Woman does better than Wolverine.

      • vlad78

        The Comics are … well … comics. And most of the novels are of dubious quality compared to the original trilogy.

        • georgelabour

          Canon is still canon even if it proves someone wrong.

          • vlad78

            That doesn’t mean it’s any good. We all know how Lucas spoiled his universe. Besides, all the extended universe has been erased, it’s no more canon than fanfics.

          • georgelabour

            If the jedi were doing it before the prequels then Lucas didn’t ‘spoil’ it as you claim.

            And ‘yeah well that’s all gone now’ does not change the fact that the jedi were doing kendo stances, reflecting laser beams, and doing backflips long before Darth Maul came on the scene.

          • vlad78

            Nothing has ever been published about star wars without Lucas approbation. And he was never forced to include such things in the prequels.

            Mind you this is absolutely not what makes the prequels awful but it brought in the SW movies what imho should have stayed in the comics because it’s not the same philosophy. (if I may use such word) The comics tend to put forward the action more than anything else and it was a bad thing to favour the aesthetic over the storytelling in the movies. (a little bit could not hurt, some fancy moves here and there, but the over exageration, the reliance on over the top action instead of a good story really showed Lucas has lost his vision)

            Darth Maul’s duel was cool, but sadly there’s nothing else to say about that character. It’s a 2 dimensional villain. And the gap between the gloss of the pictures and the emptiness of the writing showed how poorly thought the prequels were.

            Take Rogue one as an illustration.
            Darth Vador butchering dozens of rebel troopers was awesome. Yet his entrance in episode 4 on princess Leia’s starship, emerging from the smoke, in the middle of countless lying corpses, with ranks of stormtroopers around him, was far more impressive and telling about that character. Using systematically the comics storytelling devices is a really poor move imho.

            Jedis should not be about showing off.

          • georgelabour

            And out of all of what youtype you still miss the point that the original complaint of ‘asian stuff’ and super powers ruined star wars thanks to the prequels and Lucas’ is at best based on your personal whim.

            All that ‘stupid x-man stuff’, and influences drawn from asian cultures, martial arts, and cinema have been there from the beginning.

            So again, the prequels didn’t ‘ruin’ things anymore than a talking green rabbit did.

            In fact by the standards you’ve provided things were ruined the moment some farm boy (with a few months of training) began rocket jumping off a diving board, grabbed his laser sword while doing a triple axle forward flip, and then reflected a laser cannon into a ship owned by a talking slug.

            All while they hovered over a giant carnivorous fungus on a planet that consisted entirely of desert…

          • vlad78

            Nope, you miss the point, there’s a whole world between a comicstyle wanking fest of super powers in action and suggesting Jedi could do things like that while showing it only a little here and there when it matters.

            Comics show everything with lavish details which are totally over the top and as a consequence often unnecessary. Return of the Jedi does not.

            It’s always a matter of balance.

            The asian aesthetic in star wars has never been blamed.

          • georgelabour

            And again. Original complaint was effectively ‘prequels ruined it with silly asian stuff’ .

            Rebuttal. ‘That stuff was there from the get go. Go whinge over something else’.

            Have a pleasant day.

          • vlad78

            “Jedis using Hong Kong special effects fighting is about as cool as
            frosted tips. George wanting them to be more like X-Men then Jedi, the
            whole meaning of Star Wars was lost. Kids nowadays watch the prequels
            and don’t even realize what they’re watching is stupid.”

            George, we’re talking about this post and not about the critics you heard. Hong Kong special effects and X-men are more specific than asian stuff. You changed the topic.
            Stay on target, pal.

            Have a nice day too.

  • Seienchin

    This list makes me very very sad. 🙁

    Joda and the emperor is a really bad fight. Really bad. Mace windu vs the emperor was also a joke. And Darth Mauls fight on 1? Well at least from a choreographic point of view that is true.

  • Bran D

    Vader vs. Obi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith was awesome…almost makes the movie worth a watch…almost.

    • vlad78

      OMG I killed Mace Windu almost by accident. Let’s kill young padawans to vent my guilt a little.